yeah what’s up hey this is Richard one
mangry gamer hey thanks for stopping by the channel as you can tell my
thumbnails and everything I do a little bit of everything a lot of gameplay
alright so I am a one-man Greek gamer and thanks for stopping by the channel
check out the videos don’t forget to sub like and share oh don’t forget to click
the bell all right but thanks so much guys for stopping by and stay tuned for
the next video yo what’s up guys we are here with mr.
Marcus metal world war room and milk 74 180 hmm my milk is at Burger King
okay no he’s not he’s right here all right so I just found out that Tyler
has a new house and here’s another it’s let me accept that okay I don’t think
it’s gonna go through though I’m an epic gamer no he’s not he’s no he’s not Shh
he’s a noob okay so we’ve just found out that Tyler
that man got a new house so we’re gonna go check it out and see if we can break
into that one Hey he’s probably got an alarm so I expect to maybe be booted
okay oh is this yours
oh yeah we got the vehicle so we can yep the good trusty tool this is the one we
used to break into houses we could tell to milk is always driving with us
because his arms always sticking out the side of the door why is it so loud I
gotta turn my sound a little bit settings oh yeah it’s way up resume
there we go I lost my compete wail it was kind of my
fault but I had to reinstall windows last night and everything all the
settings are back to default so this is much better
whoops hey did he put out did he put an alarm in this house to you hunter Oh Burke as you know where’s that so we got
to take it really easy check outs outside see how we can get in and he’s
probably like mangry now I have to make a new house man that cameras really
glitching please give me cars yeah it is a little laggy so what what was that
person asking for Oh brainless body just yeah sent me a
request let’s see if I could see it by scrool
out oh I see it although this is the other houses wait go down to the next
road we’re going bleep oh you got to run do you know where you’re going okay hold
on let me scroll out okay oh I think I see it okay go down to the main road
here take a right I see something weird go down take it right oh maybe not I
can’t tell okay take it right right here that’s a light turn go down third house
take a little right I don’t think that’s it but you never know okay take it right
right here I’m thinking it’s a second house on the Left I don’t know why I
just have a feeling let me jump out to see if I can get inside the house oh
come on if I can’t get in this lock that said myth oh no I can get in oops
Oh hunters oh uh I’m in the back seat okay we don’t know where it’s at yet we
just gotta find it all right wait what is it right there is that a new also
tracks okay trying to see if I see anything different or rear weird with
these houses where you going man you’re not even checking out the houses what no
his old house is back over there I just saw it the one with the lights all over
a way around it inspector um oh you know what I do see a house way out there by
itself – all right I’ll tell you words that keep going win yeah I just saw his
old house my camera is really screwed up so sorry alright keep going down oh I oh
I see it way down there okay go down take a left up this is coming the road
right here so look up right here and go all the way down to the end of the block
there’s this old house way downer but I also see a house beyond that I don’t know that’s his new one okay so
here’s his old house right here and then there’s duckies so it’s gotta be around
here somewhere oh we pray at the end of the row during
that bream house maybe one of those houses down there
oh that’s for okaythat’s havens and he’s Oh what was that did somebody just broke
in the house hit wait wait wait wait I think somebody’s in the house down there
can you see any window I thought I saw something in a window
hey this look the ski pole is still sitting there did we set it off just by
driving by oh there he is he set off the alarm you’re getting booted son dude
dude I booted booty booty hey let’s push him into the door oh then he just get
booted wait I’m afraid to go in here oh no he just went inside now wait where’d
you guys go oh we can go down here oh just no further or what let’s push him
up the stairs get him oh oh oh I got kicked
oh I think I got too close to the door oh no I’ll be right back no okay I’ll join your game and then you
can just do a command to you all right rejoining dude I wouldn’t even near that
I think what did you get kicked 200 where’s my discord oh no oh you did oh
no oh you got them all right I think I jump pass and I think Mike do my armor I
hit the door alright we’re coming back in I’ll tell you what I’m loaded we
gotta find Tyler’s house Tyler’s probably trolling us making us
think there’s a house you’re gonna be looking all over for it if we don’t find
it you guys in the comments I’m pretty sure we’ll find it but if we can’t let
us know in the comments we’re Tyler’s new houses
because we gotta get in teller is always doing alarms and stuff on this stuff so
okay I’m I am here yay whoa look at the ground again wait hold
on something’s really weird you’ll have to look at this did this before – oh
