– [Granny] (grandma voice)You’ve
stolen my precious items! (dog barking) ooh, ouch. Grandma’s energized let’s gooo! (skidding on floor) – Hi guys welcome back to, That Youtub3 Family! And today, – (moaning) Aaand Graaannyyyyy – we’re playing Granny in real life! – (high pitched squeal) – So Granny has upped her game, so she has hidden traps in the house – (sneeze) (girls laughing) – And she’s allergic! – And caught a cold – Granny may be a bit sick! – Alright so Granny’s gonna be hiding four traps in the house, as well as two keys, a hammer, and wire cutters. She’s also added electricity – [David] To the doors.
You can see there’s 19 volts, 18 volts going through this wire here, so we
can’t actually get out until find this wire
cutter, cause if we try to turn that knob, we’ll get shocked. So there’s four tools that we gotta find but we also gotta avoid four traps. – [Granny] This is my grandaughter – So if they get caught by a trap, they are frozen until another
player can reach them. Now, they better hope that another player comes before Granny gets them. – Also, – Youu children better be careful – Also, Granny cannot see anything but she can hear really good, so we have to be super quiet. – And if Granny catches us five times, we lose, but if we can get away by getting all the tools
and unlocking the doors, before Granny gets us five times and we can get out the front door, then we win. – [Ty] Yeah! – And every time Granny catches us, – (mumbling) – Every time Granny catches us, it moves onto the next night. – [Katie] Alright, Granny? – Alright Granny here’s your tools. – [Katie] Alright be careful. – I can’t see, but I
will put them somewhere. – [Jordan] Okay alright everybody walk towards the door! – [Ty from another room] No
peeking Logan, Logan no peeking he actually is looking at the walls. – Granny has a cold. (sniffling) Don’t tell the children. (eery music) (clinking) well, that didn’t work. One last item (blinds ruffling) (mumbling) (laughing) (cackling) Alright. Ohhh, chiiiildren? (nails scraping wall) I’m reeaaady children. Where aaare youuuuu?
(crashing into things) – Alright, we need to
come up with a game plan. I say we all split up and run from Granny! – [Granny] Chiiiildren? Did
I hear you enter the house? Chiiiildren – [Jordan] I’m in a trap! – [Granny] All I wanna
do is bake some cookies! Who wants a little sugar cookie? – I got one of the items! – [Granny] Come on, children, – [Jordan] (whispering) Guys! – I hear you – [David] (whispering) – [Granny] I hear you children! Make more noise! – [Jordan] (whispering) Dad! (high pitched screaming)
Dad! Come get me heeelp! (mumbling from another room) – Children? Children where did you go! – [Jordan] That one, was so close! – All I want is cookies children! Do I hear fog noises?
(nails scratching wall) (fog spewing) Children? (sniffing) Someone’s in here. Is someone trying to escape! – (whispering) It’s locked! – No one can escape now! Who wants to bake some
cookies with Granny? Chiiildren? I’ve got batter for youuu. Children? Are you in there (dog barking) – Kitty? Kitty is that you? Is someone at the door Kitty? Kitty? Kitty where are you? Do you know where the children is at? Kitty? – Aaawww ha, – I found children! – I was stuck on a trap. – [Jordan] And we got two keys We had the little koala one AND we found the little emoji
one in the boys’ room while you guys were trapped in the office. – Did you guys open the locks? – No! – Oh, so grandma gets ’em back. – So Granny gets ’em! – [Granny] (drawn out) Yes – Alright let’s go back and
wait for Granny to hide ’em. – [Katie] Aw. – Those traps make it so difficult! (eery music) – [Granny] Come give Granny
some kisses children! – (Gasps) Guys guys come here! – [Granny] Your momma told me you were coming over this afternoon. Children? CHILDREN! Children? – [Jordan] (screams) – [Granny] Chiiiildren, who wants to play Ring Around the Rosies, children? I’ve got lots off games to play. – (high pitched screaming) No ho ho! – How about this little
