– Welcome home to the Carl
and Jinger family house, and today we are going
to play “Hello Neighbor” in real life. But today, we have backup! (cheering) – What’s up, guys? – We have the Sharer family,
we have Stephen Sharer and Lizzie Sharer, and
Carter Sharer here to help, and, because every day’s a new day, – [Everybody] let’s
make it an awesome one! – How are we all alone here? (spooky music) (gasps) (screams) – Here’s the rules of the game. We are going to go up to the safehouse, and the neighbor is going
to hide these items. – The king’s crown, the
golden apple, the key, the key card, the crowbar, and the bag of money! – And don’t forget, our
neighbor’s going to be wearing noise-canceling headphones, so he won’t be able to hear us, but we still have to be super careful. Are you guys ready? – [Everyone] Yeah! – Let’s go out to the safehouse while the neighbor hides the items! – Let’s go! (spooky music) – Alright you guys, we
are in the safehouse, we have the Sharers here with us so this is going to be so awesome because, we’re going to
have two teams of two going into the house,
instead of one team of two. So we have extra people, and
this is going to be awesome. So the first question is which
two teams are going in first? – What are the teams? – [Jinger] I don’t know! – Why don’t me and Carter go, and then Kyle and Lizzie can go? – You, me, and Gage can go. – [Jinger] Yeah, that’d be awesome! Yeah, then that would be so perfect, and then I’ll go with just, whoever. (laughter) – And then, I’ll pick the first guy… – [Jinger] I’ll just go myself! Okay, are you guys ready? – [Everyone] Yeah! – [Jinger] Okay, so the first
two teams are Carter and Luke, – [Jinger] …and Lizzie and Kyle. – Woo! – [Jinger] Okay, you guys ready? – Yeah! – [Jinger] Alright, let’s see. Do we see the neighbor? – [Carter] I just saw him a
minute ago, but now he’s moved. – [Jinger] Oooh, he has his lights on, that means that he is ready. Are you guys- – And he is in the game! Let’s go! – [Jinger] Okay, let’s do it! – [Stephen] We’ll wait
out here, good luck! – This is my first time playing the game. – [Jinger] Are you guys nervous? – I’m excited! – [Jinger] You should be really… Sometimes this gets really
scary, so you guys have to be, like, on your game. – Alright, well they’re going
first, so I’ll just watch. Have fun!
(Jinger laughs) – Okay, so we are all set up, Me and Luke are going to go through this main door right here, I think this might be the hardest door, – Yeah! – Okay, so Liz, you and Kyle,
where are you guys gonna go? – We’re gonna go through
the basement door. – Yup! – Okay, so you guys go
through the side door. Alright, let’s look through the window and see where the neighbor is. I think I see him! I thought I saw him! I think he’s in there, look! Ready? He’s coming, he’s
coming, he’s coming! – [Luke] Okay, we’ll tell you
guys when it’s safe to go! – Okay, he’s coming, you ready? – [Luke] Wait, wait, wait! Don’t go yet, he’s coming
right in front of that door! Wait, ready? (Carter gasps) – [Luke] Set… – Go! Go! Go! – [Carter] Shhh… Okay, we’re in the house,
we’re in the house. – [Carter] Hide, hide! (mysterious music) (dramatic music) – Oh! Oh no! (screams) – He’s got me! (mysterious music) (dramatic music)
(screaming) – [Kyle] We almost got
captured! That was so scary! – Oh you made it Kyle! Wait, where’s Luke? Where’s Luke? Luke’s still in there! – [Liz] Where is he? – [Stephen] I saw him
run down to the basement, maybe he came back out? – [Liz] Come on, Luke… – [Kyle] Where’s he hiding? There he is, there he is. – [Liz] Okay, okay Luke! – [Carter] He’s doing so good! Go the other way, Luke!
