Hi guys, Barns here and I’m going
to show you the fs half Cab over the hip. Before you begin learning
the frontside half cab over the hip make sure you’re very
comfortable riding your board fakie and you also have your fakie ollie down
and it never hurts if you try the trick on the flat but it’s up to you. Stepping up from the fakie ollie
to the fakie frontside 180 is not too difficult basically, the only difference is while you’re popping you’re going to be turning your head and shoulders. Foot position is the same
as the fakie ollie at least for me, front foot on the tail because we ride fakie
and your back foot just under the bolts. Make sure you have enough speed
to roll over the hip in fakie and that will be enough to do the trick and you can increase it later as you get more comfortable. So when you pop your board
close to the middle of the hip start to turn your shoulders and
slide your back foot up on the board, guide the frontside rotation and if you do this the board hopefully
will turn with you under your feet and you are already in the position
where you’re able to turn and do the rest of 180. So as I said the first step of this is just getting super
comfortable with the fakie ollie’s over the hip and the next thing that you’re going to do
is very important for this trick. While you’re pop the board up you should start to turn your shoulders and head in the direction you want to go. Because you’re going to be
turning your shoulders as you pop, so you’ve got your upper body turned before you pop if you did that you’re ready to just move your legs and then
do the full 180 while sliding your foot up. So sliding up your foot up and turning your shoulders almost happens at the same time so after that, you really just need to focus on the landing. The landing is easy if you turned
your head and shoulders and as long as you keep your body
centred over the board, because if you lean either way
as you land on the other side of the bank you might have difficulties to stay on the board, you might slip out or you might have a wheel bite. So try to keep your body centred over your board. As long as you follow these simple steps
you can learn this trick quick. When you ride in fakie position,
pop your tail turn your head and shoulders and slide your back foot up then guide the board with your back foot,
as your board goes into the air and then you’re going to turn your legs
to follow through the rotation and after hopefully, you’re going to land
and roll away straight. So that’s basically all there is to this trick and now it’s your turn to go out and start to practice. If you have any question or something
to share use the comments below and thank you guys for watching,
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How to fs half Cab over the hip | Skateboard

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  • October 3, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Love half cabs. Well done!


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