piggy goes to the market? – (laughing) You get the key back again! So wait now it’s night 3! Guys.. Ugh this is being difficult. – [Granny] Granny needs a
workout, here we go crunches. (short spurs of groaning) – (whispering) Let’s go – Time for more cookies. Oh, Kitty where’d you go Kitty, Kitty? Kitty? Kitty? Ow my back – (whispering) Yes! – ( whispering) Yes! – She heard that. Guys,
run, office, office! – [Granny] I heard something over here. Did I hear someone in this corner? – [Jordan] come here – [David] Jordan, your brother is stuck. – Wait you’re stuck. I told him he’s stuck What’s in there? Guys hurry, we have limited time before
Granny comes over here. – [Jacob] Go go go go go – [Jordan] Oh, tap. Tap. – [Boys] Okay – Oh you’re stuck again! Free me Free me! Jake! – [Granny] Grandmother! – [Jordan] Look around Logan look around! – [Granny] Where’d you go? (mumbling) – Someone tag me! Someone tag me! – [Granny] Is that you? (dog panting) Where aaare youuu – (mumble) – [Granny] What? (toy’s sound going off) Hey wait a second! You’ve
stolen my precious item! Children! Ooh ow. It’s past Granny’s bedtime – [Jordan] (whispering) Now get me! – Okay where are my- eh, my back! Did I hear children? – Let’s go let’s go! – [Granny] Where are you granddaughter? Do you want a candy? I’ve got lots of Gushers. Lots of Halloween treats! – [Jordan] He wants to get my sock! – [Granny] What’s your
favorite candy again? Candy corn? Milky Way? Is that- – [Jordan] (whispering) Guys! – (aggressively) MILKY WAY? Wait a second (sniffing) Is that you Kitty? Aw it’s little Kitty, that’s my Kitty. I love my Kitty. Kitty, let’s go find the children, come on. Where are they? Where are
the children. Children? Are you here for the cookies? I got the cookies! We
can roll out the batter. Grandma’s energized, let’s
goooo! (skidding sounds) Help children, Granny’s
fallen, and I can’t get up! My back! Children! Are you going to help me? – What happened to Granny? – (short spurs of groaning)
Fine! Know what’s coming I’m just gonna have to crawl. – [Jordan] (laughing) Go! Children? Where are you? – [Jacob] Guys I’m stuck in my room! – [Granny] Children!
Come help me, Granny’s getting all dirty on the floor! – (whispering) Go! – [David] I think it’s in there (Granny groaning) – [Jacob] Let’s go, let’s go – [Granny] Ew I stepped on something wet Getting off doing push ups – [Ty] Oh guys! – [Jordan] Did you find
it? You found the hammer? Careful, walk back, walk back, walk Get me, hurry Granny’s coming! – [Granny] Children! Where’d you go? – [Jordan] Get it dad! – [Granny] Don’t hide
from your little Granny! – [Jordan] Nice! – [Granny] Where are you? – Where is she? – [Granny] She’s- I
think down in the office. I think we’re good right now. – [Jacob] She’s in my bedroom! – Okay, we only have one item left to get and that’s the wirecutters because we have his electrical thing on the door so if we open the door
we’ll get shocked, so – Okay let’s go. – Find the wirecutters!
Look around everywhere – [Granny] Granny has a bowl of candy for- – [Jordan] Look at him get him tagged! – (high pitched) no no no no! Jake! – [Jacob] You’re okay! – [Granny] Where are you?
(screaming as she falls) My crutches! – [Jacob] Lol – Where’d they go? – [Jordan] Guys, help me find the pliers! Where are the pliers – [Granny] My purse tripped me! – [Jordan] Not back here! Jake found them, Jake found them! Walk walk walk – Where did you go? Granny needs to take a nap – [Jacob] Nice cutting the wire! – [Granny] Oh my pants just ripped Need a button for the backup (groaning) – Let’s get out of here! (granny snoring) C’mon! Did you get the wire? You got it? (door opening) – Huh? Heh? Children? Puppy, get ’em! You don’t want your cookies? – [Jacob] Nope! – Thank you guys so much for watching and watching. I hope
you enjoyed this video and if you did, give
Granny a big thumbs up and remember to subscribe, and – Hit the bell! – There they are, grandchild? – And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time! – [All] Bye! (creepy music)

Granny Game In Real Life With Traps / That YouTub3 Family

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