Hi guys, Barns here and today
I’m going to show you how to boardslide. A boardslide is a trick that involves
turning your board sideways and sliding it on the centre part of the deck
in between both sets off wheels. So you need to find a ledge and hopefully, it’s waxed or you need to wax a bit because you are
going to slide on the edge with your board and on the top of the ledge with your wheels. The backside boardslide on a ledge is a
little bit different than on a rail on the rail, you would be on both sides but on the ledge, your wheels are
actually going to be sliding on the top. Before you start trying this trick,
I would recommend learning how to ollie and if you know how to do frontside 180 you’re going to be already familiar
with the motion, you going to use to get into the boardslide position, but if not, you should still be able
to learn it so don’t worry about it. So you want to keep your feet in your ollie position, back foot on the tail and front foot over the front bolts. Approach the ledge with a slight angle and pop your board and start to slide your foot up and turn your head and also your shoulders just a little and try to land on the middle of your board
with your front wheels on the top of the ledge. When you there you’re going to
push hard with your front foot, but in the same time your balance
should be over the centre of your board. So don’t lean neither back or front
try to have your balance in the centre. Slide as much as you can
and then as you get to the end. You want to push a bit less with your front foot forward, more like turn it 90 degree in front of you
and start to turn your shoulders and hips and land again straight and roll away. So the speed you have to figure out
because every ledge is different the most important is to have enough
speed to slide trough the distance you want because if you are too slow you might stuck on the top and might land face forward or don’t slide at all and if you have too much speed you
have good chance to slip out and fall back. So make sure you adjust your speed
as you see fit to the ledge in front of you. Always start on a small ledge so you can get to the sliding position easier in the beginning and work your way up to higher
and higher as you get more comfortable. Hopefully, you got some pointers
to your backside boardslide, now it’s your turn to go out and start to practice. Thank you guys for watching and
stay tuned for the next trick on Thursday, you can subscribe if you liked the video
and follow me on different socials but as always the most important
is to go skate and have fun.

How to backside boardslide | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks
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