there we go I’m like full wait oh I’m stuck oh I can’t move
whoa what in the god his name though there wait can you bring me on her
something’s wrong I’m stuck here I can’t oh there we go
okay okay there we go I wasn’t able to move
put it there we go hundreds of driver he’ll find us a house the other crazy
driver didn’t know where he was going I’m trying to screw a lot others the
house up at a last thinner could it be no I think hunter might know where it’s
at oh I see a pukey little green house is that it see Hunter’s going he’s going
fast at oh I do see a house way down oh is that it down on the left
oh yeah open my can up sorry oh yeah okay this is when I said a little while
oh yeah here oh yeah oh boy now can we actually get into this one is it locked
okay it’s locked dude does he haven’t learned you know let me try the UM let
me try the front door oh is that a doorbell wait wait wait wait it is in it Tyler
open up oh gosh okay I’m almost in holding back our way up there we go
right there alright let me see if I can get in I’m
in well then d there’s a piano in here whoa what mangry can play the piano
check it out that is so cool alright your turn
see how good you are at the piano milk oh my god milk milk is a master at
the piano playoff but Judy’s kind of video games won’t oh you know it would
be so cool if they could do like a mini video game but I transport you into
something like a little mini oh no I’m freezing oh I thought I froze
I’m afraid to go through these doors what’s historic oh that one’s locked
what’s in that one push him in there door
oh it is locked in it oh that’s from the outside oh yeah that’s what dude is so
cool hey oh oh no way Jess what scoot over boy time to kick
your bunches I’m moving there checkmate I win oh geez I think somebody needs to
be kicked hunter do you see that Chad up there Milkha’s you know what in his game
stinks but that’s not exactly how we put it you should snapshot that and then ban
them so something have it say well if you don’t like it that much ban off
buddy then you can have a snapshot of what he said case roblox likes to play
stupid games like they did sorry oh what’s this up here I can’t go he’s
got work to do on this hit he’s got to put his furniture and stuff up there oh
oh I see a room I think disarray Tyler wait I heard a door shut or closed oh oh
there’s a door open dude there’s bunk beds I got the top bunk hey this is
awesome breaking into Tyler’s house dude oh damn
look at his computer setup this is awesome look at that this is so cool
alright we’ve got six we’d like to see that door shut and
oh no way they open with a click oh my gosh I’m such a new what is this okay
here’s a new room this is hardcore FRP dude this is so cool oh this is his
garage that’s a cool garage wait this door doesn’t open does it okay
okay so I click on a door handles to open it the doors that’s where I heard
the door shut her open and shit try this one this open a door so everybody can
come I come in oh he’s got TV here this is a remote work
what is that I thought it was like a huge weird-looking remote
I keep hearing doors opening and closing and footsteps trying to see if I can
turn all those burners on are you guys still upstairs
I hear doors opening and closing everywhere oh there it is yeah what’s in
that one open that door hahaha yeah I made it
whose room is this all this is so cool your room no it’s mangry x’ mangry gets
a room oh let’s turn on all the water this is awesome Tyler did you make a
mess eek stop watching me get out can I flush it no that’s disturbing taking a
bath okay turn on the water yes wait can I fill it up nope darn it
trying to see if I see any other cars out to see if anybody’s foul in this
room no car hit this is awesome can I open these bottom cabinets no that is so
cool how you guys get to the water faucets come on with the particles like
that ooh let’s take his man I want to roll his toilet paper all over the place Lock them in there Oh what is this bad
hey there’s enough deficit here hi there oops it didn’t open there we go okay got
it got a lock orcas in there hey does this
door open no way it does Oh as if you plan on a car or that
another bathroom whoa look at this bedroom uh we’ve got the bedroom with
the Rosa oh what happened oh there we go this is soku wait what’s in the backyard
over there see that over there what is that no lock-in mangry in the house or
net doors okay this is door open wait what is said out there hunter you
see that way back there that it looks like a grill looking thing what is that
I will have to go to an explorer in a few minutes
Oh No we can’t get out can’t we hit no we’re stuck in here oh I didn’t check
this door up oh no can’t get out that one all right let’s see if I can see
what that is and no idea it could be a grill if I have been spotted oh right hunter
cook there is I’ll take a triple cheeseburger hold the burger please I’m
a vegetarian now I’m skidding I am I can’t find my little diet dr. pepper so
I got a three got it – leader I had a soda I don’t know what I do with it
does this have to bring the whole thing oh yeah okay so we’re gonna go up here
explore and see what that is down here I think I don’t know what this is is it a
grill oh it’s a DJ stand check it out Oh better not I can always mute that part
