hair friends Tara job kids sledding yeah it's gonna be way fun now before we do that we need to tell all of our art friends that participated in last week's challenge that they did an awesome job do you want to tell them you did a good job yeah you did and we love looking at all of your amazing art did you remember what the challenge was it was the Nintendo switch and what did we challenge them to draw your favorite game yeah your favorite game inside the switch I really liked the ones that they cut out so it looked like they were actually playing the game yeah all of you did such a great job now be sure to pay attention during this lesson because we're gonna announce some lucky art friends and we're gonna give them $20 to yeah buy more art supplies now they're just gonna pop up during the lesson what's the noise gonna be okay that's perfect so be sure to keep an eye out for the lucky art friends okay what do they need for this lesson there's some paper and something to color with all right let's get started let's first start by drawing our sledding kids eyes we're gonna draw up this time I'm gonna draw two ovals and I'm gonna draw them kind of far apart so we can draw a scary face in the middle well a scared face there you go mmm one over there yes now on the top of each oval let's draw a small circle for the highlight and then yeah and then let's color in the bottom let's draw another oval around each eye now when I do this I'm gonna draw it so he looks a little cross-eyed so I drew it so that the oval was touching it on the inside yeah cool now on this one we're gonna do it a little bit different we're gonna do the opposite so we're gonna draw oval that goes around but it touches on the inside oh I like how big your eyes are he's gonna look like he's really scared going down this the slope okay now let's draw his mouth we're gonna draw an oval right in between his eyes and this is because he's screaming oh he's gonna be really scared no I'm gonna draw teeth at the top and also the bottom and then we can draw a tongue in the middle yeah let's color in that top shape now let's draw his chin we're gonna start over here next to his eye and I'm gonna draw a shape that comes under and then back up on the other side little u-shape then let's draw his hat I'm gonna draw a line that connects the left side over to the right side and I went past the u-shape on each side so that his hat is hanging over his ears so you can connect right there and then have a little piece that comes out past yeah there you go now let's draw ears I'm gonna draw a little curve on each side coming out underneath the hat now let's draw the fluffy part around the bottom of his hat I'm gonna start on his ear and draw a curve that comes up on each side yeah one on the other side then we're going to connect these two lines with a curve going up and then back down and it matches that first bottom line all right now we could draw the top of his hat we're gonna draw a curve that comes up and back down then let's draw the little pom-pom on top of his hat I'm gonna draw a circle but I'm also gonna add zigzags so it looks fluffy there you go I liked all those zigzags it looks really fluffy I'm gonna add stripes to his hat now each of these I'm gonna draw two curves and they each match the bottom of his hat yeah all right we did it we finished his face and his hat and I especially love your face he looks super scared now let's draw his scarf I'm gonna start right here I'm gonna draw a curve that comes down around and then connect back to his chin that's going around his neck yeah now let's draw the scarf flying in the wind so I'm gonna draw a wavy line that goes up then we can draw another one that matches the first one we drew keep going then connect at the top now let's draw another one right next to it so that there's two pieces to the scarf this one I'm going to draw a little shorter then you can draw a line to connect it in could draw a little things hanging off of the end of his scarf what should we draw next body his body okay I'm gonna draw two lines coming out yeah and then another one and then right in between let's draw an a shape okay now we're gonna draw his feet kind of sticking up so we're gonna draw an oval well let's first draw an upside-down U on each side these are his toes sticking straight up yep and then another one then we're gonna draw a U shape to complete it and turn it into an oval that's the bottom of his shoes now we can draw let's draw a smaller oval inside of that first one and I'm gonna do it on both sides yeah and then one on the other side now let's draw the bottom of his shoes we can draw lines going across I'm just gonna draw three lines going across that small oval and three on the other side he looks really cool what are we missing yeah let's draw his arms let's draw I'm gonna draw two lines that come out from the side and then at the very top let's draw a curve to connect him then let's also add the line for his wrist and then we can also draw a really small oval for his thumb let's do the same thing on the other side two lines right next to each other and then curved to draw the top of his mitten and then a line for his wrist and a little U for his thumb let's also draw a line for his waist he looks like he's falling from the sky what is he missing he said yeah he's sled let's draw a line up here next to his face now yours could be right here in between his scarf and his arm I'm gonna do this on both sides yeah now we're gonna imagine that going through his arm and coming out the bottom and it's going to end where his feet are I'm gonna do the same thing over here now in between these two lines let's draw the front of our sled now I'm just gonna draw a curved line to connect them this sled is an old-fashioned sled that's made out of wood so let's draw a line right down the middle of our sled now let's split each side we're gonna draw another line straight down right in the middle and also over here on this side now we're gonna split each of these one more time so watch this here we go we're gonna split right down the middle yep and that one and then also we can do split down the middle on the far side too all right now we get the wood slats on our sled let's draw the bottom of this slide the the part that makes it go fast the metal skate so we're gonna draw a hook or J shape then we're gonna draw a smaller one inside and then connect those two let's do the same thing over here but flip it so it's going the other direction so big J a small J inside and then connect it awesome we did it except we need to make him look like he's going even faster so I'm gonna draw some crazy speed lines coming down from this side yeah and then we could do the same thing over here they don't have to look exactly like mine we can also add little circles so it looks like there's snow flying up in the air one more all right we did it we finished drawing our kids sledding he looks really cool oh let's add some hair no you guys at home could use your own creativity to change your drawings any way you want I'm just gonna draw zigzag lines for hair sticking out oh you're trying not zigzags it looks really cool all right now we're done what do we still need to do though yeah let's color it this part we're gonna fast forward but at the end you guys composite to match the same coloring or you can color your drawing any way you want ready fast forward Austin you did a great job of coloring your kids sledding he looks really cool yours is definitely my favorite especially with that face and what else could our friends add to this lesson oh that would be really cool or even a kid making a snowball get a throw at him we do we hope you had a lot of fun I'm sure your drawings turned out super awesome we also want to congratulate all of the lucky art prints that were spotlighted during this lesson our parents if your child was picked be sure to private messages on Instagram or Facebook and let us know what your email addresses so we can send them your gift cards right yes so they can buy more oh yeah more art supplies we can't wait to send it to I'll see you later friends good bye

How To Draw A Kid Sledding + Spotlight
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