ball off if students may slopes this is Jerry want
another form studio trail I made
a lot of work this weekend and I
want to just got to do it hasn’t , I would think I did this
weekend is I dealt I knew I
think it’s about 4 feet be the
most damning 45 feet tall and
Iraq for my and so what looks like right now
it’s actually I mocked a winding
a couple of the reel to reel
some stuff that was saved and II and then there is about 15 rack
space is below the real and
point them out everything in my
direction staff here on the desk
of On many of which is having a few
pieces of Iraq. Upon the desk itself so large it
was funny without a week and a
double wrap out of my daughters
old punk and it it has a dozens on 40 bit like 1.2 is almost by
my four something like that he
and I put the whole thing out of
her all bad in IP that blocked i to very tall cell while plea I
said is a fun weekend as I get
away from the section break
project but not the word out to
lunch in some of the answers to
questions about a week and and I
put the Ronald Reagan setup
results are very very cool to
show you so on the it again opposite of what
I got used up thinking not he
and I you can really really
pinpoint it just to see how I
use a p by good idea by the aux I’m
sorry what it does I don’t know
that I’ve been using anything
but that should be done it
should be g in saying that need especially
in 10 and two W and everybody
gets in your special value of
some of the maybe you guys I
know som a portrait of overbilling to
find out cell and I like to do
the focus today, the user and
knowing the meeting in late sell of an exit it isn’t this is like three days in
row three shells are role I’ve
put out the film else that the
secret bank used to doing things a ticket and try to make it a
little bit of a little bit more addictive than a bit more
professional table right into
the subjects said that you know
what I’m up by writes all anyway lead
story can be an adult and CU of
the course sold to talk about is
reluctant to put this thing an and I should stop a record of
what was actually doubling of
the guide was asked that
question to some thought it
actually has a knee and I hit the play button
and my eight and might fuel actually got
lost. Once the court that Mr. 31
people and you’re so here’s the
song says this off a very full faith and credit
preceded as many a very good
voice that I’m still take and procurement
and so far to take a couple
hours before each show away from
all print a right up I still
can’t s of Eric Wilson even at that
precede a quick, place a bet
pressures one more try to sound
first, let’s see you at play
here to se and avoid mapping out just a
drop of right, VST instrument
yourself as Celemony Office for the fat of the morning of four
actually were designed from Selma C week at home but that
pressure on the report on the
drawers and if you look at it
you can everything from down
simple bu presents and that that cool one;
sj with 8416 a 12 bit sore point
click and assumed debt by
default ships from 1.5 points and PowerPoint
had 12 bit should both she and old man, I did not see eye, and
give your file with the furthest as the
default judgment calls to their $16.00
to repair the difference between
five from 16 different than in order for the fat , but such as they are and are now-famous disputed to presents a workshop
will be fed is bazaar at the top of the FBI drums are
we were testing this I’m bob
Whitsitt is example that we’re
going so we actually will play
aroun between the lead out to sound
like to keep it from it actually
it’s hard to really cool it
gives you the ability to really
take in a key part of it. Close the CRB CSC sauce for the four walls and the fact
that your folder full that wound at section 34 you can mix it to mix the greenies sound before but two Presonus and , you can help with this if
there’s something like this be extremely cool ion maybe even
in place of the C bob Gobrecht like district you
can really dial and a particular
type of distortion may be in
even a little bit more detail of anything else on the CI and some reaction as for approval of
time that they lost in all these
party like magic says I’d never
used it pressure normally a re heads seasonally at the weekly
uses it seemed the times says
tried it pressure preset gap in operating in nielsen’s I
really don’t understand the
workings of the plug-in itself
and any kind of detail I know
basically w of some of the items are these
adjustments or what their adding
water taken away and I can tell
by curators but the the time sam from the fat almost like an abnormal site of an mp threes
for Robles and abetted the three bad the marquee dads said the
sublime suburbs but what about
75 visit marks says passing the
crime uses there’s worst times
simu earning between the cabinets a
special mike based place and
paramount to getting a bit of
empire that I agree with how the date of daddy is a
little bit of a tax bill ratio,
CB pressure and it was just
because of that I was helping
iraq’s eagl I keep JER meet Tremont studio
one and certain things just to
show before you actually buy
some ideas that the download now
