(mysterious music) – Hi guys, welcome back
to That YouTube Family. Today we’re playing Granny in Real Life. So how you play Granny in Real Life is- We’re trying to escape Granny’s house. As you can see, the door is all locked up, so we have to find the four items that can be used to escape Granny’s house and free us from the locks. – Yeah. – Now, we don’t want
the granny to catch us, because if the granny catches one of us, then it goes on to night number two and so on, until we- we just wanna find it as soon as possible
without getting caught. So we wanna complete this mission in as many- in as less nights as possible. And if you get to night five,
game is over and Granny wins. – Yeah. – So we wanna give a
shout out to The Skorys for inspiring us to do this challenge. We saw their video,
and it was super funny, so check them out in links down below. – So, lemme show you the
four items we had to find. Come follow me. – [Granny] Where are you my children? (Jordan yelps) – [Jordan] Okay, so these are the four items we had to find. We had to find this key right here, this ginormous bunny
keychain which is super cute, and it has a key on the end of it, and it’s a good thing that we have this keychain ’cause this key is teeny. A hammer, I’m assuming to break the wood, and some little pliers, so- (Granny mumbling menacingly) We have four items that
we had to find you guys. – One for each of us. – Oh no, okay, yep, alright. – [Jake] Where is Granny goin’? Logan likes him. I mean her. – [Granny] I hear you. – Okay, we have to turn
around, so you can’t see. – Granny’s gonna hide the four items. (kids humming the Jeopardy theme song) (mysterious music) – Okay you guys, so it
looks like the granny is done hiding everything everything. Now the granny can’t see us at all, but she can hear us,
so we have to be quiet. – And Phil. – Alight guys, I think we’re
set up and ready to go, so let’s go onto night number one. (eerie music) – [Granny] I hear you children. I have some treats for you. Come get your treats. (candy rustling) Yummy. Oh kids, where did you go? Oh visitors, have some candy! (candy rustling) Is that you kitty? Kitty, where’d you go kitty? Oh children, are you over this way? (dog barking and kids giggling) I hear you. (dog barking) (eerie music) (Granny mumbling) (girls yelping) (dog barking) Where are you children? – She just ran into a wall. (kids laughing) – [Granny] Come get your treats. (Jake singing) Wait for me. – Where is she? Where is she? – [Granny] Granny’s coming. Children, hey, are you
over there children? (kids laugh) Where did you go, over here? Oh kids, want to play? Old Granny can’t keep up. Oh, come here kids. (Granny calling out from afar) – I can’t get this open. Does someone know how to do this? – [Granny] What are you children- (clapping) – It’s the hard mo- – [Audrey] You got it? – [Jordan] I gotta- we got it; we got it. – Okay one lock is done. – [Granny] Where’d you children- – [Kids] She’s coming. – [Granny] Granny wants to play. Can Granny play? Where did you go? Oh kids, more treats left. (dog barking) – Come on, hurry, hurry. – [Audrey] If we find new clues… Oh, the computer… – [Granny] Kitty I’m coming. Kitty, kitty, that’s a good kitty. Where are my children? Children, where are you? I know you’re in here. Children, where did you go? Children, where are you? (Audrey screaming and laughing – [Man Offscreen] Dun dun duuuun. – [Audrey] She got me. (commotion in hallway drowns
out Audrey) …that way. No, the granny got me. – I’m gonna hide. – Night two. (suspenseful music) – Okay so we have- we
didn’t get three locks still, you guys, or I mean tools. Okay, let’s go. Stick together guys, stick together. – [Granny] Kids, is that you? Granny’s been baking, want some cookies? Granny made fresh cookies for you. (kids yelping) – [Jordan] Ty, Audrey, come here. – [Granny] Dear I got a lot- cookies. You want some cookies? Come give Grandma a hug. Where are you children? (kids laugh) – [Jake] Search, search in here. – We gotta hide if she comes in here. – [Audrey] If Granny comes we gotta hide. – If Granny comes everybody
stay on top of the bed. – [Man Offscreen] You just don’t move and she won’t know where you’re at. – True. – [Boy Offscreen] She’s
coming; she’s coming. – [Girls] Hide. – I’ve got fresh cookies. Come give Grandma a hug. Where’d you go children? Where are you; are you in here kitties? (computer chiming) (dog panting) – [Granny] Kids, give your Granny a kiss. You wanna cookie? (dog barking) You wanna cookie? Where are you? My children, come here. Come give Granny kisses. (dog barking) I hear you; is that you kitty? You want a treat kitty? Here’s your treat. Good kitty. – [Jake] You’ll never catch
me, na-na-na-na-nah-nah. – [Granny] Where are you going? – She came so close to
