hello to all today we are talking about how to fasten the shoes, an operation easy
to do, but do not undervalue. yes and all that we need is sandal but
before I speak to one thing that concerns our House. SANDAL??????? Flames destroying
one and a half football fields of rainforests every minute of every day
smoke spreading across nearly half of Brazil. We all know the pleasure that
the sport gives us, and how much to spend the day in the open air gives us
a feeling of well and tranquility. Our home, the earth, is being irreparably
damaged, it is everyone’s responsibility wherever we are,we must protect this
planet , there are no geographical boundaries, there is only the good for our home.
we don’t have a plan B becouse we don’t have a planet B.
[Music] Here we are with a new tutorial.
 we have many models of skates, and in order not to hurt us,
we must fasten properly, we have hard hull skates and a soft hull with an ankle
support, freeskate model and fitness in this case.if we use the skate very often
we should buy stockings with reinforcement, this sock is reinforced on the fingers,
the heel and the tibia. using a sock like this we avoid the creation of blisters
in this area. even the ankles are protected by a
less thick layer.there it is the power Sandal, very useful to stop our skate  , allows us to exploit the opposing forces
and to pull our laces with more force. we pull a bridge one at a time, starting
from the lowest, [Music] [Music] very important we pass the laces
inside the holes of the shoes, doing so we will avoid blisters because our foot will not
it must move. [Music] [Music]
we now push the ankle back to facilitate the closure of the plastic
upper lace.and finally we tie the lower plastic lace but no too much. [Music] [Music]
the foot should not hurt us and be tight but the shoe should wrap around the foot.
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Bye bye guys and respect the planet.

How to fasten the skate vlog#3
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