(light fun music) – [Narrator] Hey cool
cats, I’m Dr. Universe, here to answer your
baffling science questions like this one. How many suns are
in the universe? The sun is actually a
star, our nearest star, but there are lots
of stars out there. Maybe you’ve tried
counting them before. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven stars make up the big dipper. Astronomers estimate
that the human eye could spot about 9,000 stars. Of course, the Earth
blocks our vision so we only see about half
of those in the night sky. If we use binoculars, we
could see even more stars, about 200,000 of them. A small telescope can help us
see more than 15 million stars and even more
powerful telescopes can help us look
for other galaxies which are home to
even more stars. Have you ever been stargazing? What did you see
in the night sky? Tell us about it sometime
at askdruniverse.wsu.edu.

How Many Suns Are In The Universe?
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