and put my own music in can you turn it on
oh we can see oh he needs disco lights and jammin lights oh my gosh we’re
swimmin this sweet oh I just peed in the pool is it warm man yeah this is awesome
hey did you just do the backstroke it looked like hunter did the backstroke oh
oh I did I did do a backstroke look it look it oh that’s awesome when you go to turn around when you
scroll down you’ll start doing a backstroke first oh maybe not too much that is so cool
who’s that over there that barkas oh it’s somebody named Daniel he’s spying
on us I don’t think he could see us in here though jump up and down so he just
sees our head bobbing and I don’t know who that is though they’re Sony he’s
spying on us look he’s by the tree what’s he doing I think it was Daniel
somebody I should go over there and see who let’s go follow up you’ll be like
that barkas or Daniel that you out there running away from the house barkas mangry mangry what some angry I don’t
know I’m chasing this dude he’s a middle of nowhere always getting a car now so
okay he’s leaving whoops sorry okay I mean let’s go hunt him down this
is a good taste of death why was he sitting or watching us creepy he’s
trying to get away is that barkas Oh burgers in the lobby okay I think wait
who is this guy I can’t see his name I thought it said
Daniel and it does her da and then SSS James I’m weird Jim are you driving backwards say hi to
YouTube son you’re famous I doubt that whoa oh what’s that oh that’s him isn’t
it where’s my angry’s mansion whoo I was at his house oh there it is yay cool
house oh oh okay hold on oh you’re gonna you’re gonna drive through that oh wait
wait wait go back could you ring the doorbell from the car let me try that
that’s funny hey miss oh I thought he was missing the
mailbox we could run it over take his mailbox how does it have his name on the
house like the kid isn’t that working it’s got his address look guys if you
want to find out we’re tireless it’s six two two one I don’t know the name of the
street but oh wait what’s it on the site oh he’s got trash cans on the side over
there oh there’s a yeah that’s a garage right
there whoa yeah oh it’s not moving okay can we do the backstroke in here with
this car hey hey let’s blow up Tyler’s house use your tools and was like
disintegrated oh no happen did you get flipped off the mat over here oh yes sweet remember when we first made our
video had a lot of these on there oh gosh
let’s get oh gosh what’s going on my truck when we broke into Hunter’s house
long time ago we use this truck to glitch in there but we had a drum jump
on top of an invisible barrier to get in there but now we know how to do it now
we know how to break in houses my truck is gluten that’s awesome
that’s my real-life truck right there guys mine’s actually white but I painted
my truck yellow to match my avatar let’s go decent let’s go find a house that’s
got somebody role-playing in it or go find a rope late police officer that
pulled somebody over and will sit behind their car just beep the horn like crazy
and so drives them nuts police department okay any role playing oh we
could pull people over under and not get out of the car just sit there and then
we start to pull up we’ll pull over again or we get out and stand next to
the car and not say a word to him they’ll be like so confused that was the
one video I did when I was troubling people I would just pull them over and
sit there and I wouldn’t say a word really five minutes go by they’re like
I’m leaving and then I go chase him down they pull over again twos like three
typos I didn’t accept okay I forgot about the job state patroller
there we go now I mean am I gonna get naked there you go
wait did I get my taser yeah everybody else does mean hungers like the only
ones that don’t get tased that’s awesome we’re exempt barkas where are you I got
something for you I got a Taser for you oh oh let’s let’s do go to barkas and
I’ll get my taser out okay send me the burkas oh yeah yeah boy you’re all under
arrest now 22 minutes all right not too many I’m
definitely gonna have to change the settings down on this because that would
take forever I tried diem and you milk I tried EMM
you oh is that is that Vargas let’s go let’s go Zappa me I look like a
undercover I could tell oh that’s a various Marcus I got something for you
wait you don’t get zapped either what no you gotta get zapped no oh man okay oh I
hear a car coming hain’t come here dude wait come bigger I guess that’s it for
you here thank you who’s that who’s ready to get
away I don’t think I can get him okay let’s get him I should have grabbed my
handgun oh my gosh that slug yeah I got a screw lout a little bit
oh there’s car let’s get that one pull that one over right there ah crazy
driver oh yeah good yeah he just hit a police officer get him I gotta turn my
sound down just a little bit that is like whoa well how’d the vine go way
back up there we go that’s better oh don’t leave no reason I don’t know
why my sound turned up like that see if I can turn my head set up there we go
oh yeah busted all right don’t get out to sit here don’t don’t anybody get out
Oh busted oh yeah you got out he’s runner he’s a runner gift he’s a runner
