at ellis brigham we take ski testing really seriously and this involves two different ski tests the first one is done early in the season everything's put fruit spaces and compared we make the decisions what we're going to stock later on in the season we bring stuff out to Austria here the staff tests all the skis that we've decided to go in the range this means we can make sure we've made all the correct decisions but it also means that when you come into any of our stores the staff there can give you personal advice they know exactly how the ski skis cuz they've been on them ok so you're right the name has been around a while but this is a new ski so a new construction it's 79 now underfoot and twelve point two meter radius so that makes it really lightly an agile it still uses graphene so we infused that tip and tail um reducing swing weight making it easier to maneuver the ski but the big difference with this over the previous absolute joys is that this now has a wood core in it whereas previously with synthetic so essentially you're getting a little bit more beef from the ski but but for the same money so essentially the kind of person that's gonna be skiing this would would be an intermedia but with the addition of that wood core now and can probably extend it up into a fairly advanced saw ski so still has a wide performance ah perfect yeah generally feedback comments relating to this are it's a forgiving ski but it has got enough guts and if you like that you can push on a little bit so for someone that's wanting to improve their scheme there's there's plenty of mileage of so yeah just a nice all-around sort of easy going ski hi I'm Kat from Castleford I'm a ski tech and I've just been out on the head absolute joy and it honestly is an absolute joy it's such an easy ski I went out with not much confidence and came back feeling like a pro skier like started doing a little bit of carving in there even a little icy patches it held really well and made me feel really confident in skiing I found this ski held really well whether doing short turns our big turns it felt like it just glides across the snow really nicely even on the steeper runs I still felt in control and that the ski was just a part of me really you

Head Women’s Absolut Joy SLR 2019-2020 Ski Review | Ellis Brigham

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  • July 30, 2019 at 2:24 pm

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