(They are amazed.) Aren’t we too shabby
to be entering here? Gosh, this is… So she will be there
when we go through here. (With pounding hearts,
they pass through the gate.) When I meet her in person, – I know.
– I will be too nervous to talk. I think I will get speechless. You should lead the way. – No. No.
– Hey. – This is when you lead the way.
– What? This is when you lead the way. But I am afraid I won’t
be able to talk well. Seung Gi. We are behind you. – What would I say?
– You should lead the way, Seung Gi. I think I would be too embarrassed. (After taking a big breath,) (they go in front
of the front door.) “Come to the front yard.” She must be in the front yard.
She’s there. I want to shoot an ASMR video. (Beside the quiet front yard…) An ASMR video?
Eat something then, Seung Kwon. You shoot an ASMR video too. Wait, Mom. You can do mine too. (Today’s master waits
for the members.) You are lovely. You are lovely. You are lovely. (When she spends time with
her children, Young Ae is a mother.) Let’s fix your hair. Practice greeting them.
How will you say hello? – Hello. Hello.
– You can’t do that. You should bow politely, darling. Okay. (When are the uncles coming?) – I am…
– I am nervous. – Where is she?
– Is she here? I am so nervous. I am so nervous. I am so nervous. I am so nervous. She’s in there. – She’s there.
– She’s there. – She’s there.
– Hey. (After bowing, Seung Gi
hides behind Seong Jae.) This is so fascinating. (I am shy too.) I’ve met her before. Guests are here, kids. They are here. (Finally, the door opens.) My goodness. (Overwhelmed, everyone is restless.) My goodness. – Hello.
– Hello. (They shyly greet her.) Long time no see. It’s… – Kids.
– Yes? Guests are here. Let’s go say hello. – Hello, kids.
– Hello. – Come on out.
– Hello. (It’s nice to meet you.) – Hello.
– Come on out. (They finally meet today’s master,
Lee Young Ae.) – Hello.
– Hello. (The members are anxious,
and Young Ae strides towards them.) Hello. (They can’t believe
they are seeing her.) (She is the star of the stars.) Hello. (It’s Se Hyeong’s
second time meeting her.) She’s really beautiful. (And it’s Seong Jae’s
first time meeting her.) It’s nice to meet you. – She’s really beautiful.
– Long time no see. You must be tired
coming all the way here. – No. No. Not at all.
– I apologize. The fatigue went away. You are so beautiful. – Your skin is…
– Gosh. (She’s the original creator
of Ramyeon Syndrome.) (She’s the face of first love.) (Two of her lines rank within
the Top 10 Best Lines…) (of Korean Film History.) Mind your own business. (“Lee Young Ae Ranks 1st
as the Most Impressive…”) (“Female Character in Korean Film”) (Behind her innocent face,) (she hid a thousand emotions.) (With “Dae Jang Geum”,
she seized Asia.) (She’s the beauty representing Korea
with Asian virtue.) (“Lee Young Ae Is Coming Back
to Screen with ‘Bring Me Home'”) (This winter, she will come back
with yet another face.) (Today’s master,
actress Lee Young Ae) It’s nice to meet you all.
I know you are busy men. But isn’t it nice to be here? – It’s really nice.
– Really nice. But we like meeting you
more than we like the scenery. So many beautiful ladies… had been on the show,
so I shouldn’t amuse you. – No. No.
– No. No. (No way.) – Since I was little,
– I shouldn’t. I grew up hearing
so much about your greatness. – My goodness.
– I don’t know what to say. I am really nervous. (Their politely folded hands
are trembling.) Come and say hello, kids. – Hello.
– Hello. – Say hello, my darlings.
– Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. What are their names? Tell them your name. I am Seung Bin. – Seung Bin.
– And you? What is your last name, Seung Kwon? Jeong Seung Kwon. – “I am Jeong Seung Kwon.”
– I am Jeong Seung Kwon. Jeong Seung Kwon.
Hello, Seung Kwon. (It’s nice to meet you.) – Seung Kwon and Seung Bin.
– How old are they? – We are 9.
– We are 9. – You are both 9?
