that's working let's go home baby we're back to roll and only took me restarting my entire freaking system oh yeah it's all good though we all got a baby we back in it we back in it all right I got to work try to restart my entire PlayStation on that one er so what there's a last guy like he's actually not even trying to go for the helicopter he's just like no chopper here so they're running back and forth to turn on the light teleporting a little bit dude it took me a minute I can't believe how long that took I hope if it goes out again I might have to just call it home I have to just call it on that take it up as a an elf for the night this man nothing nothing worse than being in queue as a world for almost getting in a game and a lagging out on you that is the worst ah that's not that's not my on my speed there I like I like fighting games but that's not what it must be by talking about the DC like the Mortal Kombat version yeah I just queue up two minutes in queue too far I'll discard cancel all right on three one two three got a good Q let's go that's a cute oh wow oh yeah that's uh that's a way to go out man celebrating died on what you love man yeah he was giving them he's giving them all the support that morale boost nah man I encourage that from the lower do it once this game put stab in the fucking emos I'm out of here I'm out here dude we're not playing for a night he starts doing the worm I'm gone so I'm doing the bug in the disco moonwalking I got this place on vlog first enough fucking move oh actually that is supposedly gonna happen for humans if your in-game chat not in party chat you'll be able to have proximity chat for humans so you can choose to say hey friendly friendly we can team up it to get these wolves or you can use it to talk shit which is what most people are gonna do yeah ma yeah you already know the intent of it is for teaming up but yeah that's gonna be fuckin get more extreme sniping you playing the Mario music or something super some super friendly inviting but no death is death is in your way that noise it makes me run into a Pokemon you're going into a duel oh you're walking in the grass I hate to say it some fucked up with YouTube video but I don't like when I saw it I had me in tears it was like places Mario no brah Mario just basically snaps and starts killing all of life across Genesis by platforms so like Sonic goes after like just everything that's cause I'm done with this sheet I'm killing you all kill these motherfuckers he says nah I'm a slayer of gods or Donkey Kong which one I would imagine he Kong instead of King Kong frozen banana he goes up goes up the rear end with a giant banana more oh fuck well I like the Texas oil he knew some potassium if you don't watch Happy Tree Friends that's if you've ever seen that Happy Happy Tree Friends was like the intro to fucked up shit dude for real like you just see a happy little moose going down the street drive and then oh my was that he's got his fucking head chopped off man it's like whoa this is a child's cartoon but turn into some fucked up shit man it's the music's all light and then all of a sudden it turns into like wow like scary music and he's fucking the douche yeah dude where the fuck did that even come from where's that bar at that movie makes you question so much it makes me question like suppose are you sure you always look what's your secret but what are you using to expand your thinking yeah the fucking the deformities of the hot dog bun and the hot dog they met up and they were like the perfect match that fucked up squished up bun and then the fat wiener that nobody wants and then when when they got bought and they actually realized like they're killing us I saw that shit in the movie theater dude that was a laugh before you bought her in there but she was so fun well he was she was growing up damn she's yakking all over him was she drunk or was she just sensitive to the movie oh my god oh yeah yeah you're fucked if you if you do that you're getting laughed at I went on just fucking Bob just had hella hard ranch straightening to the table dumbass come on inside kennel yeah come on kennel come on Savannah get in here press l1 and see if we're on the same team here Sam not bomb I was a good old beer burp there okay let's go we're on the same game okay that's alright werewolf's still fun with or without teammates yeah that's the good thing about it the only thing wrong damn dude that sucks though I'm not definitely people aren't gonna come back after my stream drops twice shit that sucks man i bum me out good try – holy moly I was a close one a good we got a homie over here close by he's right here sneaking up on him he sees you but it doesn't see me oh sure did he disclose him self there's two room he's gonna think that the wolf sedative special ability to clone himself or some before on them let's transform now oh yeah see this body real quick guys give me an order to eat in the sky yeah oh here's somebody was that in here no I was up here thank okay we're by the plane yeah the airplane dang it it's gonna take my second and that's food for Chozen I just won top time something light shut it down let's get full off the slats body right here and I'm done eating food until I get hurt again that is the right attack yeah I can show you that one no it's pretty sweet actually yeah yeah you gotta set him up right here dude on this guy right here stand far away from press you're right move okay here I'll distract him don't don't do it don't eat him he other bodies real quick yeah yeah relax I've got a shot with that oh yeah yeah uh-huh do it again do it again slit yourself out where's that other guy did you feel up your meter okay I guess go ahead and yeah a real one gonna need this guy here yeah yeah it's got to happen oh I totally sold it still a buddy you're gonna press that button the right arrow and then you're gonna press don't do it now obviously but wait to see somebody and then just press the right arrow and then l2 when you're off when you're near somebody it'll lock on to them and then you can press r2 and it'll attack them it launches them launches you towards them it's like a 100 percent hit yeah yeah DV you can get right up next to him the movement speed is like the fast here you've actually got right here on this drop if you want to I'll distract them and then you do the move there he's got silver bullets you missed it you used it okay yeah see it goes to where they were last sometimes so they can't miss yeah I missed there as well so I don't understand why he wasn't using his silver bullets from what I heard that's gonna be the sent ability or you can track humans supposedly there's gonna be a sent ability that's updated into the game eventually when I don't know but it's just something that they're gonna there's a guy east if you want to go ahead and run towards there on the way donto let's get this money hell that relight satellites they're still there if not I would suggest running towards 300 okay yeah yeah how do I do this full sound or what full set that's a bit late you're not saying I guess you got to show them that out that werewolf combo wombo head with it Wow all you going after the next one here stand out this window real quick don't even need that body yet this camera real quick oh yeah finish them off stand right next to us window all right cool oh he barely got away lucky bastard he's gone oh that's not good looking he's gone back inside I'm out of the window dude where are you going here don't hit him just just scare him I think he's actually like sweating right now he's like holy shit they're right behind me they're not I'm getting away I'm getting away oh no there's no window there bud to safety dude you got me dude yeah that's goal dude shoot man this is Gigi unless they were like on