you know is style something you have or don't have I mean I definitely did not have it at one point and wording me start trying to imitate you know and Dan cast was one of my like I used to try to imitate him like when I was 15 16 years old so I crafted a style off of everybody but I certainly was cooking it at one point imitate to emulate to then becoming your own were you conscious of those steps definitely I don't like cuz once I started competing against guys like Danny and guys like Kevin peers and Mesa nigiri I couldn't really copy them in the contest so then like I don't know I just take bits and pieces from everyone's writing that I liked and really tried to make my own but it happened very naturally but then I also got to a point where I just didn't really want to do the double corks anymore and after I healed my femur I was kind of like how can I rework this a little bit everyone's runs was looking so the same you know everyone back-to-back double cork tens and everyone had that and I just didn't want to jump on the train of doing the same run as everyone else so I started to think a little differently and a lot of that had to do with Benny bright and Tora bright kind of riding with them and and Benny and Taurus am like hey why don't you do like switch stuff ride switch for like a week you know and I did I'd started riding Benny had me riding like goofy on the chairlift and everything and I rode like full pipe days completely switch and then started trying to learn tricks you know I would do like a method regular and then I would go to goofy and try to like just mimic mirror image exactly what I was doing regular and and then like I started having a ton of fun and learn and switchback sevens and just started rethinking on how I needed to do a pipe run did I need more flips and spins and and the answer was no I just needed to have a little more fun and and open up my eyes to a kind of unlock another door to snowboarding

How Danny Davis Developed His Snowboarding Style
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