– Yes. – Yes.
– Yes. – They are twins.
– They are fraternal twins. (Right.) He was born 10 minutes earlier. She was born 10 minutes later. My kids grew up here. They are now in second grade. So we’ve moved to Seoul. We come here often. Since you were visiting me, I thought I would bring you
to a nicer place. We could’ve just met
at a nearby cafe. It’s so nice of you
to invite us to your home. The air is different, isn’t it? It is. We should greet you too.
But it’s embarrassing. We should do it, Seung Gi. It’s unusually embarrassing today. Why do I feel unusually embarrassed? – Let’s watch them.
– I’ll watch them here. (He gets embarrassed again.) Why do I feel unusually
embarrassed today? Why do I feel
so embarrassed today? (He’s cute.) Please teach us well, Master Lee. – We are Master in the House.
– We are Master in the House. (They get over the embarrassment
and do the signature greeting.) – We did it.
– Let’s clap for them. (That was amazing.) I am glad she likes it. We did it with a lot of energy. – What…
– What should we do now? You can give us chores. I will give you a mission. – Is it for us?
– Yes. – You should be excited for it.
– We will do anything. (As soon as they meet, she kindly
informs them about the mission.) You can’t just go home. – Of course. We would do anything.
– Of course. In exchange, I will treat you to
a nice homecooked meal. Will you be cooking it yourself? Yes. We will cook it together.
We have to cook together. (They will cook a meal together.) (We get to taste
Dae Jang Geum’s food.) We’ve been growing napa cabbages
for kimchi. We are growing about 100 heads. We have a vegetable garden. – Do you?
– Yes. Let’s harvest some napa cabbages
and radishes. We will start with work. – Okay.
– I haven’t harvested… napa cabbage and radish
in a long time. – Outside…
– I want to ride the swing. You want to ride the swing?
But it’s cold. – Go get your clothes.
– I won’t ride it. – You won’t ride it?
– I won’t. Let’s go harvest
cabbages with us. – I want to harvest cabbage.
– What? – I want to harvest cabbage.
– You must be cold, Seung Bin. I don’t feel cold. She’s dazzling. – I know.
– I think… she’s the most
beautiful person… I’ve ever met. It’s like watching TV. Mommy, hurry up. (She’s getting ready with
Seung Kwon to go cabbage picking.) Let’s go. – Are you going to do it too?
– Am I going to do it too? – Are we making kimchi too?
– Aren’t you cold? You should wear a jacket. Hurry and bring me one. Right. It seems like she spends
a lot of time with her children. Last time I saw her, she was quite strict with them. When they do something wrong…
A while ago, she corrected him
to speak more politely. – Jeong Seung Kwon.
– “I am Jeong Seung Kwon.” I am Jeong Seung Kwon. – Yes.
– Jeong Seung Kown. Hello. (She’s strict
when it comes to manners.) Seung Kwon, wear a jacket. – Thanks.
– Wear it. (It’s the motherly side of Young Ae
we didn’t know about.) Should we go now? (Shall we go to the cabbage field?) Come this way. (When you go past the front yard,) (you run into green scenery
you don’t get to see in Seoul.) We have radishes too. So… – It’s in the back.
– Yes. It must be fun for the children
to experience farming. (It’s a small vegetable
garden for the children.) We are going to make kimchi
with these cabbages this year. Why are the cabbages so big? This is incredible. Look at the cabbages. These radishes are huge. Do you not spray pesticides? – No. That’s why we farm.
– That’s incredible. (It takes more work,) (but it’s grown with more love.) Seung Bin, Seung Kwon,
how often do you… pick vegetables from the garden? – Sometimes…
– Only sometimes. – Sometimes.
– We don’t do it too often. That’s why they grew big.
It’s because we delayed the harvest. We are going to make
cabbage soup and cabbage pancake. – Cabbage pancake.