the other side of the map and they call the helicopter yeah but we have we have two minutes three minutes two let's even gonna happen so they've got quite a bit of time to have to heal and turn on the heat if they snitch on themselves that's done for this arrived dude they better be sticking to campfires and barrels I mean I wouldn't even doubt it if they're over here past Northwest this back-back wooded area I'm thinking they're over here for sure it's worth a shot worth looking for it see yeah that's the airdrop oh wait the campfire that's the last year he's gonna cry and getting a glitch spot and then we're just gonna hit him hit him hit him again hit him again hit him again again two more I think he's dead one more you got a head I'm gonna stop with the meting up yeah GG good fucking try human they think they're safe man I like that false sense of a safeness that they have I'm gonna get away from you nah you're done dude back to the lobby how about 1,600 colons I am not to spend it on just save it up on I only have way dude I've already gone through like 15,000 coins man are you like 3,000 a day one I want human let's see are you're gonna get off after this alright werewolf then okay all right on three one two three yeah then I have an invite system and then even when they do bring the invite system to the game it's not gonna be for werewolf's so we're still gonna have to see do the one two three yeah honestly I'm not sure how I feel about the whole werewolf teaming up deal because having having two right next to each other is really unmotivated I've done it before but three together in my game there's like three yeah yeah it's done did I can't believe I bought pizza I forgot that I bought it and I didn't even eat it now it's all cold I'm about two 16-inch pizzas and I did me anything yet it's been like I picked it up at 6:30 it's now 12 o'clock that sucks that's what ovens are for yeah they have that werewolf is so fucking terrified man yeah asking the death hey what the heck I love I love that cobbler you showed that cop because it stands up to doing anything look like that they just stop I wonder is that a stab a person through their life chances that yes there is like two seconds of invincibility frames on that deal oh yeah dude that's that's what you want them to shoot you with the Silver's man the inexperienced person will always waste ammo on that that's what yeah the haole here in the game is uh that has no meaning to it it's just in-game noise unfortunately I think it should be a something you can do to slowly like gain your your meter there like make it worth Jack Jack nothing but still you should be able to how you shouldn't you should not be able to house a werewolf man you got to be able to and as a must-have if that's not the first email that they do I don't know what they're doing like they need they need they need to come out with that on on top for sure I don't even care if it doesn't give me anything do you guys want to howl after a kill just yeah I'll feel the power do I want you to take their body their body's basically a grenade that's it no but so honestly I've been doing some brainstorming they really need to come out with like a bear traps that you could the humans can use it keep coming just like the the crate or whatever but they need to come with something where it slows the werewolf down when you're running so you could get away or something because there's a lot of movements beating that yeah exactly view there's too much movement speed for a werewolf humans out in the open are aren't are just done there's a couple spots where you can be invincible and when they know those once I just leave them be there's no point in even trying all this camp them out because the colds get them to them not me I got my fur Oh David all of the other people win we can play that game man I'm loving the Exim square at the same time man – it's fun that force walking over there she was hilarious I'll be sad if they take that away fucking splits I hear damn 8 minutes were rolling brother we are rolling stroller it goes hit or miss you know it's really situational depending on how many players are getting frickin in their parties and whatnot and if they back out it's gonna it's gonna start another game and yeah it just really depends on how many people are human to cycle through the werewolf yeah because if you think about it during that entire time we're waiting three worlds are constantly getting thrown in games we're probably like 100 and Q or whatever maybe more even like 500 and Q and they're just spitting through Q all the whole time but like right now let's see we got 23 people somebody already quit before they the game even started now I have another person who quit which means that at least one more person is going to quit unless it was just two people trying play together that's not bad 22 people ain't bad that's as a good lobby Wow everybody spawned West the west side of the map not one person coming to me thankfully I'll land right next to me what if they got a run outside I want them to run inside yeah yeah go inside nice that's good luck oh I got a trophy too first come first I had to reload that feels bad back to the lobby GG no re all right enough with the toxicity it's all fun a game so fond of games we're at trauma all right filling up if you eat now it still goes towards your rewards as a werewolf this in case you're wondering Hey look I got a little so yeah he'll spawn and having that ability now the left one hell you might even have the right one depending on how many bodies hey I'm a but takes a while with those ones player buddies are worth way more like four times as much more unfortunately even if you have 100% stamina turning into a werewolf it always gives you zero stamina when you're turning it sucks a big one alright see people hired on me oops I don't know how good the golden history once ah camping this guy out you feel safe do you think again brother my claws are longer since I'm the alpha wolf no false cosmetically yes but in the in the sense that has more range now yeah technically I have a smaller head box if you think about it the Red Wolf is more slender so if they do have a accurate hitbox then yeah I am a little bit smaller so if you want to think about it as as as such it is paid away I have like a 1 percent less smaller a box than you for the low price of 160 dollars you too can have 1 percent less hit reduction on you for the low price of $160 you too can have jack-shit and be happy about it I see you I see you I see dead people some without that quarters from the shining Ellen scared the shit out of me when I was a kid you sat under the table hiding under the friggin tablecloth I was like oh shit man no ice to be a puss when it came to now you'd see him Nick it will show a thing once they spawn in if they quit you see if people quit or you say felt like five six gold in the road there was all like I did sometimes the game just throws it at you says you're again streamer Lou buddy all you need is a cold shotgun on a gold sniper and I don't I got 27 silver bowls yeah a few run I guess in here if you hear me getting shot I don't know if you here we get shot at but will you not learn I am all-powerful I heard inner I gave you the full Volvo combo to to to detect agility gonna work on that hack but that work on that I hacked our gaming now we're gaming now but Organa hi these plays that was definitely a play whether or not as beast I will let that be up to you you be the judge yeah yeah for shows and yeah just hop into my lobby man it's always golf Wang it's always my party man just a one brother if you see coughing it's my party and if it's not my party you tell them to change their party name say no that's my homies party name you ain't like that I heard them my harem