come here I got something for you I can’t have it don’t tase me I can’t I can’t taste this
one I don’t think they realize who we are
stop being so angry okay yeah I can’t get that one oops you stuck in Barca’s
cart I mean what do you say that did nothing I know you got lucky
oh here’s some here’s some okay tase time who can we chase over here thank
dasor don’t work oh wait we got somebody here we got a runner we got a runner we got a runner I can’t
tell anybody my taser is broken yo mangry so we will we move as this
year 80 subscribers special yeah yeah it surely is surely Oh get the red card
if you’re ready carve it up this one can I steal it
whoa I can’t steal it what’s going on I was gonna take somebody I can’t get my
taser out who’s that I want to oh there was somebody in there okay I got him ha
ha ha down you go how about you oh yeah that’s
it right over a pleaser Jason I don’t know if they’re still in the car though
okay I did get that car who’s that one oh here we go I think this is the one I
just taste there we go we got it one pet the master cookie master cookie got it
taste I haven’t moved my light I can’t see my taser stop it he’s running me
over oh my god every time they run me over it puts my taser away
oh there’s the master cookie oh is that she who I got the master cookie again busted go to jail Oh burkas just jumped
on the master cooking she like flipped somewhere oh gee back in the car uh
busted again sorry master cookie
oh no we just oh we just killed milk milk is that Subway’s yeah okay hold on
I’m coming is it Kurt oh there you go let’s go the dealership and like zap
them as soon as they spawn I’m so mean I know what’s roller I’m such a meanie I
gotta get some coffee why is that keep giving louder like that
let me turn it see if I could turn there we go the black car don’t see a black oh
oh man they really need to fix this camera thing oh now we’re at some ways
oh who is that so he’s at the ice cream shop oh my gosh get them whoa hey we should
do police put those police street spikes out and pop their tires male-male get
away from us ere we go okay who’s in this car
well ah crud together wait I’m trying okay we got it I mean get him
honey pull in front of him and I’ll jump out with my taser get guys high-speed
chase whoa yeah oh no what happened okay should I get ready jump out oh they’re
trying to break in hunter tells I got sorry dude oh I wonder if we could
hunter let’s go inside your house and see if we’d given tase him from inside
the walls like when it come up to the windows at your home oh no wonder what
afk no okay I’m going to I’m gonna try my my
vehicle there we go don’t do that dude no don’t beat your horn at me I was back
heading to right away thank you I got it okay
quick get it now and then will respawn so they can’t get it we’re sorry okay
there he is okay let me respawn haha with you all right I’m gonna go to the
front window and see if I can taste them through there whoops look at the lights
get oh there’s somebody in the window right there let’s see if I can take them
cuz my hands actually glitching through the window so oh he took off no milk
here just cottage cheese won’t let me taste them Marcus don’t give a gun shoot everybody say hi YouTube oh I’m gonna
keep forgetting to do it okay forget about the the dance moves in here yeah
we go well wave my taser around as is going out hey Olli Eddie there we go
wait oh here we go see if I can taste anybody from the window no default dance trying to phase them through the window
it’s now right wait can I give them this one I’ll have to add music into this
alright let’s see what it Elektra chef oh yeah boy wait how do I turn off the
day oh no I closed the dance thing how do I get it back
thank you shut this off oh no see if I hit that door there it might yeah that
okay cool is there a way to turn off the dance is like no dance oops you can pause this it’s not working notice reply do you like big cheese anger gave our what else you ride like
that but Papa like alright let’s see if I can
zap them through the door you drove ok nothing living in let me default dance
well sure do the e dance deed whoops jab so good I can I can dance well I’m in a
chair here too we can’t divide we can’t see the light switch on that one I see
you it was hiding oh good taste her out somebody’s at the
back window Oh Craig they just get wait I want to taste it through the window
well somebody put cones out I forgot to grab the cones in oh I wonder if the gun
will actually break the door here Hunter did you shoot at it do you have your gun
whoa I think Daisy oh you’re lucky boy who’s that milk can I come in
oh it’s winter okay I don’t know if he was trolling me or being sarcastic when
he said that you do in your eighty so video no we’re doing a winter truce
video dude that’s what we’re doing that’s what we’re doing yeah all right
let me do the Eagle looks like I’m flexing my muscles yeah yeah whoa Adam
orange juice oh yeah I can’t give I should’ve grabbed the gun
oh he keeps trying to run away oh I don’t want to do that what was that
doing how do i oh maybe I could do it this way oh my gosh I’m a noob ask a new
keyboard I hate it oh I was trying to do the e dance let me try the again oops
dance there we go and a lot of times if you go to move it’ll default back to
