Here we are going a dry skate actual lateral step. So, now we are taking it to the next
level, we are actually taking a step. You are bringing that foot back in heel and then stepping across again. So when
you step across don’t bring that foot straight across bring it back, around and then step out. We are always keeping our but down, our knees are behind our toes, are even with our toes, our head is up and our back is flat. I will demonstrate. Now we’re not jumping here this isn’t a letter bound
this is just a step across. So, we are just stepping and you are extending that leg when you
step. Here knees are bent, head is up, back is flat, step, back, take your time. Really balance, back you are bringing that lead back every time. So each time you are stepping out balancing, bringing that leg back. Nice and slow. And then stepping out, the slower you can
bring that leg around, the better. Because you are really working on balancing and recoiling that weight all over you need you really want that
knee to be low, butt down, head up, back flat. Keeping them in ninety degree position. Actual drill for work on your skating stride.

How to Improve Skating – Dryland Drill for Hockey Players
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  • February 19, 2018 at 4:52 am

    Good drill. Thanks 🙂


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