they shoot right now they shoot make it bounce on them oh all right I'll go on bro and it's Ewing here see you later buddy oh yeah say come on bro come on Bo why'd you kill me let's post up and wait for the inevitable calling of the helicopter again say unless they snatch it themselves out I'll be a treat did I gotta go to the restroom I've been drinking I haven't gone to the bathroom yeah once I go I'm gonna have to fucking go though I have to piss like a racehorse right man damn let me get up there now you can sprint up there you don't even have to use the jump but you can get out to the other house with the Joan god damn it boy mmm that's my Hank Hill so propane and propane accessories that's honestly how it usually goes when I play werewolf like what I'm human the werewolves are constantly dying but then once I'm werewolf not even the enemies don't not even my werewolf friends die I never kew with that werewolf's man they're always fucking sweats just fucking kill and I'm dude I'm sure this guy's got like 10 kills right now I've seen his name in the chat like so many times derelict soul yeah he's been getting fucking hello kills right now dude I tell them don't light a fire bra like the creep off the Great Wall yeah you can actually walk silently as well it's better to use the jump though the jump ones way more OPD even if you mess up one single footstep they're not gonna expect that to be running out on full fucking speed let alone jump boom speed fuck man that's on another level now bye-bye you run down there now down you got uh you full-on your abilities if you haven't fought like you're gonna get this up real quick she ever already eaten I already hate that dude don't eat that food do it bro Sookie do it to it damn dude I honestly blows at some one say so many but I have five people in here okay yeah I can't get over that that's bomb at me yeah I'm starting doing anything yeah yeah wolf you big bad wolf big bad wolf oh here yeah he's over here the hallways killing him I'm gonna take his girl yeah yeah yeah yeah bow this heal I mean did you see me literally in front of if if this is you okay and I think our teammate just quit Oh Sprint's dude Sprint's you got a goal that a defense gotta be fast not sure expecting will ever be in the update I think a respawn ability like every other fucking game house would be pretty sweet how apex does it where you can pick up your tag yeah pick up your homies tag under this fucking revive them make them come back with a little bit minimally yeah it's just about to pick apparently I hit him but it didn't work out so I made it I made it I made time like I made it in time it just didn't count you playing one more okay all right on three one one okay edit Blue Spring and then your mic if you're going to eat chips please I've said yeah yeah yeah me Mike yeah for sure alright yep good let's go are you playing so are you gonna get off ok I on three one two three yeah yeah but it gives me time to chill I like that it's definitely not something that you want to stream I've noticed that but if it's the homies they're always chillin we usually just vibe been talking in the chat yeah I like play human for sure if you're trying to appeal to the main crowd but I'm one of those people that doesn't really doesn't really care I care about my viewers but I don't care about the the game I'm playing like if I'm playing a game you're watching me to watch me play the game so yeah I mean I encourage them I say go watch another youtube video and then come back in about ten minutes and I should be in a game sometimes they leave sometimes they come back I'm like hell yeah we are let's get this bread oh no I never get like 200 views are consistently I've gotten ten views before where people ten people were watching me but I think the most was eleven and that was for like a brief second it was like eleven and then it went down it's already left so but ten people consistently watching I'm not gonna lie no I'm not gonna lie no I've already ever I've already done the whole grinding 200 wins or whatever I did grinding to alpha wolf and then once I finished off wolf and now I have the playing as alpha wolf accumulatively if you count both human and werewolf I have way more werewolf wins that I have human wins I have yeah yeah about my chili yeah but if they were to ever come out with a stat tracker then I would get called out and I'm not trying to be called out for lying I'm not bad enough at this game that I have to lie yeah I'm not too worried about views but if people click on the stream Valley idea oh yeah and if they're new players too I've had like five people download this game you don't have 25 right now we're chillin that's a good number for me there's there's no way that you're gonna get 10,000 from just live shooting from your PlayStation nah you have tits and you any fuckin I'm not gonna theme though that's the thing this game now I'm a sweat on apex and Call of Duty I used to be Master League on black ops 2 ranked play yeah I was a sweat dude bro I'm a fuckin sweat you all I promise you it's not it's not even in a competition if you have remastered I want to be one you want for the one time dude yeah with me with m40a3 in my hand I've been playing with that 48 3-4 going on like 10 years dude you don't you don't want no smoke you don't want no smoke talk about use your head peel back whew well for was it go love cat pullback whoo I don't even have to see you bro I will kill you as you spawn like I'm to the extent where if you if you press square right as you get killed and you don't watch the kill cam I'm already aimed in that way you're gonna spawn next and kill you yeah like it's it's not even fair on on Nuketown I can kill you rust I can kill you shipment I can kill you like yeah bro did it's no it's no contest I ruin games for people you don't know how to talk about I make it not fun I can I can show you screen shots that people thinking that I'm hacking on this game they reported me because they thought that I was acting I'm telling you bro it's like I hear what you're saying but I'm it's going in one ear and out the other you you don't want these problems you don't want them need a massage right now you just don't want I'm telling you brother you're gonna get a hitmarker and I'm just gonna no scovia we give you that that serger is freaking you know who that is if you know serger is is you're an OG yo you remember who's or is is oh my god bro the Seeger is no scope bro bro that's a throwback I haven't says here is in years that just popped into my head bro honestly like I really missed I really missed that fucking those times man shitty ass Bluetooth mics fucking terrible voice chat oh man just give me all the toxicity back I need it if your mom wasn't mentioned in the chat oh my god oh yeah I fucking love Call of Duty for man I hate black ops whatever habit I'm disgusting that blackout if you guys need help on blackout bro I can cover you I will carry you to a win just makes make sure I have the coschka if I have to coach good bro I'm dropping at least 13 kills dude no halo I'm good at that too you can think that a lot I'll let you think that well you have that meant to win but I'm I'm a force to be reckoned with on video games Mortal Kombat I will probably ruin the game for you yeah that's what combo breakers for I know Jason like to the frames I can I can finish like flawless victory you might you might have a fucking shot on on a street fighter because I don't play Street Fighter but you give me like two days I'll learn one character and I'll destroy you I guarantee it I guarantee it did I guarantee yeah you don't know how how like determined I am to destroy people like tell me tell me I won't tell me I won't tell me I won't press X no I'll make light work of it man you don't even have