>>Molly MacHarris: How
do eligible clinicians participate in the
Merit-based Incentive Payment System? I’m Molly MacHarris with
CCSQ, and I will be leading you through this discussion. So, how can clinicians
actually participate in the Merit-based Incentive
Payment System, or MIPS, program? For the first year of 2017,
there is the ability for clinicians to
pick their pace. So, what does “pick
your pace” mean? “Pick your pace” is the
ability for clinicians to — that have varying levels of
readiness for participation — to participate
in the program. As you’ll notice on the
slide here, there are four options for participation. The first deals with
participation in an advanced APM. For more information on
how to participate in the Quality Payment Program
under an advanced APM, please refer to other
training modules where we go into that in more detail. For the remaining “pick your
pace” option, you’ll note that those three remaining
options all fall under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, or MIPS, program. And they include a test
pace, a partial pace, and a full year pace. Before clinicians determine
how they should participate, they should assess their
readiness and they should make a determination based
off of their readiness, on how fully they want
to participate. One additional thing I want
to note is that clinicians who are eligible to
participate but do not — they would receive an
automatic -4 percent adjustment on their
claims in 2019. We do not want
this to happen. We want as many clinicians
who are eligible and able to participate in the Quality
Payment Program to do so. So, I will talk through
these “pick your pace” options in a little more
detail to describe how clinicians can participate. So, the first option deals
with the test participation. The test participation
option allows clinicians to participate minimally in the
program and still avoid a negative payment adjustment. So, what is considered a
minimum amount of data? A minimum amount of data
could include something as minimal as one quality
measure for one patient, one improvement activity, or the
base elements of the advance in care information
performance category. You’ll note on the slide
here that, under the advance in care information
performance category, it says four or five required
measures, and the difference on whether it’s four
measures or five measures, will depend on your edition
of certified EHR technology you have available to you. But to summarize the test
option, any clinicians who participate under one of
these things would be able to receive a neutral payment
adjustment under MIPS and avoid the negative
payment adjustment. So, the partial
participation option. For clinicians who want to
participate partially in the Quality Payment Program —
this may be clinicians who have participated in one
of the programs that are sun-setting, but maybe
they haven’t had the full experience and they’re not
ready to participate in a full manner. So, the partial
participation option would be in the majority of
instances — clinicians who participate for a 90-day
period — the last full 90-day period that’s
available under calendar year 2017 would
begin on October 2nd. And this partial
participation could be any 90-day period for any of the
performance categories, or it could be a 90-day period
for one of the performance categories or a longer
period for any of the performance categories. And then on the next slide
we talk about the full participation option. So, the full participation
option would really be for those clinicians who have
participated in the programs previously. They are ready to begin on
January 1st, and they really want to try to maximize
their incentives. These clinicians would be
able to participate for the full year, the full calendar
year of 2017, for all of the performance categories —
or, again, it could just be for a partial
performance category. We have received a few
questions on exactly how the “pick your pace” works, and
whether clinicians have to register to let CMS know
which option they want to choose. So, let me address
those questions. One: clinicians do not need
to register or tell us — CMS — exactly which “pick
your pace” option you are choosing; we would just
encourage you to start submitting your data, and
we will be able to make the determination based off of
the data we receive, on how you participated. We’ve also received a few
questions on, if a clinician wants to participate longer
than 90 days, but they don’t think they would be able to
do the full year; is that acceptable? And the answer to that is
yes, that is acceptable. We would really encourage
clinicians to participate as fully as possible. If they can do it for the
full year, that’s great; if they can’t, we would
encourage them to do it as long as they can. If it’s longer than 90 days,
if it’s six months, nine months, whatever it is,
we would really encourage everyone to participate
as fully as they can. And so, just to wrap up some
of the pieces I was going through on the previous
slides — so, the bonus payments and the performance
periods — again, these are really flexible options
that we have available for clinicians. Clinicians should pick the
options that are best for their practice. Additionally, under the MIPS
program, we have options whereby clinicians can
participate either as an individual or as
part of a group. And this is an important
choice that practices should make, because if you
participate as an individual or as a group, this will
differ on the submission mechanisms that are
available to you. So, individual assessment is
applied at the unique TIN, the Tax Identification
Number, or the NPI, the National Provider
Identifier level. And then the group options
deal with two or more NPIs who have reassigned their
billing rights over to the TIN. We also do have a
group option for APM participation. Thank you for viewing
this presentation. For more information, please
visit the Quality Payment Program website
at qpp.cms.gov.

How do Eligible Clinicians Participate in the Merit-based Incentive System?

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