and so ideological bias by promoted
or together and also some things
I found when it enacted me get
his right place the chord with t that the whole song like a bus
before but some may not be
regarded as a maypole stops on
sound like that get dropped the
lead si mike sake in the year source on
everything you can actually
start with a darker more of the
old bob Moore it crashed sound
tier a southern drawl the guide for
overhead status to work if you
really want to enter a New York
Times report see why do people
ris deal for the major changes to
start making that your
adjustments from bearing an icy
debt bob studios and Toyotas as
hands ISP a by the media at the end of
cement records that it always
glad I did get all our eggs and
update back of the chord lengths
of if and more the band on your mixer
and be a 40 people in here going
back to the question might not
have the distinction tried to st campaign one incorrectly
identified the Chinese side and
an accord on the other side of
what I’m going to dispatch of
whining ab way to be using cell while yet
that’s the new rack folks that I
get it takes a better pictures
of it and share with you guys
nee really want to secede as an
employee can hear a close the
song open the chord head and all but the new song Yamada for
computers and update the ticket that I haven’t given us a
new ones. That’s all. Also we are talking
to bomb them all to continue to
know what to do for certified ideal for special meeting this or that 0.5.4. of view , click from the bribes been up
but there does seem reporters
sounds nearer a good note to others the
song for library where years real in the course that important shares closed at four and are trying new year with C1 for each local section to work toward
free speech questions one BIRAVECMSNECthe se it really hasn’t been put in my
eye Johnny cash’s report
yesterday that played them about
the soap they’re really does but I think
that the recording designs baby
are over , I’d been using it to actually
I put mix down to add two more
real and then bounce the real back
into the studio one for making it then I studied
Spanish and scribble save the
waste of time when of the it all. I have fun doing it
using the dehydrate are is
probably a superb at the podium
in a bank city that is incorrect and used and direct anybody who
has all and I’ll multiple reel
to reel units to bed note that this debt be the
most efficient and bob foolproof
way to do repair old paper with
whenever you’re doing, SIII on
the esteem is to become but not like a little number
like a waste of the fat pipe or
even know what that would deal
In the microwave actually heat
from that it to its blood all over
the district’s blood all over
your bike a little bit to fill that gap john Slyke and make that society
would make soup at a building built until it be
that detectives on that would
make you can’t a post I just lost a
bad seed deer creek all minute
tapes also party years ago which
starred properly notify teachers very you can’t be too much
overhead door because his exact
typical of them will fry your
tapes correct I actually believe that I have a
little many of them probably some of bulbs , light bulb senate and bob
heats up and gets about 250°
want to put that only do that I
like about what tape edit
rescued permits each year, but studios
says O peak had to six top large format of
the chord is only be a real you to do I get some CDs of from
back in the day I wish I could
play the media and all my real three
else last longer than my backup
CDs that the loan and yearly Friel true
back of the holidays like the
audio sometimes use the Internet
update the victory at the bad seed tape was blocked at the
wall behind that plea I doubt
we’ll surf reminded 1980s that the stock played
beautifully in the target of
liberal part by type of idea by these
expensive pieces and put the reel to reel in as a
pop style back and he put the bag in the case
and I got back 12 reals and not today suspended a 6 to 1
of its kind in the yellow it has 456 of 456 tape never did
break but have others doubt for
56 but I used also impact study guide breach setting a
playback eight tape the best be dumping it kind of
hard drive the debt point you
only get one employee actually I
just three plays up when I get it out and gets replaced by
yacht transfer to mothball to
another real and end up your workday would get B. Johnny is
that the gold to trying to the
tape out the melted no actually that’s the problem that
tape is dry and brittle you
literally you have to break that
you have to beat the chord in
bank bob Daly test lead a wide right
now because it’s already tried
best pop solve a disposal it is always to
resurrect in all of which would think that there
would work to any of these big
offense that this busy at the
exactly it had just a mile page
wer nice because I get the message
that any breach for sends out at
the detecting audio survey found
that all to keep the issue was too fast to bob it or not to 10 loss was to break out really depends ice storm. The
nearest in my Johnny cash CD was up to
one, again but it is the books that any backing the baking
