these new champions Calvin who LOI our recipient tonight has been involved in gear sales and concession stands and attended more meetings and being a leader in the community on behalf of us all so Kevin it is my great pleasure along with the rest of the ward to present you with the gnosis or someone to Nauset a few years ago in its no Sports has always been my passion so I appreciate and I know as a parent all the planets that are sitting up there it it's great to watch everybody participate even even like when your son's a swimmer near you it's just a great thing to be able to you know support you know what I think is one of the best parts of school is going out and being 19 please welcome the wrestling team and head coach bonus did it as challenging my fortune coach the recipe along sizes and head coach Chris Gillis is that how reduce the team and then kind of recap these and go going there to the short sweet so we got eighty Kinsella Nico Minnesota Nick Scola gave Coelho everything on us in handle a sake even Lucy Tristan Netherlands Spencer grandma Luca backdoor Curtis Taylor Ian onset Christian here Josh gentler Nordahl Lucy and georgette or Jackson so this season was an interesting one for us team wise team Eric doesn't reflect on how great these guys did the first season in my four years of coaching then we were able to fill all the one month weight class so we weren't going 36 points going into a match which is fantastic a lot of awesome personalities on this team reigning from 1 to play big iron double country song and our home meet all the way to not listening to me throwing the same move and every match so guys were fantastic to coach Chris like really couldn't ask for a better group of guys that worked hard every day they brought it and practice and in the magic so it's gonna be gonna miss bust these guys it's really fun so we move on to the awards I start off with the ecl Awards University they see how we have senior captain persevere [Applause] [Applause] second-team ACL we got Spencer grandma and also the individuals course reward we have in Hilo and you're also gonna be CLG Horseman award ah ish tisha here this individual not just this year but all over his 40 years has really busted his butt he when we lose or draw he's come in willing to learn from his mistakes or when he did right puts a lot after the practice really turned into a great theatre this year and there's no other person whose team I'd rather give this award to then see Nina this here's a big D this individual over the last four years has really made strides and his rest of abilities he came out this year with his comments every match like he came on to the magnet just knew that he didn't care if it was in front of all he was gonna see them the same way he beats everyone the same with a motor number again he's been a true pleasure coached over my four years here he was a great leader also this year this years MVP goes to Capital person here [Applause] now we're going to present the varsity jackets this year this year's varsity jackets are going to be an artisan Christian here Spencer Grandin anything [Applause] just enclosing this is like I said just to reiterate this was an awesome season this team was really fun to coach it made it easy for Chris not come to practice every day and spend every Saturday on the road every hour and a half trip listen to the same whatever music they listen to any lesson and bring on the bus it's truly a pleasure and we're going to miss all the seniors and all these guys and I appreciate that one we help them win every wrestling match they cover next up we got that jennifer Tilly Kylie Carla Street and Bella testa my two years our manager Ashley H highly moment Jayde Audrina and when seniors our Brianna Butler illustrates what a great season we have after such a successful football season and with many people you sit in their season each year we all agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity to bring that basketball Trinity we have a few girls on able to join us this season due to prior commitments but despite this being the little team in terms of Tears they are power ups we had to start from scratch as no one's ever done that people charity before they were definitely there were definitely growing pains but each challenge this team based in a head off about finished season they started on than my fat tab and then the small team allowed me to really focus on building up each athlete and helping her to push her strength and also really work on her weaknesses and allow this team to be super close we had very little to no drama and these girls became a true family they pushed each other to work harder and dig deeper cheerleading is a challenging sport that puts a spotlight on every single person on the team every girl years between those challenges and expectations fatigue and illness was our biggest issues here and these girls push themselves even on this that I didn't think they have anything left to get they improved it every single basketball game and the supporting feedback from the fans and the fit and the families really made this crowd of the Warriors we have fantastic time cheering and boys the season they played hard and we're class act always thank you so much for joining the team we are so proud of all of your decision and from loveliness to work beside you some of those games for real narrative nail-biters and we'll never forget how hard you guys fought till the very last second is always a competition this year we had a fantastic season with two first-place finishes the second place her name is faith it to the game a cheerleader chips and attending condition ff12 we were the smallest team to placing the top deck and in high marks on our music portion spots of jobs and now for individual awards I'd like to start