it’s just regular but I can’t do it dad here we go I’m Devin that’s right what
I’m dad wait who’s that I have the four GTE oh
nice nice master cookie let’s get five okay ready
I know this I know this remember me not sure if I do I might come here to try to
get him I’m trying to get to oh yeah they’re youth oh that’s oh my god my
head I don’t know oh I just have somebody hunter hahaha I got somebody
through the window yeah sorry dude I don’t know how that happened my head
like went through the I don’t know how that oh there we go
again them again with me you have to go in first person view so your hand is
sticking out the window and then get up got him again dude it’s awesome let’s
get this right oh he’s really flipping out over there oh yeah come to the
window mangry got something for you furgus ha ha I gotta begin just like skids it say goof there you go wonder if I can get into the door
there’s wood even gives you the door I got I got through the door that’s
awesome somewhere if you can see my hand sticking out like that oh he’s there
good get him what do you say
taser only works on white shades ok man he’s like stop did I get another one who
died just oh we got him in the house who’s that exist
hello zest ha ha sorry dude hey man zest is like freaking out here
oh I got stuck in a chair we gotta save him every time he stops this is gonna
make it just flapper and household like we’re hiding downstairs nope where’s
milk I don’t see it was I’m hiding here he is he found me can I get him I got
him that that’s what you get for fowler mangry abused me oh jeez
Oh now I want a garage oh there’s houses
there’s cars everywhere all right let’s see oh I’m going to tell him say hey
come to the window for its green screen shot all right here we go
come to the front window first screen shot down when I come to the window
we’re gonna zap them there is can I get this one oh here’s anyone mr. shades
yeah come to the window hey what can I get mr. shades here I thought I had him
before it maybe not everybody’s gonna start coming to the window there he goes psych all right um I’m a p.m. everybody
at the pizza but Pacifico oh it’s King okay Wow dang old man got
memes but old man got memes yeah old man got a Taser to come over the window son
I’ll show you manga reason mean that’s right oops the
best awesomest mean they’re not good with did a window the work that one
dudes staying out by the road I got I’m gonna screw lout and then hi but inside
here and then when he comes over I’ll kill him let me hide right here when he
gets close to the window I’ll jump over there get is he coming I see him
standing there he’s in that white tuxedo just waiting just waiting he probably
sees me in the window there he is I don’t think I can reach him
nope but he say let’s report these noobs are you gonna report him to under
wait where’s hunter is he hiding let’s check the closet
nope closet oh it’s what’s his name isn’t it where do you go oh I just saw
somebody glitch you the walk that’s weird he almost got in I thought I saw
something there’s harder sake oh there’s a guy
back here he was watching a hunter in the bathroom
I guess what you guys get no spying on everybody’s in the bathroom you get
tased that’s awesome so every time we yeah every time we get we’re bad and
every time we go to do like him Moo who’s that somebody got it oh yeah
oh that’s couple oh no I thought I got him oh there’s somebody in the door how
I got him he’s not gonna make it hey either a zest zest is going down
somebody almost made it to the door but there by oh wait wait it’s him
got him sorry we’re just having fun dude whoever that is I keep but zapping we’re
just having fun oh I got somebody else too I don’t know who that was
Pop’s foot he’d pops let me and pops who’s that wait who said pops I got to
see what who that was pops let me and now all that’s went through a turtle
yeah here you go here’s your key come on in buddy
call me pops pops yeah here you go oh I can’t taste him does he say listen here
who is that hi sir I can’t get him what who’s shooting is that hunter always
hides arises saw his command I’m gonna go get him hunter hunter can you shoot
the door oh the closet or the corner here oh I’m down my health is down Oh No
Oh what happened to my sound Oh where’s my gun I should have got a gun milk is
crazy Oh get me out of this house oh you’re in I’ll watch right there until
he comes areas I got him ha ha ha ha can I get mr. well
Waldo there hello Waldo Where’s Waldo he kind of looks like a Waldo Oh who’s
that mangry he said I was king hello King he crossed the Oh what’s his name
Jesus almost got to the door I get him yeah I got somebody I don’t know who it
was Hey oh gosh we’ve got 45 minutes ok I
might have to end this here in a minute but honey we gotta play that other when
the pine-woods core reactor that is awesome hey did I
see you know spying on manga go to the bathroom or i zap you that’s awesome
we should yeah I was just going to rampage oh my god she’s almost in the
door alright I gotta take them out of the door I got oh I got two of them yeah
boy wait ah where’s my gun
that gun sounds awesome those like crazy low come here Oh where’s my taser repeat we need Caleb’s back oh yeah
