double axle double flip and salchow triple sow all words we associate with ice-skating but in Grapevine they're doing all that and more on roller skates photojournalist Mike Kenny today introducing us to a group that is in fact headed to the National Championships of roller figure skating make sure don't drop that left shoulder on the on the loop we are skating school of Grapevine we have a lot of different people we have teenagers little kids we all work on your Sitz Ben my name is Robin young we're here at skate town in Grapevine Texas where we have our senior club practicing for the national championship there you go across those ankles it's roller figure skating doll rush it is exactly like ice figure skating except on four wheels the jumps the spins the dances everything is the same it's probably 90% the same the differences are what we have to do with our skates to make the differences happen don't open up your shoulders look straight ahead look straight ahead there when they ask what I do what sports I play I tell them you know the Olympics you know the ice skaters I basically do that but I just do it on roller skates first they asked me if it's roller derby and you know it's not roller derby most people get ice and Roller mixed up like they'll yoga I skate and they'll go ice skating Wow and like no roller bring around with force way to go Haley it definitely takes a lot of hard work a lot of dedication and you know we're just excited to be going right now since it's summer I practice five days a week do you like to compete it's very fun and it gets me very nervous shoulder blades back I think we have a pretty good chance this year we've been a little practicing really hard I'm in five six days a week and it's a lot of fun it's just a really fun support we wish you the best and our thanks to Mike Kenny our photojournalist skating school a grapevine by the way team will leave on Saturday tomorrow for the national competition they're going to Spokane Washington and competition starts on Sunday

Grapevine Roller Figure Skating Club Heads To Championships In Washington

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