with our of sportsmanship or so this is one which easy street [Applause] sportsmanship is not just about being nice it's much more than that it's about realizing that you could not compete without an opponent and that they have the same goals Jeanne landless even as a senior she came in with the most knowledge about basketball and she pushed the team which wasn't much and he puts the team to learn about the game and when to show support at competitions she was the first to jump up and get the most excited for the other teams when they were competing when they walk off she'd be good first to run up and congratulate them and tell them how amazing [Applause] and now for the coaches of [Applause] [Applause] J was only a duty machine originally doing coffee she continued to struggle with not being part of Tia's she meets several times a week checking on them and letting us know how much she misses us three weeks into the season she decided to join us she was the turning point of the season for us she brought excitement and passion to the season brought laughter and she brought a no-quit hard work ethic food I truly believe that Jada is the heart of this team she's worked hard this year and I watched her go from a very timid cheerleader and become a very well rounded a supplier I am so proud of all of you [Applause] and finally I have two awards that I've actually found out about today the universal cheerleaders association or UCA is the body that governs being a cheerleader Massachusetts this area states they decided to begin recognizing individual athletes from all competing teams they gave 12 awards total their season and now the 12 teams I'm very proud to report that two cheerleaders one also were selected for these special honors I would like to bring up [Applause] and I would also like to bring out the Holy Innocents [Applause] [Applause] and now I would like you to spend party jackets so when I have a million Arianna you know eat your stomach actually Jeanne Street Carla three training clothing I am so proud to have been a part of this team and non-spam the support we've received wanna be pushing harder despite Athena being over I've already had several girls asking about next football season and what they can be doing in the offseason to prepare a crew that don't want to still drive and passion and I want to thank this team in the last pieces for making me fall in love with chair all over again I know that there will be many more great moments with coming seasons for Naza Cheers thank you because me and my assistant coach new Boltzmann this is my second meeting with the Furies and it's been a pleasure to work with these athletes not just one asset but one way to keep time as well this is an extremely hardworking group of student athletes and I would like to introduce them to all clean so for seniors we have captain Briana fender [Applause] capellini oddness years being hunter Kira Ridley Jessica curry Jody Mottola Tori Howard Amanda Crew Connor Boucher Margaret Dixon and our two junior managers Juliana Smith and Ashley Rhodes sophomores Sydney Nickerson jazzy Silva tests to Loomis and Nicole AWOL our freshmen Charlotte Newman our Oh Julia liner new and shooting seven our record from this past season truly doesn't buy the talent that this team has for those of you who came to watch us play you notice how true this is this season we significantly closed the scoring gap and majority of our games and competed at a high level every single shift out on the ice we have a strong of returning players and I am so excited to pick that up and keep going next season it's true that it always feels like things at once really start to get the ball rolling there's a lot of promise with the younger generation of girls coming up in the next several years which is extremely encouraging not just for our program but for girls ice hockey is a growing sport around the Katyn a major highlight for us this season was winning back-to-back games first against Markus vineyard and then we marched fields of Iowa this was the program's first ever set up and back-to-back wins and we're obviously hoping to see a lot more at that in the future C needs to come and now for a reward I would like to announce our first team all the player Molly McKenna Kamali's with four-year varsity players and a senior motto Molly saw 2579 shots during her four-year our city high school career and if my Madison might not have product she has about a 90 percent save average male is also receiving that and Mayfield word tonight for all those reasons as I just shared those impressive stats model has been around for this program and Malik greatly missed the years to come congratulations Molly and good luck a little for this fall the a TTL nominee is a player from each team to win a sportsmanship award and ours was the unanimous decision for senior Delaney Agnes for monotheism eg player she's devoted to her teammates coaches in the game of hockey itself forever was never short of 100% and she was always willing to do whatever it took to bring our team to the next level but that being said it was also an easy decision for Delaney to receive the coaches of work Shalini really is the type of player you wish you could clone and have a whole lineup we will miss her upbeat competitive spirit Delaney and I'm so excited for all of the meeting opportunity [Applause] now we have the Arsenal jacket presentation so first we have junior Marcus Dixon [Applause] Jr being under and saw in the [Applause] laughing who spent the night we just like to think this fool Thunder support of our co-op and program but especially John Matz an intravenous Pablo for all of you to support all of the coaches and athletes here we wouldn't be able to function without you guys a big thank you to Bill Johnson for his epic photos and MJ energy it's always so fun with you on advantage I would also like to thank our volunteer coach Steve Hershberger who couldn't be here tonight but he was a huge asset to our coaching staff and we look forward to having you with us more in the future I also can't mean coach Smith enough as a fella for being so dedicated to this program it means such an incredible role model for strong female athletes congratulations to all the suit assets here tonight your hard work and dedication to both their studies and athletics is out of the hall trust me when I say it goes by so fast so enjoy every single moment thank you so much and now I would like to introduce the head boys ice hockey coach say thank you to mr. Matson behind the scenes without everybody sees we all know is there [Applause] Michelle always I mean it seems like we've dealt for memories and we dealt with every sickness and every injury from one skill to the next this year every year it's always something new every day and you do a wonderful job keeping us as healthy as we possibly can people avoid appreciated [Applause] put a Bellini for the beat here tonight hope so too on effort you know I feel like Italian guys not employed just to make sure you might get it out I couldn't be happier and more proud we have the unbelievable dedication and commitment that you guys makes this program I can't thank you enough because it was seriously company managers they're both seniors and milena and team of the top Nova 500 calm ocean fancy August Hannah and Kevin pecorino Hussey and Ethan Keaney Wallace Brian Brennan and Nick still up CJ still and JT phone before and reduces seniors I just wanted to give you a little bit of background on this crew maybe they're very special to me and I go to the other coaches this is my fifth year this is the first class that I've had all three years you know this even coming in here it's real skinny you know why I have depression and then to see them you know moving on and graduating grown into the great young never big become it's it's it's tough for us to see the bill and we just appreciate everything we did for the program you know one thing at one point out is you know they came in here four seasons ago and took a little fur took over pretty much longer four seasons prior to that the dantavakra team was 1565 and this group of seniors and their four years have compiled a 44-33 and nine record with three stream Nestea use with a cape [Applause] [Applause] so we would you know season recap and overall if I'm in a very solid season and help me really probably ask for and that was a very competitive hard schedule against some really good teams we knew we were senior heavy and going to be a fairly strong team and we scheduled accordingly you know respond to some injury problems from sickness uh true you know week or two here there may be some lackluster play but that's to be expected a lot of RPC you know dealing with you know the government but they push through and you know we've started the season and trim coming out of the gates that were you know three and five and kind of 100 where the season was going to make us and the boys had a choice to make you know they could either like to see the slip away or they could make a stand and I think that's where I've seen you leadership and I and our group really just took over and we went to the sandwich and we have a must-win game and we beat him in their own building 5-0 and there wasn't a question in building that the attorney for after that you know we ended up going on you know a five three on one stretch we had a huge win over possible and we're able to punch our ticket back into the state tournament which I thought was a stupid it's a great testament to the boys of Walker and they were not going to be denied that we're not going to make any excuses and chance to play with postseason I think that it's also wonderful children are our words – tolerated first-team all-acc on selections chase home cam home [Applause] [Applause] firewall [Applause] and change the low [Applause] one thing I'm going to point out about that HDL if you were in the lead with Division one hockey bomber outs of Marshfield I mean there are super 18 this year for those who do don't know that's a tournament for the topping hockey teams in the state until we get you know the joy of playing them twice a year in the ACL and wearing a cup of the able Falmouth and sandwiches always tough and whatever struck me most with all of those words or their understanding of the coaches to start to plead our case that was know leading me to be done they were first-team unanimous to pass elections every other coach was 100% on board and is probably easiest evening I've had it regardless of the ACL but when you dealing with all those good teams with a lot of good players out there and there wasn't a question the world ended as a genetic mask order challenge all-star team and last year we had one player represent us and this year we were lucky enough to have two and it was one point out real quick March 31st in West Haven Connecticut can help our 2018 varsity a suppose miss your footwork is homesick tonight I don't think anybody with a question to support I don't believe Josh neer Bajaj one DJ D arcy knows of the Lord I mean these next couple of awards were real tough for the coaches on the one back and forth and when he has such a big group of seniors is such an important to the players it's really tough to our bounce back technology to be two awards with that baby's head you know this is this boy you know I personally think went to a young man that has just improved temples and since freshman year I came in here the tall skinny kid is kind of tripping all over himself out on the ice and he just worked so hard every single day to make himself into the player he turned out to