that’s what you get for looking at that when you go to the bathroom son you do
the witness I might have to reset I can’t stop
dancing all right okay I’m gonna reset and go
and get the police even from beginning again and then bring me to you or give
me a gun with me I’m at 46 we’ll go to about 50 all right I need to get my fast
car and go let’s see let me get my GTE cuz I will get there in a matter of
seconds go to the police station hey who’s that I can’t move oh I thought it
was burkas okay I can’t move there we go all right we’re
gonna take a shortcut through here to go to the police station
I think it’s straight ahead leave my lights on there we go and then we’ll go
to Hunter’s house well what’s up for the tree oh man it was crazy
I see that’s Perkis right up there let’s just follow Marcus we’re gonna
pass up Marcus Lee had no problem Oh almost wait is this somebody’s living
room or Sanders house but were you going to say anything
around here oh he’s trying to drive off the map where are you going son oh it’s
where am I I don’t know why I’m found on barkas
around he doesn’t know where you going I’m lost now thanks barkas milk bring me
food barça’s made me get lost oh gosh what happened oh it flipped upside down
Wow alright we just we got to find a house that has all the cars right okay
where am i okay I think I’m the I think I’m at gotta go down this way okay it
should be straight all the way down here or is it that way that’s where that’s
the only house that has lights on whose house is that said admits house I have
to go check this out real quick see if I can get in a front door if I can then
it’s a regular house okay I can okay nope
nobody in this one it’s only house on the street two headlights one alright
here we go gonna find milks please chase figures I
gotta hit that skinny little pole I can’t find your mouse should be all the way down say to this
block here there we go getting there wait wait wait wait I think it’s down
that way it’s a fast car I can’t control it all right I think it’s all the way
oh that okay there oops I might be going the wrong way because at the other end
of the road I’m lost
whoa who’s that oh yeah I’m definitely going the wrong way I am lost it’s so
dark I can’t see nothing is that the creator the server oh my god sorry who
the most written that dude off the road okay so milk’s place is getting close
okay so it’s not on this block wait actually I thought it was on this road
mangry stop driving all over the place oh there’s a rail tracks I don’t know
where my milk house is oh my goodness cannot drive I’m like
driving through backyards and stuff trying to find notes house okay so why
am i lagging so bad oh my gosh oh I do see something oh I see I see everybody’s
death kills floating up in the sky one milk shoot someone that’s gotta be
straight ahead up there see that guy’s those I’m gonna screen up there let’s
zoom out okay it’s got to be straight ahead it was coming from way over this
way shoot some people milk see if I could see him Oh what was that
that was weird okay we gotta be coming up to milk house
there we go it’s over this way is that it oh no what happened well what just
happened no did I just lose connection oh no oh
oh no I I think the server broke all right guys
like the group you own can you make me an admin on your own group I don’t have
a group dude somebody was asking me in discord I mean um
roblox if I can make him an admin for my group but I don’t have a group all right
I think we’re gonna have to stop right here is something crashed and happen oh
there okay we’re back in hundreds house I don’t know what happened there that
was really weird fifty-two minutes that’s gonna take
forever to edit this one I think I’m gonna have to put that at 72 or 720p
because at 1080 he’s just way too oh gosh there goes he’s going crazy get him
on her get him he’s like no stop yeah get him he broke in get them get
them alright thanks so much for watching guys this is Richard one maker gamer
don’t forget to sub love like a chair and don’t forget to send milk a whole
bunch of requests for friendship skating no don’t do that and don’t come into my
server we’ll do it at either please and my discord if you come in is to have
fun with the mangry squad not to bug other admins from other games or we had
another problem with that so I just want that be known please don’t come in here
and do that if you come in you want to say hi to everybody that’s great but
don’t keep hugging people alright thanks so much for watching guys
I love you later peace

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  • January 7, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    First and hi I sent u a friend request but you have max friends and love the vids

  • January 7, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Nice Vid!

  • January 7, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    sorry about the camera freezing up… I fixed it now. lol all future vids will be in 1080p @60i

  • January 29, 2019 at 7:16 am

    hi im playing with u

  • February 23, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Your laggy

  • February 23, 2019 at 2:50 am

    Its so laggy we cant see the drive the screen freezes


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