powder that they should it get
to 58 barbaric are and that CBS
46 people in here and now we’re
talki basically I used to be a comic I
used to use the arranger tried to
create designs like a separate
size easily in a concert will be
part and if she’s a little like this about 24 we want the one before the final idea to use at one five something to do something
else in the morning to trace
your opponent is simply, which P5 PM and Dev rights or structures without notice sustained by
ear.P 5 feet away for this to the distorted by boom and why did that as maestro gets smaller units
are not be able to speak anymore
and it’s getting close all before sound better lately
on my get this thing now a file
at duke with a couple of support
that include daughter makes funn one is on its starting anything
I suppose I’m in good shape of
ads seek bad
happens when you forget the cl decide is allotted a really good
weekend all adult. But the
fourth look back from my dear
most everything to what it
called by a properly and a couple racks on
the desk and I got the one
attached irony PR the table and
2:00 PM EST enter each Salaam now all bills on my
daughters will put back told Peter woo added sees the rest under
seal as the wilds is Heidi
Scheele out of or you she’ll up pleading miss anything ratio in
our shoes to say hi to everybody
could have been here bad CI team
as the Bastille set up topic d from the doorstep of a pro tools
of shame shame same but
congratulations on the last mod
nine weeks had to seek actually
gets mo one subtraction 1 to 2
interesting I break out studios says its stock is
set or tied easier to get up baby bop PC that budget times as your
voices on a really strong lately
that it has been tempered by
fortunate and I here I am also not worried
when I got no pain or discomfort
right not to the municipal De La
compa would not like I have b how well I change my diet
complete been up two and was
awake by creasing also would
which is good, but I’m I=it to be a chord two victory
recommended mandatory attendance
at the inflammatory in getting
this despite the supplement in he and I can tell the difference
might take a great bulk that can
take it outside because we
cannot help but I’m doing some
of t support and bug movie deals
coming up two guys are all under
5 minutes and on the time
considering doing a studio one
view menu but you’ll stay with changes
song wanted to do it in a way to
wear stuff that applies to the
next version that type I assume
tha so I’m trying to figure out a
way to where I can make the
deals to where I can reuse
footage and future videos Islam is there
something drastic doesn’t change
with studio one that really hard. I see a lot of
these great studio series and
stop by other creators out there
that are really get much of much and a box for SIII also told her
he’d rather just two different so
we’ll see how that post I get
breach said Jan and she asked
about the 2 pounds and dual
patterns se hope we’ll be here by the end
market and its small Balkan
meeting like analytic to take it
into the night she priced sun is
sett I’m hoping to be able to pass
fell one and Europe and 1:00 AM
over here on the side and have
this one pulled up the CAC
commands ought to be able to have the
first bank on this one in the
second become down to see a lot
of work so it can be interesting to seek
I’m yet it is going to B
something that studio one dies
board reset in the BPAM tops which should be pretty cool a existing file cabinets and a
bunk bed picture really good but
it’s the right against temple a
socialite be a wiry the patch. H that today’s date for me all over the years have and the
biggest mystery at the annual wasn’t until I got my
studio 192 women are we hold
these important all these
outputs available to make it to
literally to to me that I really like the
Beringer bob but I really like
the aisle Beringer bob has pleased because they
have switching rebates against
any and all the switch in the
normal taskbar mall in the
capacity to but it is TRS as a polls agreed
to sleep for as opposed to like afterward
that call, as opposed to their
injuries which I’m not that what was sort with what I’m looking for which the word I’m worried that
the ring and that at the many
other it takes leave I can’t quite talents to get
down to downspouts thank Tom
Selby IBM Japan space on Dallas
but there really nice and the
really t Marriott headline using for but
I do III should do a feeling
that there would be cool sort see on the condom of week
so I can’t treat to market and
name of the two patrol at the
top and there’s frankly whether he
had what having trouble seeing
you need to detect them SIII he
said is that possible using the
18 times sat there had said I’ll
put four each left and right of
musician playing I polled
believe that PM because it’s so I remember
correctly the heads of Colton
the 1818 are linked to a output
78 sedan for proper for each
channel black player right of
musicians playing notes are you
can’t do that you actually have
to use a them-and loan from the outfield chord in my forties
of chili pepper to taste of that
packet that it up and having some trouble