be a senior year he played just as much as everybody else the last two years if Tom Warren he carries himself unbelievably respectful off the ice and I couldn't be prouder to give this to the senior younger self and envy deal work you know I mean again as I mentioned above it it's not an easy decision the some serious thought this year we decided to go with poetry piece they can go to my wallet and cheeks home [Applause] our varsity jackets the winners this year our Tiger Hoffman could even further I like to introduce the members of the team first we stop at the ninth graders on managers change antara screen also we have Preston caterpillar then we're going to go to all sophomores they have Avery burners Stephanie goal Sydney Griffin Michaela Hutchison Corinne Moreschi Ashley Ross Paisley in Ashley Ross and we're going to go to our children we have pays McGowan sunny green sky since and then we're going to go to senior captains in chest at Goodell and Reagan [Applause] a quick recap on the season this is my first year coaching Marian arsenide and just like I said people when the reports was a dream job and American privilege I feel very privileged to coach here as the season went on the team got better than a stop to learn the philosophies of my coaching some of the highlights of the season was beaten found open all the time here at home the hospital twice when I seen United and beaten real tough safe in his team and also qualified for the state time we're going to go right into some awards let's go to team all stop first team all stop [Applause] red Indian and styluses okay now I'm going to go to 17 [Applause] you're going to give credit to some individual rewards like any conscious I don't like to give individual rewards but this is a team sport and I don't like to single out one or two players but that's something that's asked for me to do so I do it first we got ask us was what specific award this young lady every practice gives everything she had she pushes everybody on the court she pushes herself almost sort of so a sportsmanship it was going to Paisley and Jamie's was what's this for it's going to send Sydney Griffin she's not in today then we're going to go to someone individual audiences one of the toughest Awards to get because it's one of those awards where the coach axis kind of picked one player and the coaches players which is very tough to do but bringing them coach yeah I had no other play that ladies feel at home every time Enterprise every day every time I walked in the gym the first thing I heard was hola hola that's what she said to me every time she sees me and she points out every time so my coaches award okay now there's the big one the team MVP the coaches we said probably two seconds on this one was obvious who outlet VP he was dish I gave us everything all season even if we call a play that doesn't work she finds a way to make it work he struggles for she finds a way to score some reason in practice it's kind of dead she finds a way I can be pee in the hot stove our team this year and now we want to present the Boston Club jackets first ones go face it down [Applause] next one is sunny skies things now close on the rocks again I can't say it enough it's a privilege pulsing it and also so privileged ocean these young ladies and trying to push them to the limits I would like to thank John McIntyre and supported [Applause] [Applause] my assistant coaches and I know who talked about the places but manages to a lot for softly did the second Clause block managers and all I could say is we did have a good season nobody wants to finish the season early but you know we didn't go as far as we wanted to but I still have a great season and hopefully next year we work a lot and get a lot fog so again I feel ready to put privilege to announce team saw Caleb penance will Hamels sophomore Isaiah popper got here today two years Henry Blanchard Coby granite Bobby Jo johnandkaren Leah Mahara my aspera seniors will wish Spencer Jones an EMTALA [Applause] the 2018-19 not supported boys basketball team will be remembered as a hard-working group of boys that could play with talented teams on arresting this season we finished Tennant and overall we lost in the South sectional preliminary round on the road against military we have now a distinct tournament for five straight years looking back at our season we were inconsistent our boys had our best things early the season when the swept Division three number one seed where hand of two means our team enjoyed many moments together our numerous team dinners held three solid team chemistry this teams focused effort and enthusiasm throughout the season was much appreciated Center from the team accomplishments we have some really special moments Bobby – I led the team from the point guard position and on most things led the team in scoring assists Abdellah Colaba dominating some early games with defense and play leading Spencer Jones willingness to do whatever necessary for the team to move to our dues Henry glanced rajamma confidently mahara coming into her advanced roles on the team we are continuing to build a culture of this program in every age level we continue to appreciate the support of the students faculty standing staff and fans of naasson who supported us to lead at this time I'd like to announce a first-team all-acc all-stars bhavam Joey and dispensers [Applause] i racing el sportsmanship award winner for the varsity team Spencer Jones ITV sport Rishabh Award winner Joey for gentlemen [Applause] this year's coaches award as many courses of statements difficult to choose one but for us in my mind it was clearly Spencer Jones this young man is the example of commitment and hard work Spencer has had ups and downs during his competitive high school experience of especially this year was