– We will have it with rice wine. (They will have cabbage soup
and cabbage pancake with rice wine.) (Shout rice wine!) (Dae Jang Geum and Yang Jang Geum
will collaborate.) (Cabbage pancake is…) (the delicious autumn delicacy.) It’s oyster cabbage soup. (Refreshing and flavorful…) (oyster cabbage soup) (It’s…) (going to taste incredible.) Rice wine. Do you drink rice wine? We drink it when we come here. There’s rice wine produced locally. – Is it Jipyeong Rice Wine?
– Yes. – That and…
– I thought you wouldn’t drink. Do you drink? A little bit. I feel a little more
comfortable now. The fact that… she drinks rice wine makes me
feel more comfortable with her. At the garden… Now, can each of you
pick one head of cabbage? – Cabbage.
– You can just pull it. – Cabbage?
– Yes. – Shouldn’t we cut it with a knife?
– Hold the end and… No. If you pull it,
it will get pulled out. Well done. Pluck a radish, Seung Kwon. – This?
– Right. Pull it. How did the radish get so big? They grew well, didn’t they? (The 9-year-old Seung Kwon
plucks a radish by himself.) – It’s organic.
– Wait. (Young Ae lets the children
do things on their own.) Get one each. Seung Bin,
pull one out. – Seung Bin.
– I did it. Well done. Well done. – She’s good.
– We will clean them inside. Green onion. Go over there
and get some green onions. You are very good
at making people work. She’s very good
at ordering people. – Should we pluck more cabbages?
– Nothing is free in this world. Just pluck it. (Wait. That’s…) (Isn’t it how that terrifyingly
kind lady talks?) (She’s got Janus’ charisma,) (which mesmerized
director Park Chan Wook.) (So this is it.) Green onion. Go over there
and get some green onions. Should we go get some green onions? How many should we get? Just one handful. – Get just 1 handful.
– 1 handful. – 1 handful.
– 1 handful. This is the prettiest. (He arrives to pluck green onion.) (Struggling) Like this. Thank you. You are doing a good job. Isn’t this green onion so pretty? Even green onion is pretty here. – This green onion is…
– It looks like a trident. Right? It means it’s very fresh. Doesn’t it look like it could walk?
It’s a muscular green onion. – It’s a muscular green onion.
– It’s… – It’s very fresh.
– Muscular? Look at this.
You could eat it as it is. – It’s very fresh.
– It really is. – It looks fresh.
– I know. (With SangSeungHyeongJae,
they pluck more cabbages.) Like this. – Here.
– Thank you. – You are doing a good job.
– You didn’t invite us here… because you needed workers,
did you? No. (Growing and harvesting vegetables,) (they learn about what goes
on their table in nature.) Let’s go back to the house now.
We got groundwater. It’s very cold water. – We will…
– We will wash them. We will wash them. I am ordering you around too much. – No. You can order us around more.
– No. (Shall we go wash
the radishes and cabbages?) – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Come this way and
put the vegetables in there. It’s so lovely here. This is groundwater. So it’s very cold.
You will know when you touch it. This is what you do. – What should we do?
– Pluck the leaves. Use a knife and… – Grab the leaves and…
– Should we cut the bottom? We have to cut the root. Take out the outer leaves. – Take them out.
– Take them out. Then you cut the root. This cabbage looks so pretty. (He follows the master’s instruction
and cuts it nicely.) That’s it. Put it there. Grab the leaves and… (Seung Kwon cleans
the radish by himself.) It’s cold. (Splattering) Does it hurt? – The water…
– It doesn’t hurt. It’s cold. (Not caring about her, Seung Kwon
continues to clean the radish.) Are you plucking the leaves? You are good
at plucking the radish leaves. Seung Kwon plucked the leaves. We dry them for later. – We make dried radish greens.
– Dried radish greens. – This goes…
– Look. When you hang this, – it becomes dried radish greens.
– Right. Yes. Dried radish greens. Let’s get ready to get
the work started. Here. Let’s cut the radish
and taste it. It must be good. – Freshly harvested organic radish.
– Be careful. He’s taking the lead. I will cut it here. – You must be very experienced.
– I know. Look at that radish. (When he cuts it, the tightly
packed meat reveals.) (They are amazed.) It looks really clean. How can the radish be so white? Try it. It’s delicious. You could get a job here,
Se Hyeong. (They eat the freshly
harvested radish.) I want to eat it. You should eat it. – Say thank you.
