beaten in 1 into 2nd in his different of course the rain for these fellows is not ideal far from ideal running fourth in his semi in thirteen point five five but he is three times us champion in 2014 2016 and last year he knows how to get it right when the pressure is on have a tough time getting a fourth title oak though against this man Holloway it's all six foot two of him just 21 years old was second last year to dirt Devin Allen at these Championships was fourth in 2017 but he's more like the finished article now twelve point nine eight he's run this year he's the world number one so eaten in one Cunningham into Dixon in three Robertson for mullet and five Crittenden in six Holloway seven Devin Allen Lane eight those three left-hand lanes [Applause] and Holloway diving up the line there [Applause] Wow thirteen points two to three from Dan Roberts really quick in these conditions Holloway 1336 does take

Grant Holloway vs Daniel Roberts! 2019 USA Track Outdoor Championships Men’s 110mH Final

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