a weapon right now I feels bad man yeah you didn't even yeah you didn't even pick up an axe bro yeah waste your ammo buddy we didn't get you I just noticed we didn't get drunk yeah yeah I didn't notice either I kind of thought I just assumed that we got in the same game least you don't have to to compete you're kind of glitch yeah you keep eating shit it's kind of annoying yeah I don't know get away from me get away from me it's loud yeah yeah I don't like it unless it gets fixed I don't know how it's gonna get fixed but I mean maybe I might work I don't have to happen I've never even seen that question for but it's just yeah you're in the eating animation I can hear you still you're near me yeah you're just fucking eating he looks you look weird dude like you're just crawling around like Han know when you go right back to eating what the hell the fuck's wrong with that dude I'm high what the heck I just got like really hot for a second I got I got a heat wave in my house if I goes like a hundred degrees for a minute there shit if you think shoot I have to be careful when I say let's go or some weight trigger shit well happens less our spawn toast or what oh fuck we'll find out here a minute I am fucking uh find out eh that's it I wish there was a way to like push my my stream to people play this game that's not for everybody that's for sure no I mean there's people who don't like this game which is understandable always gonna like it it's people who late apex people that only fortnight oh yeah one character oh yeah I bet you I can figure out a combo that'll just keep you did no I I don't even care if the attacks are fast like Jason on Mortal Kombat is a slow character but his damage is just disgusting not necessarily I mean in a way but you come back with barely any house it's very situational and if the other person is good then how hello all right let's get this Brad Dean let's get this fucking bread going for I'm about to finish this fuckin tallboy she done she done almost got about five more minutes at her no try again if you up and then with that one – yeah I thought it was something sweet yeah they spend that money on a phone I don't know man doesn't matter clicking I could master Mario if I wanted to it's not 3d I don't know what Mario you're playing it's a platformer game a side-to-side – Laura 3dn it's recently a 3d game but it's not it's mainly known as a 2d game they have a 3d version that's not what Mario is by any means it's a 2d platformer game it is that's like saying this game is 2d though this is 3d I'm just saying Mario is definitely not it is now a 3d game but that's just like a a spin on it traditionally it's not yeah cuz you might have grown up with the newer versions but as far as I go I'm I'm used to the old-school just left and right obviously off to jump but still left and right is the main movement why it was definitely not easy yeah but that's the same exact thing in small comma I don't know yeah that's me man I don't know what that is oh man dude I got the all-seeing eye I don't need whatever eye you got dude my power level is over 9000 total total okay even 20 people within continued to gain you can do to give in to cute – did it – didn't it be ready now Call of Duty mainstream yeah said what oh no I don't get mad if I die once I get mad if like that a couple times the same person but if I die six times in a row then there's something wrong with me for sure I don't die six times in a row most of time I don't even die six times in a game dude trying to find the last guy to today over over here movement speed level 1000 do I went into the game files and updated my move my update to today now I have a super fast werewolf I'm playing I just use the mechanics provided he said well I was gone down one more time what's that nah hmm I really don't I watched the I watched the attack on Titan series and then I watched the Death Note which was pretty cool but I never watched Naruto or Dragonball Z or yeah and none of those I watched Pokemon and you you those are animes but that's just my extent of anime that's as far as I went was yugioh and Pokemon technically I mean it is an anime it's just a very very english dubbed anime yeah that's my bad I just liked it for the card game on us there I played it more than I actually watched it pretty sure they did what was taken their price though coming out with them that like makes a lot of noise will you meet them I don't know why Mike's do that and it's actually a very interesting why they make that noise when you meet it no no it's just a loud noise but mine doesn't make that noise it's silent no my wife doesn't make a noise see like look I'm meeting her right now yeah exactly yeah it makes no sense but you can't hear ya that clicking noise and then it makes that staticky noise right there that's terrible I hate that most mics do that is fucked I do not like that noise little bit a little bit not too bad something like that let's see if I even have anybody here nah all right thinking about calling it here I don't know I hate you – me saying you're getting off you can just tell me that we're in the voice chat still all right well Sierra yeah yeah all right let's see shoot you know what I don't even know let's see I'm gonna go to human and pop in the game chat there we go queue up as a human get that line going oh dear as I join a I was a pest circle rather your yo yo yo yo yo yo doo doo doo doo did you do oops I did not mean to do that shoot I don't want to go Korean Korean put on already run to the plane that was all bad have you guys got a mic probably in-game chat a party chat it's all good oh good leave it a take a watch that have the legendary stuff in it it's all good a headshot your brother who they're my new target this guy is now that one enemy number one I already number one oh yeah everything we needed right there brother honestly legendary sniper rifle medkit Silver's that's all good yeah oops if you had a microphone you could tell me that you were down I wouldn't have to notice that you were down no you're dropping frames hardcore duty today damn dude I gotta eat all my apples man there's no way in hell you would have stopped for those unless I was stopping for I know for a fact if you see a homie picking a bush go find another tree man there's only nine okay we're gonna tie to the glitch I guess yeah and of course had somebody watching me do that I'm not sick Santa bumped me out alright let's get into another one turn that around turn that around a little quick I'm not trying to play with these guys we talk with competent players there we go now we got a team hey man just like my second time playing this shit stop downloaded I know swell spell alright alright so you know a little bit but you don't know everything right alright fair enough fair enough you got different clothes on least you were smart and you didn't choose the orange stuff my orange shit sticks out like a sore thumb brother well why did you want that shit yeah exactly she wasn't camouflage that's for sure I will go ahead and jump over on the cargo cargo shit our yard each other for no worries yeah yeah I gotta hand them a biz yeah my frame stop dropping and we'll get these headshots coming too you know punch punch so is this Asya damn he had the juice yeah a level three chess player he was gaming I need ammo y'all stop grabbing em oh here you go just some ham all right here I'm on a win by the way I'm assuming here the red one right big pop Hakeem that was me killing a werewolf right there if you have another one on you can take them down real quick I said I like that big Papa Keane died but I had to do what I had to do to win you know sometimes you gotta let your teammates die it's unfortunate but it's just the way she goes well if you want to make your way over here I got