amazing he committed himself to being the best leader to make basketball players and compete he would not would where everyone on the court every day was preparedness to make sure that he is the example of what hard work can produce he made himself into an all-star play leadership he carried us for many things everyone on this team completely loved and believed in him on and off the court he's similar to last year's winner Jeremy Portland's he is a perfect example of the shore [Applause] I reveal one body to her father is the recipient of this year's MVP award he continued to dominate many aspects of the game for us to season this year Bobby came close to being a thousand we score I think based on talking to last night eight hundred and fifty six points Tony to nearly an absolute force for us next year scoring is not AMA does his playmaking and after some weeks I probably keep us in most games his all-around game over the last few years has been so much fun to watch we are so lucky to have him for one more season he's a very special player we are proud to announce this year's MVP award – bye [Applause] yes Jax to Varsity Club jackets will Campbell and Johnny Baca [Applause] [Applause] in conclusion we'd like to thank Gnosticism oyster Club for your support and hard work throughout the year we thank you for everything you do for our athletic programs we'd like to thank our John Madison a couple of people of Arden mentioned everything that he's done I've been here for a while now and have the whole time that he's been in a team and I've seen the stuff that he has to deal with on a day to day basis not just during the basketball season and it's a very difficult job and in he handles it tremendously so I agree with some other people that were up here John maxes it's very important to what happens here like to think the principal laughs a surfer is like we thank Michelle for everything you do similar to John Madison Michelle on a day-to-day basis as all coaches here and kids know she does an amazing job for all of us and all the kids who keeps everybody healthy and process in the right direction [Applause] – perranoski community want to thank you for all your continued support it's with the way that society is going we have and all different things that pulls everybody like different directions I think I use words of the entire team and all of everything that happens it is still a very special thing and I and I hope that as as society continues to go the people don't forget how important it is to be a part of a team and to be a pirate okay and we have rose please step forward to know who you are and I couldn't I don't know okay Johnny ah'm in 9th graders Calandra Anderson Kalyn Farrell chase Fleming Rose Freeman step for you guys Alissa hall while Keegan's on opened up a year she's had soccer lilium cooler Kim said o tender great is now Kim Schuette Lake Rachel Bryant so will be Christopher and camicazi Janet gentles Camille Miska Monique Malcolm freedom mo is developmentally swanstrom 11th graders rain Medicis Pauly D car neocon well every Farrell Melvin Fleming Hannigan Lily Megan eros Shanna McCarthy Karen war you better crank o ET bros is it go away 12th graders Claire Connelly calcula Kennedy head works manage of Taylor Fleming captain Ron fry Allison Taylor and hey lil boss coming over okay first I'd like to say congratulations to all the support teams on your great to use I believe every team you diminish playoffs may end even just to qualify our next level and we all together represent and also very very well second grant our sisters all you guys and your conscious applying and yes all you deserve over wet but we're going into a few but just know we noticed all of you see why we do in really appreciate your being part of our team's first times we get thing is John about simple put them together tonight and everything else as Ben said it's a very stressful challenge on a task and not all the coaches mean one of them is always on time like things we gently you might some smiles or are you gonna get this in so John thanks for being so patient for our Depot Hannah and the booster for coordinating and producing all the toys and Jenny's it's just huge I mean hundreds of kids and few people that do it so thank you so much good against you give these kids the building two rounds crew that never really gets thanks but they would only get the dirty work we the winter is the worst because we drag all the dirt and snowing or messy kind of aggressively yesterday and they no but did you reach out to make it even clearer to us so thank you to the bility grounds we shall it's heavy stuff over and over but you owe me your ability to indicate in to read if you hurt if they're not what's going on and send them on the way already really you're so very very fortunate to have a shower neck very it's being a mom and a teacher and it's the best I was asked do you know what this jumping in and I learned there were 90 kids I was hoping from Konami I had to talk to Jonathan retard to assessment because there was no way one and a half of us ultimately to one coached and two part-time could handle that many kids dark processor give us another position and it was great because the coach that we had it was we formed a bond and it works amazingly well and the extent of first tone Brennaman Laura Freeman who volunteered her time the whole time Russia ductility in anywhere [Applause] authorities whose voice teams so this parts longer but then look very through the rest the girls team at a great season both boys and girls headaches from serious injuries with the points course but some we have one of new girls come to the program and they create a really solid team it's hard to say with track and field and I'm sorry well you could come up to Boston to watch us every Monday for seven