(joyful music) – The most awesome thing about these tours are that they get people
out in the wilderness. You're really out enjoying the fresh air. It's so silent and
quiet, and you can really have an opportunity to
enjoy each other's company and just get away from it all. We go out for an hour to
two hour snowshoe tour through the fresh powder and then we find our way
back to our snowshoe bar, fondue bar where we stop. We have chocolate or cheese
fondue or a little bit of both and just really enjoy a good
time out in the beautiful still and snowy air. We're here for a couple of days. You might need a day off
or you might wanna get away from the ski slopes and
do something different. So, it's a really good opportunity, we can go out at anytime. So we can do a lunch time, excursion. We can do an evening excursion. And we can really add to your
experience here at Red Resort. (joyful music) (upbeat music)

Guided Snowshoe and Fondue Tour – Rossland BC
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