more and more clear and the destinations the teams and the prize money perhaps as well but every point is vital here is Vashti Cunningham her opening hi World Indoor champion Berlin back in 2016 at the age of 18 she's such a talent yeah no trouble at all for faster Cunningham as you would expect comes from a very very talented family a dad and coach Randall Cunningham was an award-winning American football quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota baby takes him a little more easily than she should she should clear that that'll open the door she's the better my jumper in this competition that should be the one that wins but if the card will be the critical thing so if Buster cunningham here goes clear she goes into number one even though if it were in a lake before and the next night we've got to keep a clean card to win competitions so much time Cunningham then at 1 meter 83 first attempt which would be the first athlete to go clear yes no trouble at all Tony I thought Morgan got too close to the bar on that as that is that stride length getting wrong the other end approaches like that I thought she got up right up under the bar too much you want to be close you really do want to be close the thing is the lean as you took if you imagine your right just takes it towards that at some point when the bar goes up that angle of that path that there is going to coincide with the bar so least a lean and stay away is ratchet I Cunningham jumping a couple about these after lake and cheap pops over as well maintains that lead with her clean card early failures like a tight cunningham also second attempts of 1 meter 93 yeah Morgan Lee guaranteed 2nd place to bear their France outs long ago with the place but Cunningham there goes clear that maintains a very very good card for the American 193 more than likely go out that same height I'm Tony I'm even getting marks out of 10 for a high jump but actually you have to have 10 out of 10 there's no good looking good in the near misses that no 2 just snatching at it to be honest she's not waiting and going vertical for long enough faster coming and gotten over there and technically more sound yeah just she's been solid throughout the competition she gets close she goes up she weighs but this is the experience of somebody's jump $1.99 she said I mean this represents season's best so she's come here as she's producing form at the right time so again try Cunningham she had the competition wants you to asked her to meters and one decided to play around with the heart you can see there she's now she said she's done so at clearance at 1 meter and 96 and Adam first time failure at 1 meter and 99 yes that's an interesting card she went up to come down well

High Jump. Vashti CUNNINGHAM. Athletics World Cup. London (2018)

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