touching me guys, so close. – [Audrey] Guys have you found anything? I don’t know where anything’s at. Maybe if we use the magnifier. (kids yelping) (suspenseful music) – [Granny] Where are you goin’? Wait for Granny. (eerie music) I can’t see. Come on kids, I’ve got fresh cookies. Wait for me children. (Jake yelping) Mildred is that you? (dog barking) Where did you go? I hear you. (Granny singing) You can’t hide from me, my children. Where are you? (dog barking) Kitties, come here my little sweeties. Where did you go? Sweeties, where are you? Come give Granny a hug. Wait for me; Granny wants to play. – Let’s get Audrey. Guys, guys. – [Jordan] We found it. – We found the key. Okay you’re giving away our spot. Okay, find two more tools. Let’s go; don’t let the granny catch you. – I can’t believe we did not get caught. (kids mumbling) – Granny wants to give you treats. Where are you? Which way did they go? Come here children. (suspenseful music) Is that you my children? You wanna play? Come here kids. Where did you go? Come give Granny a hug. Where are you? – I can’t get it open. – [Jordan] Wait, it’s open; it’s open. – Okay, we got it, yes. – [Jake] She’s coming. – [Granny] I hear you children. Where did you go? Is that you? Granny wants to give you a kiss. Come here; don’t be shy. Come to Grammy. (window blinds rustling) Come to Grammy. (kids laughing) Where did you go? (kids laughing) I hear you. – [Audrey] That’s not a tool? Oh, I thought that was a tool. – That’s not- – [Granny] Wait for Granny. (kids yelping and laughing) Is this ring-around-the-rosie? (kids laughing) – [Ty] Nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo. – [Granny] Kids, come here, I gotcha. I gotcha (mumbling) kids. Come give Granny kisses. (girls laughing) Where are you? I hear you. My cute kids, where did you go? (kids giggling and yelping) Come give Granny kisses. Oh, this Granny’s tired. – [Boy] You okay Granny? – [Granny] Granny, ah, kisses! (Ty laughing) Where are all my children? Why won’t they play with me? (eerie music) (kids whispering) – [Ty] She’s coming, she’s coming. – Guys this is where I
got trapped the last time. Where is items? – [Granny] Oh, Granny’s getting
too old for these games. (Granny mumbling) (kids laughing) Are you there? Come play with me. It’s you? Oh where did you go? (kids yelping) – You guys we’ve gotta find it. Could it be in the shelves? Look, the screen’s fuzzy. – Guy, we can take it out- the door. – [Jake] Break down- – [Granny] Granny needs to adjust the temperature but can’t see. Where are you children? Is that you? (wood creaking) – [Jordan] She’s gonna hear it. Granny’s gonna hear it. (tape ripping) She’s coming. She’s coming! Go, go, go, go. – [Ty] I’m’ behind you; I’m behind you. (tape ripping and wood hitting the floor) – What are you children up to? Don’t you want to play? Come play with me children. (whistling) (wood hitting the floor) – Keep coming, we got that off- (kids laughing) (Jake laughing) – [Granny] Where did you go? – [Jordan] Jake- – [Granny] What? (Jordan screaming) – [Jordan] What! Granny got me; I was- – [Man Offscreen] Duhn duhn duuhn. – [Jordan] I was trying to get Jake back. – Oh give Granny hugs. Oh let me squeeze those cheekies. – Okay guys we only get the wire clippers and then we’re done. This is night three. (suspenseful music) – Two more nights and- – Two more nights and we lose, but we only need one more thing so- – Yeah let’s go. – Everyone go. – [Granny] Come here children. You comin’ to help me dust? (Ty singing) Where are you children? Come dust the house. Is that you? (girls yelling and laughing) – Oh no! – You guys- – [Granny] Oh you are so cute. Oh I could squeeze you forever. Oh I love those cheeky cheekies. – Ow. – Guys this is night four. We only have one more night, and we need one more item you guys. (suspenseful music) I don’t know about this; I’m worried that we’re gonna get caught by Granny. – [Granny] Children did you come back? Where have you been hiding? Come here children. – [Kid Offscreen] Guys, guys! – Shhh. (ball hitting the floor) (kids whispering) – [Granny] Where are you? I’m gonna come to kiss you. (kids whispering and yelping) Why are you hiding? Let me squeeze those cheeks. Boo! – (whispering) I’ll distract her. Why don’t you go see- cuts the wire? Oh Granny! It’s your favorite grandchild. – Where are you? Come here, gimme hugs. – Come on guys! (kids yelping) – Wait for me, don’t go! Children! – [Girl] Guys, this way! – [Granny] Oh. – Guys I can’t believe we
escaped Granny’s grasp. We did it just in time, oh my… (kids laughing) – So if you’d like to see
us play this game again comment down below and- (girls laughing) – Comment down below. Who’d you want to be the granny, ’cause we can have somebody
else be the granny. And what location do you want it to be in? – Remember to like,
subscribe, and share and- – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time. – [Kids] Bye! (suspenseful music)

Granny Game In Real Life / That YouTub3 Family

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