some stuff Square – and then the pistol obviously so you have three you're right but the pistol is always in your inventory whether or not you have ammo for it is the difference we're going to random loot box here always check those I want to fight him right now not right here okay actually yeah go ahead and fight him up lets me shoot in the werewolf might die here let's see oh wait I actually got them that off now unfortunate I actually got killed easy though I sing with a cool count and probably one more on this more people join the party I get bored playing by myself if any of you guys want to play as me uh for sure send me a friend request unless I know you already just send me an invite because starting to get a little bored playing by myself if you I wanted to play if not that's cool but I'm starting to get a little on the board side scheme is definitely more fun with people on your team today today – derivative the utility to charity still on that grind though even though even though we got everything we want what is anticipating new items that are gonna be cool well you know like what 2,000 gold right now sucks man feel poor at 10 K and I expect at all I spent at all did you do – did you do I ended up spending it all drop in here cuz there's two chests right next to each other or at least usually I jumped a little bit early she'll see that's one for some reason swapped the a even though I had only one gun that's pretty strange I don't know if abs caught that glitch this just then we're gonna cancel I reload because I'm hoping to get ooh maybe we go ahead and reload a can save this guy that sounds like a plan oh I don't know the green one had 30 our game come on buddy Aya's on a sprint does he man that feels a tough eight-minute queue for that chichi I saved you I don't know what you're shooting at me for like you do not want to shoot out a guy who just killed a werewolf like that hey Bucky oh you're gonna give me that sniper and the Emily you have Hopi but Elfie Dodge I encouraged three of you to come after me yeah focus on me when there's a human when there's a werewolf for sure right where we'll finish him off whoa chill buddy telling you sure you don't want these problems bro and the humans still fighting me wrong what I like what alright Oh back and get that uh that's time for a real quick on the one time Oh Gigi ten percent if he doesn't kill me the werewolf fool quit following me fucking jaga loon oh my god a for effort I just forgot to pick up that car I really needed that let's see shoot oh we got nobody here right now I might call it I might call it I don't feel the pressure of streaming right now we can get off tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu ferret that that let's see what the community is all about right now the community has anything poppin I'll go up in there but I'm thinking it's a day here on this guy 32 to delta T to do duty to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to nobody's playing okay that's that's wild nobody's even had a party throwing this one I will see yo what's up guys hi there you guys are playing I don't even think right oh you're already playing I go are you gonna kill his werewolf again well yeah I mean I'll play he-man or werewolf 67 or so roughly how are you it's not bad though that's respectable it's not noise is that is that your Mike something's Mike's making a weird noise kind of like how an old TV makes noise Oh brings back bad memory so when I had a haunted house TV would turn on and make that noise spooky spooky d players came often already is it's like your first couple days playing okay I'm on the same boat then I've been playing for about a week we can week in a day we gonna happen yeah oh yeah I love apex man that's my go-to I played that for a long time I'm like level 175 on my other account i grind when i grind what if I always watching hope oh I think that's just me okay you go Eva in the stream where as I pop in I see orders our shoes yeah increments yeah yeah I use the fast travel mechanic most the time that all right I have the power armor I wish I hit show you I would definitely live stream that game on my old account I am level like 150 something 148 if I remember correctly and I had so much material dude yeah yeah dude you just duplicate all the gold all the armor is it metal the steel yeah yeah all the materials that you need for like upgrades and such exactly dude dude what games do you have that isn't don't even think you know my games how'd I do that okay let me just let me test this out I've never done such thing so every always tells me what game I play I'm like how do you know games I play yeah I don't have any games on this account played at least I have games on my console that aren't played this is not public you don't you don't show people your games yeah no you got me beat on that one there do you play Apex dauntless Call of Duty 4 remastered black ops for oh I would be a that's the long download that house gonna sell you wanna play some zombies I'm good at zombies see I do die I played some leagues I'll be like zombies games I'm fucking my caps 3d props to I lived on zombie student I had the world right here for a minute all right black yeah I had the skull and crossbones with a double shot gun and the the lit up eyes bro dude I was nasty with it I would not go down I have like 8000 kills and zero downs bro if I went down one side turn off my system yeah I was one of those guys I was like photos I would make it a warning I'd be like if I go down the game's gonna end for you guys so definitely don't start reading off some names I got titanfall to fucking like I sexually read up multi player World War Z oh yeah I should get into some GTA dude I heard it's 15 bucks I wanna stay for buying it do you think I should never clean next gen i only played ps3 version and on the ps3 i had like millions of millions of dollars to its already dude they I don't like the grain I so I quit playing it it was just boring I play it just play it for the races TJ's racing is likes Oh sick honestly dude hold on I if you have a debit downloaded okay days maybe then I'll say I'll think about it at some point maybe I'll get it it's on sale till the 28th I believe so would you not give Borland's for free not borderline so I have more advanced I forgot the name that off I have less equal as well the old man's got days gone in I actually missed out on Conan you should have got I wish she would have gotten got were three I played God war two but I never got into it yeah yeah something I never got in two hundred percent unfortunately paid for he was actually a pretty cool game once you get you some mechanics payday 2 is us on my plate I do like the robbing of banks well it's like that's why I really want to get back into GTX if you have a full squad that knows what they're doing you can bank bringing down those heists like nothing but you need teamwork for sure I don't like payday how you search it pretty cool GG a heist there's only a few of them and they're like kind of boring shit and a little bit like I can see where you come from Heights are definitely way more perfected yeah they're like I mean the only problem with paydays there's nothing else and you're fucking the money on except other than the masks yeah Walt anticipated boring but other than that for seven days I UFC the FC undisputed oh no just UFC the first thing about the UFC Undisputed s for ps3 whoops mm-hmm is that the 2009 yeah I believe so 2009 one back in the day this this UFC that I'm playing right now is just like it I don't I heard threes a little weird lately I really didn't like this battlefield for spider-man can hear me yeah my dad was loud fucking where is I have so many fucking games stupid I've been collecting like I am a collector killing for to fucking