Hi, guys Barns here and today we are going to learn
how to backside feeble stall. For this trick, if you have your axle stall and maybe your rock and roll then you are well prepared but it’s up to you if you don’t want to learn
those trick just learn backside feeble stall. Backside feeble stall is similar to backside axle stall the main difference is the front truck
is not planted on the coping but you poke over it. Foot position is the same
as you would just roll around the bowl back foot on the tail
and your front foot over the front bolts. Ride right up to the coping straight and when your
front trucks begin to go over the coping slightly shift your weight to your back leg while you keep your body straight as you
would continue to ride up to the coping. As soon as your back truck comes up
to the coping turn your shoulder and turn your board 90 degrees
and poke your front truck over the coping. Keep all your weight on your back truck and bend you back knee a little and your front leg keep it straight and just hold the feeble position with your front truck poked over the coping kind of resting on the deck. To hold the position keep the pressure
on your back truck, pressing down on the wheel the one is under your heel
so you can lock that onto the coping and that will keep you steady in that feeble position. Because this is a small ramp
I don’t have to lean back too much but it changes slightly with different ramp sizes. So to get back to the ramp, still, keep the pressure on your back truck
because if you don’t you might slip out and just swing your arms around and pull your nose in. To do that you can put the pressure
on your back foot toes and just like you would do with a rock and roll apply slight pressure on your tail and lift up the nose then swing your arm to start the turn
and follow through with your shoulders. Always look where you going
and when you completed the turn quickly shift your balance
to the centre of your board and roll away. Hopefully, you got some pointers
to your backside feeble stall now it’s your turn to go out and start to practice. Thank you guys for watching and stay tuned for the next trick on Thursday, you can subscribe if you liked the video
and follow me on different socials but as always the most important is to go skate and have fun.

How to bs feeble stall | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks
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2 thoughts on “How to bs feeble stall | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks

  • August 29, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    I have it already thanks…

  • August 29, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks for that mate. Maybe one day soon, but just not yet. Greetings from Portugal bro.


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