Go the other way, Luke! There he goes! – [Stephen] He’s hiding, he’s hiding! – [Kyle] Oh, he’s gonna get seen! – [Carter] I think he’s okay! – [Stephen] He’s hiding behind the green with a green shirt on,
I think he’ll be okay. – [Kyle] See, he can
look in the hiding spots. – Okay, Luke is doing
such a good job right now. – I know, I wouldn’t know what to do. Technically, two more people
can go in at any time. – Okay, I think you and me should go in. – [Carter] Okay, go for it. – [Jinger] Go Stephen,
good luck, good luck! (exciting electronic music) (dramatic music)
– No! – You did so awesome! – Yeah, you were in there for so long! That was so great! Did you find anything? – I didn’t find anything! – [Stephen] Go go go go go! I see him, I see him! I see him, come on, go! (quiet music) – [Stephen] Do you see him? – No! – [Stephen] Okay, come on, come on. He’s gotta be somewhere. I don’t see it. (quiet dramatic music) (screaming)
(intense dramatic music) – That didn’t work! That didn’t work! Oh, shaking! Go, go, go. – Shhhh! (mysterious music plays) (door slams) (screaming) (dramatic music) – Run! Run run run! Go go go! (gasping) – [Jinger] I got the key! – [Stephen] You got the key! – [Jinger] I got the key! – [Luke] Guys, I just
saw the golden apple! – [Carter] Where? – It’s on the shelf over here! – [Carter] Where? – It’s on the shelf! – [Carter] Wait, get ready, get ready. – Carter, let’s go! – We’re gonna see the
banana pudding, okay? – Ready, and, go! – [Carter] Banana
pudding, banana pudding… (screaming) – [Jinger] My shoe!
(laughter) – Trying to look… This hiding spot is kind of cool… (quiet music) – We’ve gotta look. (dramatic music) (screaming) – [Luke] Another key! I totally got the golden apple! – [Jinger] I got the key! (cheering) You guys! You got three items! – We just have to find the money bag… – And the crown. – Where should we look,
where should we look? – [Jinger] Okay, so this
was in the microwave, – [Stephen] Carter! Run! – [Liz] Go that way, go that way! (quiet music) (whistling) – [Stephen] Oh, that may be the wrong way! – [Jinger] Oh no! Good job, good job, good job! Who wants to go in? Are you ready to go in? – Yeah, yeah, let’s go. Ready? (intense music) – Oh! No! He’s coming! (dramatic music) – [Stephen] Go, go, go. Okay, let’s see… – How are we all going in here? (curious music) – [Carter] Keep looking, keep looking. We gotta find this, we gotta find this. It’s probably in this box. It’s not in the box. – No! (dramatic music) (heart beats) – Where is it? – [Stephen] Okay, stay back, stay back. Okay, go, I think we’re good. Check the fridge. He’s probably coming, hide. Oh, I found that key. The crown is in there. He’s coming, he’s coming. (heart beats) Oh no. Oh, I found the crown, okay. I found the crown! It’s in here. That made a lot of noise. I’m getting out. That made a lot of noise. Okay. (screaming) (dramatic music) – [Stephen] I got the crown! (cheering) – [Stephen] Someone go in, someone go in. – I’ll go! – [Stephen] Kyle’s in there by himself! – Let’s go in through the front door. – [Stephen] Front door, let’s go. – [Luke] Okay guys, we’re
going through the front door. (curious music) (dramatic music) (screaming) (exciting music) – We’re looking for the money. – Where’s the money? (exciting music) – Where’s the money? (dramatic music) – [Jinger] Oh shoot! Go. Go, go! – Whoa, you guys, we barely
made it out the front door! That was crazy! I think that was an awesome
game of Hello Neighbor! You guys have fun? That was so cool! – [Jinger] Alright, let’s go inside and see everything we found. Alright, so these are
the items that we found. I found the golden key. – I found the crowbar. – I found the golden apple. – And I found the crown.
Oh yeah, check it out. – That was an awesome
game of Hello Neighbor, in real life, with the Sharer family. That was so awesome,
shoutout to Carl for being the awesome neighbor! (laughter) – And these are the items
that we didn’t find. We didn’t find the key
card, or the bag of money. – So if you guys know
where they were hidden, be sure to tell us in
the comments down below. Anyways, thanks for watching, and click any of these
videos on the screen that we hand-picked for you guys, we thought you’d really like ’em, be sure to check out the Sharer’s channel, Stephen Sharer, Lizzie
Sharer and Carter Sharer, and I will see you guys next time! – [Everyone] Bye!

Hello Neighbor Challenge in the Dark with Sharer Fam!!
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