the hit man Far Cry 3 that's a badass game you're gonna play a far cry games play Far Cry please I played Far Cry I used to smack on some Far Cry I fucking hated the new one when I didn't have any internet for a while that was definitely the game to play bro Far Cry is definitely a go-to same as um shoot I can't remember what it was this one zombie game that had parkour mixed into it dying light bro that's a game I beat that twice oh yeah just pretty much one shot right and then when you get those at developer sword I think it's pretty fun to use it's on this rock they had to press square bunch and open it and then you get the blueprint to make it and it cost like so much whatever resources but it's one of the strongest weapons for honor you get that I do not I was free to yeah I stopped playing games burp out a four month five month span so I missed out on a lot of good games and I wasted my PlayStation Plus for not playing but it's all good I needed the break I just jump on you know I my playstation gathered dust dude like I was not playing my TV was dusty I had to actually clean up everything when I hop back on no I actually had like a somewhat of like a breakdown I wanted to get everything back on track so I was I was really in that video game mood I guess I can feel you I had like a like fuckin saamiya for like two three months he couldn't sleep at all yeah that's how I was I couldn't sleep wasn't really hungry munch and then I just went through this like booty phase it was it wasn't good but I'm out of it now the booty phase yeah shit that's all my games man I got heart yeah I'm talking games with you besides fucking don't even think getting to the point where I'm getting burnout yeah it's getting to the point where I'm I'm not trying to brag or anything but I'm getting to good like you yeah even though even though I'm dying like I just dying doesn't even bother me cuz I'm just gonna hop in another game and kill more werewolves like yeah play it for like a couple hours that's what I've been doing you know I just play for a little while whenever I feel like it yeah now that I have no goal like I don't have the challenges anymore for like trophies and whatnot I'm in that dead zone where I was on apex cuz on apex I had done everything everything that was for me to do and then I got bored of it quit playing it and then now there's a rank system there's never gonna not be a reason to put it because ranked you're just probably somewhere no matter what you do there's always more to do okay like one of them games it's never-ending it's called arc oh yeah yeah yeah I've seen gameplay on arc you never in if you would have everyone still give shit if you're interested in seeing I don't know if my homies gonna stream it anymore but uh his name's Bank flank on twitch um he's a really good streamer though for sure he's worth watching yeah I really have to watch it oh okay alright I feel like and why would i watch a stream when i just go play the game true but I mean I want one I'm chilling I can see some shit I kind of want to watch to start watching that doctor disrespect dude he seems pretty funny he's entertaining I feel like I should do that one first kinda you should watch if you don't watch is uh oh yeah dude I'm drinking right now so like I was drinking fucking two days ago I drink too much drink too much but I drink I'd Apple I'd say you put the weed in the coconut and shake it all up that's definitely not the lyrics but you definitely gonna put the reading something and that's for sure but the weed is something that gets fucking smoky Yukie bu you got the little weed pen Kenny pancake yeah yeah yeah the carts I call carts yo I got my buddy one of them and they are NAR Stevie 90% 99% those things are freaking ASD especially when you get the fucking throw aways once I already have the battery on them I just have a little battery for it cause more if you get the the ones with the battery already on them but it's just way more convenient there's by one of those pull it off the pack and you're ready to go like if you're going on a hike or something and you don't want to carry around your battery to worry about it being charged or anything I think that's just enough charge for a full 0.5 gram it's like 30 bucks but if you were to buy a full gram of of just the car it's like 15 20 bucks so it's better to just get the batteries on a side and then the full gram but like I was saying you're paying for the convenience right I you know like everyday yeah so I mean if you if you got the battery already then might as well just stick with it yeah it's way more cost-effective doing that so good on ya yeah we didn't like way too big oh yeah no he definitely can't be smoke on that like it's a bowl it's definitely a one year and then sit and see how you feel and then it's not enough then go back for some seconds but don't just puff on my you be fuckin cheese roll even know what Cheech the feels like anymore maybe that cheese oh jeez you're choked I'm used to it bro I'm gonna smoking like a crackhead forever ha ha I feel that there's some strawberry lemonade shit right now secure this fucking wind come on baby I have people shooting at me right now I guess a lot of people have been so nice having a dance is good shit to fall out 76 my dad plays that he has got nothing but complaints for that game like he has fun but it's there's lots of stuff wrong with that game except well I bought it when it first came and I was like do you fall out dude I was a big fan fall for a new Vegas fuck I was doing I'm just putting random points in the shit and like yeah yeah yeah nah it's a complete fault 3d I kind of had more RPG and build knowledge exactly before I just call a duty where I only took my gun and shoot this dude yeah baby I call of duty I had over the fucking my her – yeah dunno I was I was fucking people are force to be reckoned with the yeah I'm a game in the 44 Magnum bro Street sniping people across the map I'm not even fucking joking snipe a bitch in the head across the map on hardcore and he's fucking dead no matter where you come on like it's way too much that list of tackling client haha yeah nice tool of attack knife i mismo afraid to why did they have to lower one dude mower for two is so much better hmm why don't offer remastered was kind of like a to prove their remastered skills i believe that's on our older game like og og so if they can read master that anything yeah I really broke them out of their show cuz calm duty to was good I remember Call of Duty 3 too much but called ubi to was pretty insane on PC and I definitely got a lot of people playing it see dude I would love to get a PC I need a fucking I need some brand new rims more than I need that I'd rather have I'd really get a bike you know yeah yeah yeah sir I need that cert on my license hmm I don't have yeah I'm certified to ride a bike I think you just got to get one in practice a little bit with it on the parking lot a little bit yeah well they have to have a two-week course that you do and you have to do yeah you got me of course yeah I didn't know that I thought you could just get one nah sorry you know how to ride a dirt bike you told the class we release it real slowly going on and shit hell yeah this guy knows this guy knows the word is spreading the the homie that I'm playing with her here knows how to hit the guy out of the spot one spot up in the roof if you are jumping hit yeah if they're on the roof and prone in that corner oh yeah he's hitting them you ever play warfare no I heard that's good though yeah it's pretty cool I mean worth a download I I played the shit out of it but I got bored with it guess I could try it again yeah I did like it when I played it I just got bored because it's kind of repetitive all right so it's a really good all right