hours somebody to come up not know if they're gonna race or not these kids are dedicated themselves whether they know it or not they need it it was an incredible job and then right I can't say enough about how they kept it together the whole time know when F sees people step ahead because one of the pilots of the girls five school records were set in please step forward Sophie Christopher for the long jump and she did that she thought she was finished and she went and with a death into the UM in the Boston the streets to get to the car I saw Tom Collins like officially in the stinking minute class she ran through traffic came back Johnson sent us go we've come at you in your track Monique Malcolm these are MOV in 2008 [Applause] your sister and then Rebecca in front of Paramore easy and Sophie the girls go back one you know to tell these six girls going to state that I've been a be weak Pharaoh please step forward busy your veterinary disease so me and moniece these six girls alcohol crime division for state units to intervene as individuals when we went to the beach which has thirty nine teams we like okay that's just trying to get in the top six and qualify for the next for the Allstate name let's see if we can make it there so when he was the first one to go into that we detached and Juanita said I'm going she beat anybody know who won the state school [Applause] oh okay because some quantity so then is he steps up she was right I think is he in – mm she was like like 12 something it's like okay easy ways to appear let's go in the holding you can't get on point so on even if you got it in one don't sudden look up and just like on my team and we going to meet looks like be kidding me so and I have apparel but she's like well there's no way I'm not gonna call that these guys are doing she was right by 1200 tomorrow everything on that that she came in the fourth said appear and give us a more point so every last event of meet the girls for went for you over at the 16th we were in the slowest heat and I told the girls you just covered on like him or his any said sprint don't bother well guess what they all men hear us they sprinted they send the school record they came in third overall and as a result of our all the girls did there was we didn't know and then announced he calls up and the meat director who he's pretty serious the six girls Eddie then went into the center and he said home where is the rest of the team and I said this is it because you've got to be kidding this six girls second by only two points in the state so that was pretty [Applause] okay now should be woods okay first team all the stuff corn forget it now the wheelbarrow mony film [Applause] [Applause] it is about album again I like coffee this is cutthroat least weirdest and stuff ecologist normal monster budget my girlfriend your girlfriend it's like it's incredible second tini Sophie Christopher Carol [Applause] in Rebecca Prada okay sponsorship varsity Taylor Fleming this growing discarded it was very difficult because she immediately the first practice and breathing problems she a lot of medical problems but she did not want to leave the team and nothing is harder and not getting to compete and watch all your friends she's been up before news meet Taylor said to managed she was so helpful to me more every single product she just didn't want wherever open I do how can I help every me where what do you need I'll do mother you tell me this if the chairman has really meant a lot for me how much you know me in the team so [Applause] [Applause] and JV sportsmanship Alisa home [Applause] before yourself coaches warned opinions about a lot of girls deserve this but it's one girl from day one I had tell slow down not so far it's okay you know just don't know how about it get head appointment she knew more than you about the TMZ athletes but she's really wonderful from the her she really really wanted to do well not just for herself but after the team and she would compete it's very very difficult our distance puking to do the my life and the tomorrow every single meaning she kept to an inanimate on said Abby if you want to do well further on I gotta stop him to do this question okay okay I'll stop here every single race better and better than that I really got to get you motivated so coaches what is you must have in yellow hair [Applause] [Applause] MVP is really not money when she's going to the school she's new to the whole area and so for her to come on not knowing anybody it put her under 55 my first grace and she just took out on the wall I guess she's a sprinter so then I put her in the 300 she never won any doors before after she ran the race she actually broke remember the first race she won but she has done in Florida and I'm not kidding I thought I would have to take her to the hospital it was pretty scary she don't bend it in used to that kind of error um I was I don't know why she raised her arm again turns up let's go record with 300 and a state champion and it's to Tanner storm all she doesn't morning is a great example for all boys and girls she does her thing she just comes and she works her tail 3 and all the way to doing this okay that's the growth team and oh no jackets are see just chemistry Blake Sophie Christopher and we can deal with [Applause] [Applause] okay wait kids names 92129 great vendor Nicholson Marilyn Carlson Zack you are in this room turbo Jones Jackie Furman will on Ashton Nichols being on her bikini Jeremiah Franco feeding roads James Rose Thomas Watson 10th grade chase come on Anthony in the body are O'Neal gage pond Richard Ramsey spinning Riley Jacob Travers Calvin Warren chase Wiley Dominic umbrella Christian Bhagat a relative Ansari shavon shavon even Dylan in Ellis Tyler Hutchinson chug James Lord here in Norton John Carr Rossini 12th