everybody and welcome back to our channel we are on holiday in South Africa and it's winter here at the moment and as you can see the weather is not too good but it's a perfect time to test out the loft tick sleeping bag from outdoor vitals there's something quite unique about the sleeping bag so stay tuned to find out more now there's an interesting backstory to this product this product was founded by a college student named Jason who obviously loved the outdoors but wanted to create a slightly different business model he wanted to create a quality product but was not sold in the retail stores it's only sold through their website and that means it cuts down the cost for you the consumer as an avid traveler he also insisted that one percent of all revenue and turnover was donated to developing countries around the world now if you've ever been camping before you'll know that there are two important factors to something like a sleeping bag it goes in your gear and that is weight if you're tracking or hacking somewhere in the mountains or out in the woods weight is an important factor the outdoor vital sleeping bags have a unique technology that makes them ultra ultra light second factor is keeping dry there is nothing worse if you're in a tent or hiking out in the woods in getting into a weight sleeping bag and sleeping with that kind of moisture around you throughout the night look we got out into the wild to escape the comforts of home but you still want to be comfortable you're subjected to the elements but you want to remain dry and you don't want to sleep in a widt sleeping bag Auto vitals puts their sleeping bags through amazing tests on video go check out their website they call him the torch artist filling these sleeping bags with water from a river and then jumping inside that night and having a good night's sleep now as you can see it's raining it's starting to come down and I wanted to test that out because I thought that was just amazing so I'm gonna take out my loft Tech sleeping bag now they say on their website that even though the sleeping bag gets wet it maintains it's locked and it's warm okay so I'm gonna get this really nice and wait I'm gonna jump inside oh boy it's really starting to come down now okay oh here comes I feel like I'm in my own little taint here Wow a little bit crazy on earth but it's worth testing out because they say it on their website that it should keep warm it should keep you dry now if you interchange you're not going to be getting as wet as this you should be pretty dry and comfortable but this is the worst case scenario so it's worth putting to the test even standing here in the strong wind and rain I'm not feeling the cold and very very snug as a bug in this rug now to really put it to the test I'm actually gonna leave this out in the rain to really get it nice and soaked now you can see it's really coming down now and this is truly great take a look at this really really really really with sir now we'll put it to the test I've put this upside down to drive to the wall see we've got a rainbow behind us the rain sort of slowing down it did dry hours this isn't the Blair Witch Project but yeah I'm in my tent and I am super super cozy it is really yeah I only got this top on and it's really cold it's the same time from today that got wait it's really cold outside but this sleeping bag is keeping me super super warm and I can't feel any damp inside outside there are still a little bit of dead patches I didn't hang it up to dry off I can feel it's a little dead some in some parts of the sleeping bag but inside it is completely dry and super super warm really love it Santa's coming up here and it's gonna be a beautiful day really enjoyable camping with the outdoor vitals love tech camping here to do that well what they do is they fill 80% loft tech and then a 20% 800 plus fill power down so you get the benefit of the down with the warmth and then with a loft tech you've got the benefits of the moisture control so what that translates to is this hybrid loft ik installation has the highest warmth to weight ratio in its class so you really getting the lightest sleeping bag with the warmest warmest coverage that you could possibly find on the market and you expect to pay a fortune for that because you know how much good quality sleeping bags are but this is only selling for 149 dollars and I really like that because it follows that business plan and model that the owner wanted to establish without putting it into the retail stores he's cut 40% off the price making it more affordable for you now I've used sleeping bags before and I've actually gone through about two or three in the last maybe 10 years and none of them have really kept me as warm as this one so it just takes one quality sleeping bag to replace two or three in your entire camping or hiking or outdoor usage I encourage you to go check their website now they tests on their website are really really interesting quite funny as well check them out and try them out you'll see that the reviews speak for themselves guys thank you for watching I've really enjoyed making this video and using this product I can't wait to use it more as we go out and explore this beautiful beautiful country I see the rains coming back now I'm leaving links down below to their website so go check them out until the next video bye bye [Applause] you

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