good in moderation I forgot I toasted up some pizza I'm hungry dude oh shit yeah I got shit in the other green it's probably go do that oh yeah I check on it real quick burn the shit let's hope not damn I'm not real that I'm hungry I haven't eaten and I don't even know how long it's been I can't remember the last time I ate that's probably not fair it's been a minute dude it's definitely been a minute that is not a lie how many minutes I'm not sure probably quite a few quite a few I'm sure especially if I'm feeling this way I don't eat I will know yeah I'm a fucking miserable cuss if I'm not if I haven't eaten I cannot hang see I do I like my job but it sucks I don't make a lot of money but I gotta start somewhere oh yeah then watching shit on my phone like not doing shit it's kind of nice getting paid doing nothing ain't that the truth you know if you take a shit at work like on a consistent basis you ain't have getting paid like was it a hundred hours a year just a shit see dude I saved that for like jobs that someone was actually like looking at me you know what I mean Wow what are you gonna say no I've actually had a blast me not on my time really all right well you're gonna have to clean up this shit pile that I'm leaving in the corner honestly like that if they don't let me go to the bathroom I'm just going to I'm gonna go wherever and they can they can handle it figure out something white if they figure out how I'm gonna scoop it up I'll just wipe it along your nice conveyer belt here yeah right wipe it all over your nice hardwood floor is the you just installed this fucked up part at home like do the fucked up part about that is they're just gonna pay someone else to cleaned up not even they're probably gonna try and make you do it and at that point you just say I'm gonna quit quit that's when you quit I've seen leaving with it you fucking shit there and you leave take your shit and you get out well leave your shit your actual shit but take your tools and stuff Yeah right yeah trying to point you freaking choose dude shit in the sink dude I remember so we actually do that in my high school fucking shot right in this thing I was like how the hell do you like have the confidence to just shit in the sink real quick what if somebody would have walked in dude who's probably like skipping class for sure was skipping class he had fucking stoned and shapes like dude this is so funny then they're like you know I'd be funny dude take your shit in the fucking sink yeah dude you see some fucked up shit that's one guy he was fucking with one of these kids and then another guy had caught wind of it and fucking stole his hat threw it in the toilet bowl shat in it and then took a picture and spread it around on the like the group chat that the school had and it was the meme called shat in the Hat yeah and you could it was like a guy who always wearing a hat he knew it was his hat that was super funny I just had a survivor quit the game run his ever run into the house I was pretty cool you know not there's like four people left and it's like dawn it's ready to leave any Louie quit you're just like yeah we're gonna call it here it was a good run at least we tried boys and we got in here nobody I know I think yeah easy boy you ever played that game of war face it's like a shooter game it's for you wait I played it we only give it a check out man see what it's about see what it's about they should be escaping sometimes dude I'm not really sure three people left three werewolf's I don't see the other werewolf so hopefully there ah damn I hear one of Dumbledore frame recruits you try that again yeah change anything I got a homey place water for him a lot if you want to keep all the fight warframe with he's pretty good like very knowledgeable about warframe I mean I know a good bit about the game promise I'm not like super in depth on like every single fucking word for an aspect of it yeah versus new sheiks I know a lot of the new warframe do some crazy shit oh sure probably huh always when new content comes out it's like a whole new game the meta changes that's some of getting pissed off now Kony and on dude and play Conan come back like kilos later in the game's completely you know like it's not where you used to be yeah the stuff that you are used to using isn't really as useful anymore all righty where are we going I'm dating a boyfriend you got big used to be only like 10 gigs now it's 36 Oh baby I got one player left hopefully a that guys killing them and we can skedaddle yeah sure yeah I got anybody at my stream I might call it turn it off just play some other games I'm not sure if I ever want to stream another game I love you yeah but I don't really have like a game where nobody's where people need the help on it they call Z for us all this house you need sense on that game or you're out of luck yeah you're out of luck Jude and I can't help you but called you just like a skill really yeah you can't teach skills that's something that you have to get yourself like grind the skill anybody can be a tie game you just have a map all for sure now knowledge just yeah even going in there you're good yeah cuz once you have math knowledge you can then start thinking about where players are gonna go and yeah exactly shingles for sure yeah lead on call of duty for Gil that true noble Maps downline when it's got the two big buildings on the side and a big open courtyard in the middle um Bach yes be loc I would give up on the top floor and one of the sides and like I did get a perfect shot to the other person start spot – no fucking challenge there just take headshot take a shot I came if you have like the the m21 and the Dragunov were pretty cool just for the fact that they were they were decently recoiled semi-automatics the bear it was too much if you wanted to use that it was more of a one shot one kill deal but dammit 21 if you have the trigger finger but oh that thing's a automatic assault rifles sniper I've missed the intervention the intervention was fucking titties bro like I'm so glad at the m-40 yeah for real damn 40 is my favorite but a close second would be the intervention just for the sound of it that oh gee sounds that mean I just like that cock you know fucking bolt-action there like that you like that cock you're a cock you know something get Iranian at me yeah werewolf or what human I'm I'd rather play humans but I don't really matter yeah we could do give me a second I'm gonna take it down real quick shit hell yeah dude fuck let's burn myself a little ugly on the drink inside no my lighter I was messing with it and I have it on and the thing ended up getting hot and I put it my pocket so I was panicking haven't get it out of my pocket real quick yeah where you got a fucking user into other hand to strike it this one fucker like literally like burnt the plastic and like the plastic lid on fire down my plastic almost get nylon yeah yeah yeah yeah that shit like was burning a hole dude it's Smulders bro no no I know exactly but like I noticed it in time of my fucking drawer on fire I jump up my hurt my dick out of my pants like I'm like sitting there on like three people do you know it means like bro are you I thought my junk was on fire I was like oh fuck dude that was honestly super Han I fucking I burnt my thigh it hurt so silly for a minute just watching the flame at one time you know people that drip for the babes oh yeah yeah do destroy went to go hit the fucking bait but he put his lips on the fucking put the x cap on yup yeah right on the coil and pulled the trigger oh yeah yeah straight to white and well no colour was straight to white huh fucking suck there's like one in competition babes and shits oh oh yeah dude I can if you look up the shoot I remember it's been so long like three years the I think it was