Terry, you can’t always keep things as they
were in your Grandma’s day. If we miss another payment, we’ll have to
close. Huh? WHOAAA! Wha- what is this? It’s just like Grandma’s park. Only… realer. And don’t forget the Candy Floss Cemetery! Oh, thank you… Here comes the Grump! It’s going to get grumpy in here… Mwahahaha. Like any help crossing the street? Thank you very much. …my pleasure… I’m Princess Dawn. And you are? Terry. Brave Terry! No, just Terry. I need to get back home. Can you help me? As soon as you save my Kingdom! Hehe… You must find the crystal key… It is the only way to lift the spell! That thorn in my side must be plucked out. Get em! Do your thing, Brave Terry! …Okay? RUN! All I wanted was to get back home! I don’t understand why you can’t believe in
happily ever after. Let’s put an end to happiness. I can do this! …Maybe not?

HERE COMES THE GRUMP – Trailer – In cinemas August 1
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