hi this is nev lapwood from snowboard addiction we're after our Whistler black gun and this is a tutorial on how to improve your backside 360s we have a focus on POC jumps and on the common problems that arise when people are trying to learn backside 360s in this tutorial we have a bunch of real snowball erection customers who volunteered their time to carp and ride with us this video will help you improve style in your 360s not ready the first problem is that riders are not ready to be spinning back threes on park jumps there's three tactics you have to be able to do one is traversing across on your toe edge and jumping a backside 270 off nothing the second is being able to do confident backside 360s on side hits like this and the third is being able to do clean backside 180s on small park jumps the jump that you're going to try the backside 360 on and even better if you can do it with a grab if you can do these three steps then you are ready to do backside 360s on small park jumps if you can go and practice these three tactics and watch our other tutorials on spinning backside 360s that will help to get your entry path your entry path is critical for spinning smooth and stylish trees it's it's your motion for the spin should look like this drop in he lifts it up transferring to your toe edge and right as you leave the lip your board is leaving in a straight direction but it's still carrying backside momentum we cover this in more detail than our 360 tutorials knowing the technique is easy but being able to execute and time it perfectly takes a lot of practice the most common problem is that writers tend to set up too early so I have three examples that I'm gonna look through here to analyze this first one the guy does his heel edge sit up then he does is towage sit up but you'll notice he's kind of finished that whole entry path about 2 or 3 meters before the look now that means he kind of has to go almost straight towards a look and when he goes off the jump isn't able to transfer that momentum into his back so 3 if he moved his old entry path closer towards a look he'll be able to clean out and smooth up his back so 3 in the second example the guy rolls in does his heel edge setup carve transfers to his toe edge set up carve but again you see that he's finished to sit up about 2 or 3 meters before the look what happens here he continues his sit up around on his toe edge and this position is a little bit awkward because you can't catch your heel edge sending off the junk backwards or you can't get sent off in this direction and hit the knuckle of jump which is what happens in this scenario in this third example the guy doesn't really have an entry path he kind of just rides in straight and he hugs her back three he actually makes her back free work because he's committed to it and he has great pop but if he was to add a sit up entry line like I use in my threes that's gonna help him to make his 360s more stylish and easy so the most common thing that happens is writers tend to do their entry path too far before the jump what you have to think about doing is moving those tunes up closer to the lip so that as you leave your board is leaving in a straight direction but continuing the backside momentum I would recommend practicing a lot of backside 180s using this entry path and then transferring that to the 360s leaning bending the third common issue that writers have when learning backside 360s is leaning too far over the toe edge and bending at their waist on their approach some riders even drag their hand along the snow there's two issues with this one it's not stable and it puts you off balance in the air and two it looks horrible when it has bad style this is a very common problem with backside 360s this problem basically comes down to posture and body position you don't want to be going off the jump in this position it's not stable your weights too far this way it's going to send you off balance instead you want to bend your knees push your shins into the front your boots push your hips forward so that you can have a straight back this allows you to keep your weight up on top of the board and when you spin it back three you're going to be able to spin on a horizontal axis and maximize your balance you can analyze three examples here the first guy you'll see him riding and coming for the backside three he's very bent over as he approaches that lip and he's actually dragging his back hand in the snow he still does a 360 but he could make that so much more stylish if he worked on his posture and stood up more straight like how I do my 360s in the second example not only is this guy dragging his hand in the snow but he's also leaning far too far off the toe edge and as he goes up the jump this actually puts him off balance in the air prevents them from spinning around a horizontal axis this rider is more advanced during backside 360s and is doing it on a bigger jump but if you freeze frame as he's living the look you'll see that his weight is a little bit too heavy on his toe edge he's leaning in a little bit too much this puts him off balance while he's in the air during the 360 if he could work on his posture while he leaves that look it's gonna allow him to spin horizontally and stomp down without getting off balance now a couple of tactics you can do to work on your posture is go out and work on your carving watch our carving bed and get that position correct work on doing your 180s on the exact same jump using an upright back and keeping your weight up on top of the board and three get on a trampoline and spin on a trampoline and practice your 360s spinning around a horizontal axis with your back up straight full 360 the fourth issue I see with people learning backside 360s is people not getting a full 360 around there's two scenarios that make this happen the first one is when people block this one blocking a spin is when you go off the jump and you initiate with your upper body but then it kind of goes back in the opposite direction and prevents you from carrying on if you want to learn how to stop blocking your spins the best recommendation I have is to get on a trampoline and practice jumping 360s over and over with a training board if you can that will help you to get a smooth 360 around every time the second scenario is not getting enough tension off the look not committing to your 360 not getting enough speed or pop when learning a 360 you're gonna be on a pretty small jump see the amount of tension you use is very similar to what you'd use on a side hit quite a bit take a little bit extra speed and really use that strong pop the harder you pop that easier the spin is going to come around it also helps you to be more compact and gives you better style Missi spin the fifth issue is doing a missie backside 360 not a smooth spin this can happen if your legs are too straight maybe your arms are waving in the air as you do the 360 sometimes your upper and lower body are spinning at slightly different times in general the smoother you do the 360 the more stylish it's going to be now the first tactic I have to smooth out your 360s is get on a trampoline the more you practice on a tramp the more you're gonna feel what it's like to have your body rotating together if you can get yourself a training board or make your own one it's gonna help you a lot the second tactic I have is learn to grab your spins when you grab your spoons at ties a connection between your upper body and lower body it stops you from having straight legs while you're in the air and it stops you from waving your arms it can be difficult to add grabs when learning spins so master your grabs on straight airs first and on your 180s then practice grabs on a trampoline learn backside 360s with all the different grabs if you're having trouble grabbing your three 6s on the mountain then you can try grabbing the sides of your pants or even just holding your hands at the side of your legs that's gonna stop you from flailing your arms around however it does look kind of awkward what I would recommend is even if you can't get the grab just try reaching for the grab it's going to help you to bring your legs in and it's also gonna stop your arms from flailing and a lot of people are gonna think you did a grab even if you didn't get it summary clean backside 360s our fundamental trick in freestyle snowboarding and everyone should learn how to do them get out there on the mountain with a buddy and film your writing analyze it spot your issues and do your best to fix them this tutorial has covered the five main issues that happen when people are learning backside 360s if you can master them it will help you add extra style Spence I'm Nev lapwood from snowboard addiction our goal is to improve your writing

How To Improve Your Backside 360s On A Snowboard

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