the RX 200 or something like that it's a 3:18 650 box mod with yeah 200 Watts capability and I think if you upgraded it was 220 bro it's fucking nothing was a Tish yeah I don't I was never in I was pretty heavy like I ended up spending they like 200 bucks on that on the whole deal yeah yeah that's where it all started for me I actually still have you know I don't know if you forgot too deep into but authentic versus clones like Authentics were super expensive and clones were pretty decently priced for the average vapor I ended up I ended up trading somebody one of these it was a decent box Mont but I traded it for an authentic authentic mod and it was it ended up being like a super profitable trade it was like my box mod was me 70 bucks and the authentic version of this mod was like honored and 50 I was like hell yeah I'll just sold that shit nice laughs oh that's just one of those like collectible pieces for me now it's not really a resale item I don't think it'll get any money out of it now because of how long I've had it but it's in perfect condition no drops no nothing battery still works they're not battery uh button it's a magnetic trigger which is pretty I don't unfortunately I have the second bong I ever bought it's gathering dust as we speak but I know mine I have a new bong it's got a little pirate face on it oh yeah it's crazy piece I've never seen a piece like it but it's long it was all broken when I got it and they had to fix it up when I got it was like shit but now looks good thanks don't sleep you're outside chilling around the fire wouldn't be that bad yeah you leaking on the ground yeah we pretty bad nothing you wanted to do inside yeah I fucking seem that my perk was broken to my bone to pretty pissed about that no no yeah I haven't even used it in a minute so there's a to chamber Hey yeah and then this fucking first chamber Road just like for some reason snapped I don't really know how then little pieces of glass kind of just do that yeah that's unfortunate so the fucking cool piece and then it really sucks like my favorite long everybody here Carbon break your perky later broke yeah like one it's kind of like a rainfall like yeah perk you later cuz that's called you know like a plume that's what it kind of raises got a little stripes coming down into the water yeah perk you later in stem yeah it's a perk you later and one of them like two of the things broke off yeah your carb is your the piece that you would block with your thumb yeah right yeah so that's a perk you later that broke and inside I've had many of bones that do that that's just cheap China glass that's what it is I used to have this smoke shop that had a five dollar pipes in it and it says cheap-ass China glass that was actually the the title of the whoa the product there last place actually pretty good hey dude 5 bucks is five fucking bucks I had some of the middle five dollar pipes lasting like years yeah bong that fucker will break in like a month have you ever invested in a silicone bong I've had my Silicon Valley from when they first came out they were actually pretty expensive like I got mine like four years ago and I still have it to this day mine dude you can turn any bill the bong yeah you can just straight-up screw that bitch you have to give you a little bonk it oh yeah I used to do that anyway but what I would do is make the stem on the bong and then have penalties gonna suck it that's all it takes socket pen to bond there then put a little metal screen in the top yup little metal screen that's all you need but we need to be gravity bones out oh yeah where it comes straight out the top you just pull yeah you pull it and you fucking almost harsh hit ever though do it harder you got fucked up there was a big ass hit if you could take it all dude you're getting high I seen one dude do a fucking five gallon jug all right those fuckers changed ours that people use there's two boys that they put in the water machines I'm ready to hear yeah yeah let me see what what character I am ready all right you ready werewolf or human human all right one two three all right doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo accidentally went to game chat it did it did man I need some like really good weed like but you know the couch forever yeah just go with my head like 4 times dude has at one time and then just hold it until there's no fucking vapor ghost it man I mean I ain't worried about no I mean just to fucking get that full force the g-force g-force spores to the game THC it's in the pan hell you go well you will you're so getting their dogs keys to my house I'll have to kill it I got no choice it's to see them not shoot steal all their guns Roy Neal I don't know me it's next to me I got homies next to me that's what we should do me I'll split up into different groups you just fuck shit up around them that's what we're doing we're doing I did heard and it did you take it squats you know I know I only everybody then yeah bro chop all is my life all fuck me on a stick dude there's two fucking werewolves here what are they doing dude what are they doing both Hey Dude ski broken home ski dude you're not hitting me over here follow me vamonos well this game is garbage seven fucking shots from a golden shotgun up close each one of these kids bro and it still wouldn't kill him like I don't understand I'm so done with this game so bad no fucking world should I have to shoot someone seven goddamn times the shotgun no way a lot to kill this werewolf now back out one more yeah for real and that's for dude the shotgun shooting the shit out of one person then it'll kill ya you have to have everybody shooting the shotgun first sure because it's just like no damage everybody does it exactly if every shooter then it's like ah yeah because they don't even miss the shock understand adds up quick it's like fog shoot oh yeah right now you should try and you should check that game and download half a shower experience not bad yeah it's not bad for you I've had nothing but I've had no negative remarks for us so I don't see why not yeah it's just a grinding game like to get bosses I am all for it dude I welcome the grind I don't know if you noticed I mean he got to be like the same boss like 20 times to get all the pieces of shit that's fine by me brother as long as my crying in an hour so I would find some way to make it faster yeah the only way to make it faster you get higher level shit if that's what it takes that's no it takes you know I'm saying now if you run with a crew that arey knows what they're doing you make a lot more XP hey man I like Oh Sam's I have a guy that plays that game like non-stop so if you wanted to link up with him then oh no I mean he he also plays with people that are playing non-stop so yeah like he's got his homies that he's like always playing with so yes those are the guys I jumped in with one crew like that and I made a shit that guy was new in sha means that are all the homies are killing you are they killed you I'm fighting him right now kill them all I'm trying oh yeah it was a gold shotgun I know scope them I kind of want to jump that gun Red Dead Redemption to see ya yeah that's a shout for sure dude I game's something cool – I replayed that but definitely watched gameplay and it was pretty fun looking I was thinking the fucking the storyline was way better than mine was at least and I'm wondering how to online it's now really bad it was basically GTA online all you got it I think that's like worse there you go shoot each other and tie each other up that part kind of cool great yeah I think I'm gonna I'm in the stream now always watching so yeah well I I feel pressured to keep going when people are not watching so I where people are watching so now that

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