Hi, I’m Rachel Bouwmeester. I’m a certified athletic trainer over here at Ortho Express, and today we’re going to put a long arm cast on Hattie. Its gonna go about here and down. And she picked out red as her color and we’re going to add some sparkles for her cast today. So usually we have somebody help out with the long arm casts, just make it more comfortable for the patient, a little easier for the person putting it on and they’re going to hold her up like this. when we get to the fiberglass. Okay, how do you are you ready? So first we add the stockinette.
That’s the base layer of the cast. All our casts are waterproof here. So the padding is the most waterproof part of it. Pull it up above our elbow. This isn’t as long as the cast is gonna be because we’re going to fold it down. Now it’s time for the padding. This is what’s going to make her feel the best. This goes under the hard shell
layer in between the stockinette. We pad the elbow extra that just because people rest on their elbows. Now we’re gonna lift you up, okay daddy’s going to hold. He’s going to help us out. All right and then we pull down the edges. Okay, so this is the fiberglass part.
This is what goes on soft and then it’ll get hard to protect Hattie’s fracture. The thumb is the part where it gets irritated the most. So that’s why we pat it up like that. One more time through the hand. It’s like arts and crafts. We’re going to go up a little bit, come back down after we get everything covered. Elbow. 90 degrees. Feel good Hattie? Alright, so I’m just going mold it a little bit to make sure it stays on tight that it doesn’t slide off. And then the last step is I get the soap and the sparkles. The soap sets it and makes it less sticky and a sparkles are for fun. So how Hattie chose
red and green sparkles for her red cast. So in just a couple minutes it hardens and always already feel that it’s hard. You want to feel it? Is it hard? Make sure it’s tight enough but not too tight. Can you spread your fingers? And the very last step is I’m just going to use a little nail file. The patients can do that at home
if it gets a little sharp around the edges Hattie’s cast is all done. It’s nice and hard to protect her fracture and she’s good to go. She’ll just be back in two weeks for a new x-ray.

How casts are made
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