ciao pixie berkutov ski puck loose in the stereo shouted a girl that is Madison broke I think that was Madison throw and Navy strikes first Wow Cusick aa common theme for the weekend Kennedy Cusack scored a goal Ashley coming up to neutral ice case number 33 Maisie walks oh don't overshoot Latina Chou that's the first goal all weekend Wow first year love deed Ashworth coming up to neutral ICC box shoot latina show that's the first full weekend Wow mercy ality in the net go Kelly I think Aubrey kill every countless Wars sneaks it through the legs of King Larson wow what a confusing way I'd edit suite of three I think it was operon jelly I think it was our jelly they got them here eating exchanger announcement final shooter the three for the wind chill winner winner seal indeed have we got a pileup and due to ice I don't know how they tackle zone neutral ice oh that's a riot it alone ain't you against respite a shot Oh Preston tried ties this game up at one apiece did you see how quick those hands words themselves oh there that's a bad turn over there's three on old it all just rips it Wow here comes the dillert Merlin Hardy killed Miller in the breakaway what a model shot the go for Caleb Miller and he's got some nice hands oh okay Stoller here's Miller Wow Wow daddy's on stairs for Caleb Miller all this but this is bad this is defense again the moose the moose when we call in here we got a goal this guy's calling the coal from the 7th district in Washington DC [Applause] [Applause] or the Western lines on the ice we probably should not talk about other standards right off the bat rock radio one before MacKinnon for MacKinnon was here a whistle less mean all by himself it puts it in final shot a goal we've heard this before nice passing out here comes Coletti go wow it just like that the Vulcans have the lead McKinnon oh nice pass to it here it is ho are you kidding me how many kids would have shot that me that's in 2010 you can't draw it up any pretty box let's article have to go to a job in Norwich are you kidding me Justin only left wide open up front that pucks right through the defeat and the Falcons win that Leatherman Cup I'm going my side taking home Jeff

Hometown Hockey Summer Classic Highlight Video 2019

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