grade Logan Venice Tagum Brown met captain Matt ko ko ko' go next Christopher no Athena Nolan Ellen Captain Thomas Ferguson where my cleaning captain in nursing when the Yemeni Curtis whore Jake pearl Captain John pointees in Jake [Applause] we have 50 boys many more newcomers in Nevada that no Trump report it was pretty neat to have some basketball soccer and baseball players on our team we learn about the stability our export they've bonded very well together and as a team we're very successful was willing to march me like hockey the atonement area if I was on a team but this boys team their hard work and commitment earned them the easy on teen sportsmanship award what you know about [Applause] boys team multiple a bunch of Records for records to be exact if you'd step forward so we can see you are the four 100 relay team of Christian Hagen max Christopher Nolan Ellen and Jade girl family feeling table around Christian dogged Bobby Freeman and Jake Homer [Applause] we can 3mz set the school record from long jump a hill set to merits and the 55 meter hurdles and in the high jump he jumped six seven and I've got to tell you that me it was a do me you've got hundreds bad deeds and when we're done well towards the end the meeting you have packed up to go home and then ones coming up at the end feel like yessir dude still jumping there and it was like her stopped and it was right where our team was who's so excited man children six seven six six and it was in your sights and then it went up in Jonas 270 and it wasn't ever went crazy your son and then everyone crazy it was just the most beautiful thing you'll see will talk over a little bit work but it was the most beautiful thing to see such a great athlete and a great person beyond bye okay now on to Wars first Evo me Matt Cain [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay supports whatever Farsi John the hunters tomahawk those sometimes I need them sometimes I didn't pushing here they're huge do anything and every single day after practicing man thank you very much coach he was honored by I really really enjoyed that much I the home team but he's going to baseball GED Ashton ankles every day now for MVP and coach to one of my determine relevance who is a coach of 40 years in these two individuals the course works for 101 most personal athletes on our team regular man I hit one of the Tucker silence in heaven run went 300 which sets the entity I have placed and coming back – just maybe three or four minutes later free but it's probably one of the easiest awards went to CODIS data to pick it was our key dominated the label and the hurdles and hi John yeah identically to one mother her was by well over sack bridges unbelievable birds you know set books correct both the hike not and and pearls one place division 1 division for I come man place the girls a book great performances up and I I think one thing is it speaks to the character for a vanity on division war boo you know there's 25 big black companies is 25 per second marks on the floor when one man mandating that picked is over and that was after one with you been yeah all extended women he's the one guy that came back and picked it up [Applause] okay I don't know so up next thank you all for coming and up next [Applause] okay I see jackets Christian lobby [Applause] [Applause] no Tina [Applause] [Applause] okay the next day like this one take this opportunity to organize coach folks goalie was just selected as in 2019 MST ta indoor track coaching here [Applause] point out 90 there were 30 which is the biggest costume you've ever had thanks in part to an eighth grade waiver we got this year so we're gonna start out using my teeny a treaters can go inin please hold your applause at the end the in a kiss car and when the plants key Alyssa still freshman admin Bishop Alexia Koloa Alex Lily Frankie Lily Sophia McManus bring Morris Nia Reuben ste sophomores Katy Crowe Emma pikes time t Quran and Delaney Smith junior Isabella al-hassan and in Riccardi and Holly Ruttman and seniors Hannah burnout captain captain Gavin did Olli captain Sarah Coley Katie knee cap and Emily Miller any point corner rank captain Molly Rutland and at renting in Carolina in town [Applause] [Applause] so for both of our boys and girls this season this was a season of perseverance tuna some warm water issues who started our season having to go to the Y an article for me to 9:00 at night practice and these guys just didn't waver they showed up when they were told where they were told and worked hard got under mark for a little bit we can happen this season first meet we placed third at they call real a carnival we then have a big win over our school which was big crusty and Venus last year we took third in the kid rock classic which is all of the cape schools we started off the season for now and then we ran into Bridgewater brain under from Nantucket both finished in the top four in the sectional those were our only two losses finished fourth in the conference championships we have four athletes qualify individually for Section eight [Applause] seniors model Redmond and ganodi Jolie joining down this will relays refreshed in Alexia – Lola cruel highlight section will meet with Delaney finishing seventh and diving in all three of our relationship all five states which last year all three missed by about a quarter or a second so it was this year all three states so those seeing seven girls in run of dissipating states and all three relays Delaney Gabby and Molly also commuted individual states our Bay Colony Commons all-stars are [Applause] Molly Burton Delaney and guaranted holding [Applause] and our sportsmanship award goes to Hannah Bruna Sherlock budget L things been attributed a lot of people and Tom Coughlin's for one if you're not 15 minutes early early and I know