– Thank you. – Say thank you.
– Thank you. You’re welcome. (She never stops
teaching her kids good manner.) Seung Kwon,
are you okay with the gloves? – Say thank you.
– Thank you. (Se Hyeong meticulously
educates Seung Gi on manner.) The taste… – It’s really sweet.
– Is it sweet? It’s really sweet. It’s nearing kimchi-making season,
so it must be ripe by now. – It almost tastes like an apple.
– Isn’t raw radish… – It’s delicious.
– bitter? – Why is it so sweet?
– It’s in season. It’s kimchi-making season. – It’s really sweet.
– It’s really sweet. It’s good, isn’t it? (Wait. What is this?) – It’s really sweet.
– It’s good, isn’t it? I am not lying.
It tastes like an apple. The middle part
must be more delicious. Right. This part is supposed to be spicy. It tastes like delicious kohlrabi. You could order fried chicken… and eat it with this. – Right. It’s supposed to be spicy.
– Why is it so sweet? Is it delicious? It’s very sweet. (It’s the garden’s gift which you
can taste only this time of year.) Should we taste the inside? Let’s… (They taste the cabbage
on the spot too.) It’s really white.
It’s getting whiter. This cabbage is like oxygen. Tasting the radish… got me excited. I can’t
wait to try this. You are good at working. He’s not the type
who does what he’s told. But he’s naturally doing everything.
Look at him. – I didn’t do anything.
– It’s our chance. I should’ve invited you
when we made kimchi. – Invite me.
– You are so good. (Invite me.) I will come and work for free. You say you are busy whenever
we ask you to have a meal with us. But you have time
to come here to make kimchi. Of course I have time. (To be invited next year,) (he appeals himself.) – He’s so good.
– He’s never worked harder. Clap. Clap for him. – Was he this good?
– You are so good at working. (You are so good at working.) I will work harder. He’s separating each leaf. (Here are the freshly harvested…) Can I get one? (napa cabbage leaves.) – Here.
– Can I? It would be nice
dipped in doenjang. (He’s got the palate of an adult.) (Shall we taste the cabbage from
Master Lee’s vegetable garden?) Thank you. It would be nice
dipped in doenjang. It’s delicious. (It’s crunchy.) (He’s amazed.) – It’s delicious, isn’t it?
– I have one. It’s so good. – It’s sweet.
– Is it sweet? – It’s perfect for kimchi.
– Perfect. Don’t you think the green onion
would be sweet too? It is. My kids
used to eat it raw. – Wash it.
– I ate… a lot of raw green onion. (She breaks…) (the freshly plucked green onion.) Try it. Don’t children hate raw green onion? But it’s really good for health. (It could be too spicy for kids.) – I eat it well.
– You eat it well? – Can you eat this?
– I used to eat it well in the past. Really? It must be spicy. – Try it.
– It smells good. (Seung Kwon the Master
of Vegetable Garden tries it.) – Don’t eat the one with the soil.
– Don’t spit it out. – Don’t spit it out.
– At Master Lee’s house… – Isn’t it spicy, Seung Kwon?
– It’s not. Really? You have to eat it
when everyone eats it. (Seung Kwon is eating it too.) The green onion is bitter. It’s… It’s supposed to be bitter. (The 33-year-old Seung Gi
is still not used to nature.) Did you learn to cook
for “Dae Jang Geum”? Yes. I learned to cook from someone
who specializes in royal cuisine. Do you still cook Korean food often? We only eat Korean food. We love Korean food. Seung Bin, Seung Kwon,
what’s your favorite Mom’s food? – Pasta.
– Pasta? She just said
she only cooks Korean food. (Laughing) (Was pasta a royal cuisine?) Pasta is your favorite? (I love everything Mom cooks.) She must cook Western food well too. – Well done, everyone.
– Well done. (They worked together and
finished the preparation together.) We’ve been here for just 15 minutes,
and we did so much. – Should I put it here?
– Yes. You can put it there.

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