good warning wakeboarders welcome back to the whiteboard coach my name is Curt Robinson today we're going to answer a viewer question on how the boat was set up when I posted this video haze video also has its first giveaway from Tommy's here in Florida so stay tuned till the end for that so I call it lop siding the boat what's the goal of love siding the boat the idea is to create the same shape wake that a writer would use wake to wake but at a much slower speed so they commit tricks in a like a safer environment so this is all going to be one wake stuff in the beginning and you can even lop side the boat and have a slower speed clean wake for short wrote wakes wake as well and so how do you love side your boat so basically what you're trying to do here is use 25 to 35 percent lace ballast on the side that they're not using or depending on your boat you might have to add a little bit of weight to the side they are using and so from that the rider can attempt stuff at a slower speed initially with the crumbly wake like J does here is the boats not lopsided at all we're just going a slower speed so once you get up to wanting to clean up the wake for riders to try stuff so you know this is your backside 180s your front side threes and even their first inverts if they're small enough you can do this stuff all one wake and in the modern boat we have technology to help us so in this tweet we make see what we can do is I'll use about 25% less on the side that the riders not using and the key point here is that you can go down in your which sittings so the typical sitting for J in this boat is nineteen point seven miles an hour on the third wedge sitting and he's around about half ballast here so I'll drain 25 seen out of the side that he's not using and I'll go one or two less which sittings the reason that I do that is if you just slow down all upside the wake will stand up and crumble over and you want to get that clean wake effect if you reduce the which settings one or two depending on how much you're slowing down you'll get that nice clean shape wake but it's actually an identical shape that he uses wake to wake every day this is just lopsided and reducing the wage helps clean it up how much speed to knock off well that's a little different with every boat and the rider and their body way and their skill level and I'm gonna say a ballpark figure when you first get into one wake stuff lopsided it's probably around the 5 mile an hour or less Mack for the first clean wake stuff as that are confident and I've got the skills and the coach knows that you know they're basically they're going to nail it but you're still one way it's probably three miles an hour less or there abouts than their regular writing speed and same for the short rope wake to wake stuff it's around about that 3 or 4 mile an hour mock remembering lop-sided bug one or two late switch hitting depending on the boat that you've got you know as we go through the different versions of this this first version with Jay he's obviously we're doing backside 180s here and we're actually not lopsided we're just slow we're around about 12 miles an hour on this one as we move up to his first like one wake but you want them to be cleaner and we start getting into the lopsided effect with less which this one here he's around about 15 miles an hour now as you shorten the right this is actually his first wake to wake back some 180 so it's a little sketch on the end we're at about 16 miles an hour maybe at 16 and a half and lopsided boat one last wish sitting and the Rope here is about 40 feet his regular rope length is about 55 feet wake shape that we're creating here is the identical wake shape to what they ride all day every day waked awake that's for all riders all shapes and sizes slower is better I prefer using a lopsided wake you don't have to do but from the question that I got of how the boat was set up with that first back roll for Kara I like to provide a safer learning environment that's a little bit slower so that if they do make a mistake the crashes list the idea with learning is to keep your confidence as high as possible as long as possible because the steps even though they're smaller in the beginning they will get larger and larger larger the more that you fill in that foundation of skills so and today we've actually got our first giveaway it's from Tommy's Florida that round Malibu and XS dealing here locally and it's a nice little Super Cup it's a thermal mask it's got like a little locking lid so you don't spill your drink horikawa drinks we will drool the winner at the end of August to enter all you have to do is subscribe obviously to the wake we're coach YouTube channel and to Tommy's Florida Instagram I will put a link into the description if you liked the video give it a thumbs up consider subscribing to help grow the channel obviously you have to subscribe to enter for the Cup and be safe out there remember you don't know if you don't go so give it a go and we'll see you next time

How to learn to do Wakeboard tricks faster! Wakeboard Coaching "secrets"! Wakeboard Driving.
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  • July 29, 2019 at 9:21 am

    when you say "less wedge setting" you're talking about clicking towards ramp vs vert, right?


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