Great designers like Armani, Ralph Lauren
and Christian Louboutin have had the opportunity
to show their designs in the Parade of Nations
of the Olympic Games. On today’s Fashion Icon –
René Lacoste. Well, this is not exactly news,
but still. Tennis…style…Paris…
You do the math. Actually, René Lacoste was
an Olympic medallist himself, so the man knew a thing or two. Outfitters since the ’30s, the brand has become
a must in tennis, but this time he had to
bring us his A-game for the Rio 2016
Olympic Games. The mission? To dress
the French national team. Please welcome the athletes of the Games
of the 31st Olympiad. Yeah, check this out. White polo shirts
are matched with slim-fitting white tracksuit bottoms. And what about
the raincoats? Pretty sweet, right? And there’s more. The white Team France
hooded sweater is a sporty yet stylish choice. A good one. And they had made
almost everything. The opening
and closing ceremonies? Check. And what about the podium? Check. But the outfits turn out
so cool, comfy and stylish that the athletes also
wear them in the village. That’s big. With simple lines
and noble fabrics, the brand gets
the haute couture a little bit closer
to the stadium. And that’s why the most
famous crocodile on Earth has nothing to do
with this guy… ..but this one.

How a 1924 Olympian Made it to Rio 2016 | Fashion Behind the Games
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