we are one of the oldest figures even clubs in the country the Great Falls Figure Skating Club was formed in 1942 and has produced two Olympic athletes over that time it’s awesome these kids they work pretty hard and they it’s fun to watch them practicing when they finally master a new skill practicing starts as soon as the ice is available at the time I stepped on the ice I just loved it so I’m even traveling far distances during the summer months to skate to learn to ski and then the next year I got better until I wanted to be a figure skater spending countless hours a week training for competition I trained about an hour a day six days a week to prepare for a competition it takes probably about a month because you have to get all your quarry choreography done and all the elements and be practiced in line with the music she’s here pretty much every day we have ice feeling so accomplished after a new skill is perfected it’s one step closer to my goal really happy because I know working really hard on it and I’ve been skating multiple hours a week to do it and I’m working on the axel right now and I’m really excited to pretty someone occasionally we get a happy dance and I love it and coming from someone who has been figure skating for five years you should definitely try its best Great Falls Casey Herrmann MTN news the club’s first competition of the season will be the winter warm-up held on December 8th at the Great Falls ice plaques for more information on joining the club or wanting to attend or volunteer at the competition you can visit us on our website

Great Falls Figure Skating Club preps for first competition of the season
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