as a coach we appreciate it people who not only get there on time I get there early and do the things that aren't asked and we had one summer this year who's always the first one people that I'm gonna pull that before me and then I need immediate there and that sometimes has been about six ten in the morning she was on the cold air she got the pool set up practice or anyone else you got there and that's just a great example to set for the younger swimmers and I wanted to make sure that that didn't go unnoticed so our coaches award goes to Amy our team MVP goes with summer who over the course of four years is from pretty much every event for us she's qualified there sectionals the four of them over the years the 200-300 fly 103 and on her backstroke she always one of the hardest workers in practice never complained about I think they never complained to go but we have our swimming in start of the season with a back injury we have Italy she wouldn't complain about it we had to tell her it's okay we're going to play it out we don't need you to hurt herself here she even swam with three different legs and our mother realized that's three different strokes which shows her versatility so our team MVP this year ended or [Applause] we have to arseny jackets that is teacher rank I just want to thank these barrels for dealing with the pool issues I'm not complaining what evidence some of them were driving from the North Shore up to our civil and some of them were driving artisanal marks will elect me up there but some of them it was a much bigger Drive and they were expecting and they just did [Applause] me to eat ribs Tim Johnson and Jack Montgomery Ethan – Laura Trista Miller will small and John Zeus sophomore Lucien sizer juniors bringing all the Jory crosses top tether in charlie penny black and senior captain Tanner so lately girls the boys had to deal with the pool and driving moslim but that happened at the end of the season was there were more warm water issues and we had to go to sandwich for practice to end their season we kind of started and ended with a lot of driving boys really start season they were five and three overall they also won their first or means lost a close one to radom do that economic I better not we lost a Nantucket it was the invention of self sectional champions and then it can also sandwich one each of the 12 events finish second in the Cape Cod classic for and the big colony conference championships we had one individual qualifier for sectionals mistakes and that was Tim Johnson [Applause] we had four swimmers join him into some relays freshmen John senior for now we had three big colony all-stars the swimming we do our also has a little different from theirs it just ended a lot of dry finish this place neither to qualify for sectionals before we start and then there's a little bit of discussion in p.m. two stores that made it by identification or Dori Carlson and Tim Johnson [Applause] and then the third one and I'll talk a little more about in a little bit but he was the one that I had to kind of present to the D and there wasn't even a question from any of the other coaches and that speaks to what he's done over the last four years sportsmanship award mr. job Zeus a couple other attributes that coaches look for and athletes identity is enthusiasm and selfless attitude and we had one swimmer who had swum when he was younger took some time away from the pool came back last year when we got our eighth grade waiver for the boys and had such a good time and he started so I'm going to get into her club team afterwards his final sprint across summer fall and really approves coming into this season and I think he likes sprinting events but unfortunately as well around a swimmer of a small team we had to have a lot of ice and sickness to make sure they have an extra swimmer so and we told him he was going to be our alternate his face just went up I was so excited and he wanted to do whatever he could help the team so when we went to stay tuned to the next two hour drive at Austin for a 7:30 and they need any made of all of the other boys sandwiches our motors warmers the Tristan Miller [Applause] our MVP summer who really took on a leadership role this year lost a lot of seniors a lot of really good swimmers from Lester's team that came in and did her right from the start he did whatever the team asked him to do if it wasn't his favorite sandwich meat when we knew it was going to be close when we knew we kind of had between every veteran could we asked him soon the 200 I am his you knew he was the only one on the team that could win that race and then just a few minutes later did to come back and someone or butterfly on that as well and that just kind of shows what sacrifice that he would make for this team you know being on all three relays at sectionals the states he member to them our team MVP this year is senior captain Tanner you know – varsity jacket winners Jory Carlson Charlie van [Applause] before we leave this one in first thing John Batson we were faced first day of season with not know more we are going to swim and he did a lot of work under different times always whatever we needed to do five hours this year thank you very much John okay my mother Audrey and Mary Jeanne who wear our storekeepers for every week this year [Applause] to thank all the parents who came in time that means this year it's going to name them all a lot of people didn't get everyone wishing you times and just a thank you to the boys maybe some of the girls you guys just did whatever we have to short over where we asked you when we asked you to and worked hard and for a team of 12 boys there's about half of them that never saw before [Applause]

Highlights- Nauset Winter Sports Awards 2019

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