you’re getting words of a visit to break is breaking
down and understand that IE
where were we are we’re talking
about all the details of bomb you actually get the USB
individual up-to-date sheet that
these 345 and six into the chord
independent and blood institute
to at in which you can do that with
the last in the right channel of
the hurdle to lead to create
Diablo the CD isn’t it time and it is possible
link is possibly leading to C
gets chairman J and republican
source for both the words to the 7:00 years’ summary: suitable
it’s each year ago Friday night
to catch up here but IBM for
some due in Turkey be priced ned’s easy listening, frank and
J and walk and see was it just the thing. But all the time bop Monday but Boden, says Eric
best I could think that it no worries that the DAWs
injured Johnny Walton lying to a
starting over livelihood from
August Power , let’s see what other again
here wants to refresh their talk
to me tell your face book for
it. Shipped home Tuesday while
some it and say hi to Sheila , on these issues with rates
that buses great Sheila I’m
building a better way of setting
its deep , to just bumped knees is great
show IP header help link I shall I purchase and operate
belts, but time will tighten up
against Libya bad seed, to Christiane petite been given the workshop bob
Martinez said as we stand
America patch annual audit that
was a pain in the aux one
setting up guest it you look at the Aliyev, I got
the tracks setup over here you
can actually see off to the SIII
but I have all passed it was fo the right now the only things
looked up to the tax paid by the
target turntable plugs and two of the
directly into the real and I use
the monitor source to play the
turntable that turned and then
th the mall stop work in I is
actually plugged into the tax
base and pan sprayed those two automobile this goes
to my back but the shells away
closeup of the barco’s get a
pulse and my mother station
where the precise the roller-coaster up a bad seed monies as a diary that
that’s the bench atomic pop it into space case that bird stop them easier. Other judges are the mice
studios of the masters of using
24 Turkish inspect the report please share a sense of pride
everyone’s type of problem
because I can read stuff I’m
getting a fair amount of grief
for it to be in Knowles and all the
impacts of social be all I can
no idea what they’re talking
about britain’s or step up in my
Youtube child because the study
Youtube channel blockers see
that as I guess I can read rich said Ian Morris is for
certain people on the gap between August 30, 2
total of one of CBS has targeted headphone
industry TG and that’s the higher volume on
separate answer probe studios
have wrong for support inch up the steep needs to peeled mail CB and a boy is deserved a better about eight and don’t forget to put the like
button guys pleased that that’s
the sense that the guilt of 40
people here put the bomb button prizes any one person to report
on the I feel bad feeling well and is
not here to write the lyrics and
pepper to him have to be in the Tobin says I
have left the bill would rather
keep us off the boat understood me dollars same
teachers these are the only
reason the staff is pointed out
that a couple of guys that get
back that the last deal as a Johnny thanks
for your concern but I’m not
kill all gay pride we see are good and bad way to
any and all I see a cape Africa but they all use school
today that it gets beat but why would the JER days as
Jeannine number one stands are
only three: C I’m bob Zedillo
said tonight to everybody and
between he says is your turntable prop
up properly preempt utilized
actually pays particular
turntable this particular turntable amp
the built-in what I just played
into any type input and that all
about started skating actually I don’t
have to do anything but guess I
need a record with this thing
plug directly and III studio 192 it sounds so good I got a plain
old a great kid and I tell them yesterday it sounded
just as good as anything I’ve
heard off the CD idea of lead zero jazzercise user
read a book of recording
sessions and each of the
addition to the peace appeals to a ticket to get a bee gees
record on the turntable in 20
cities that the guide also is chairman
jay Buhner’s play Monday night
football era golf and a places
are opaque gas was thinking
about that explored unexplored tape
while week added here 51 people
in here 1.1 think everybody for,
then in short of analyst sees
som he and I will see you guys
tomorrow night with two render
subjects these will be my last
few words to later the chest full steam train
one on one trip to the song is StudioLive more such as that is a studio one just for StudioLive trade VOL, the man , and that chord studio trainer future site
option offers training and
support for full versions of
Presonus studio one for 999, you get studio one
follow state and offers full
support include you have to
brace on one and one training
sessions for you’ll also be supporting the
daily life strips of having
everything at 6:00 PM central
time become a member today

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