hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my
channel today we are working on camel spins hope you guys are ready for this
role let’s start off by practicing our camel position at the wall first we are
going to think about our belly button being parallel to the ice so our belly
button is parallel to the ice our chest is up with a slight arch in our back as our belly button
is parallel to the ice think about even the bottom of your nostrils being
parallel to the ice too with a nice arch in our back head pulled up just a bit
like someone’s having a little string pulling your head up that’s just gonna
give you a notch more speed for beginners I like to think about keeping the arms
parallel if you’re a little bit more advanced feel free to be a little
fancier with your arms you can turn them out to the sides so at the wall we want
our leg to be at least parallel to the ice I prefer if you have the flexibility
to be a couple inches higher just to get that nice little soft U arch we’re here our toe is turned out it’s not here but it’s turned out to the
side my knee is completely locked and same with my skating knee I think about my
free hip stacking over my skating hip my hip is facing down just like my left there are two stages to the camel spin
the first position we’re slightly bent the entrance edge pulling to a camel
space is a slight 3turn so before we hit that 3turn we’re going to be
slightly bent that’s position one to position two we are going to lock up
we hit position two after we pick the 3turn in our camel spin position 1 bent knee position 2 locked knee that we
practiced both of those positions let’s get into the camel spin when we enter the
spin I think same arm same leg some coaches teach opposite arm opposite
leg and others teach both arms together but either way choose what is most comfortable for you
once we feel our 3turn in our entrance we’re going to pop up our left arm should be back
in our airplane position the arm travels back another camel
spin exercise is to do a backward spiral focus on stacking your right hip
over the skating hip finding that nice camel spin position and keeping your
arms parallel to the ice get some speed going backwards you can also do this going forwards to
make it a little easier let’s put it all together and try a
camel spin to get a little bit more speed we can also think about pulling
your head up ever so slightly slightly looking up at the ceiling to kick up the
speed a notch the first common mistake is dropping your
shoulder if you enter the camel spin you should be keeping your shoulders
level if you enter like this you will lose your balance from the beginning another common mistake is kicking your
leg up too high which will also make you lose your balance another common mistake is rushing the
3turn entrance so make sure you feel that free turn on position one then
rise up if you rise up too soon you will not get your maximum potential spin you
can also do the camel spin from inside three turn entrance but be sure to check
your arm back before entering hope you guys all like my camel spin
tutorial stay tuned for laybacks back sits back camels even flying camels be sure
to LIKE subscribe and save and see you all next time

How to do a CAMEL SPIN for Figure Skaters

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