we don't have batteries for us with the omni pod and it ran out of batteries completely good morning guys hey we're at the zoo today we decided to make a list of the things that we wanted to do this summer so that we didn't miss any of the things that we really wanted to do that we're important to us and the zoo was one of them and so today we're going boys are not with us John's working and Eli is woke up this morning with the left side of his face hurting worse than it had been so I called the doctor and they said we probably need to get him in so tomorrow he's gonna go in and they're gonna double-check that but he's just on the couch today playing video games he was like I don't really mind if you guys go to zoo I'm happy to just play video games stay here cuz I'm not feeling great and I was like okay so it's bummer that he's not here I wish you were here but hopefully he'll be feeling better soon so we miss him and we'll keep you guys posted on how he's doing so we're about to head out porcupine ow she'sshe's being a photo photo ographers but the bars are in the way and I was trying to move away for like this funny is and Gretchen's with this look hello it is a beautiful day today ah so pretty zebras or zebras guys apparently ostriches are also in this enclosure and when I first glanced at this I thought that this was showing the Zebras feet and I was like no that is wrong but can you imagine was Eber would look like with those feet I went to the newquay zoo – draw animals with my animation class some meerkat Lions so good I called this one the seagull slayer because the guy that was taking care of meerkats was telling us about their behavior and a couple weeks earlier one of them had found the seagull and killed it oh my gosh so they're crazy they're crazy okay we're gonna try to match strides ok asked him which one are you gonna do the gazelle the zebra or the ostrich ok nice nicely done the gazelle sort of ends quite abruptly doesn't it it's like you get three steps yeah always what like that for all of eternity my time hopped this morning you know like the app that shows you pictures from like a year ago from your social medias showed me from one year ago today that we were at the zoo that crazy wild just crazy this exact zoo this is a year later Wow although you know what do I really want to go to that's just because she's in love with Robert or why not that's not the only reason that's one big reason but I always don't know who Robert Irwin is he's Steve Irwin's son the Crocodile Hunter so cool [Laughter] new visa pygmy slow loris the little duck Aspen's going fishing how'd you drop them in the bucket oh there we go Dustin's looking good looking good you may have thought that you knew all there was to know about Anna but by day animation student and artist by night super penguins at Ossining they're getting some mini melts ice cream which is pretty much just different dots and they're very exciting would you get cotton candy opening the fridge coming and choosing oh wow it's like a little suction thing look at that huh PDMS betrayed we have extra paw the white hand hears we're out of batteries is what's happening I think we just forgot to check would you like me to run and get something I can get some okay guys so um we don't have batteries for a spits omni pod and it ran out of batteries completely and sometimes you just don't like it's just hard to have a chronically ill kid sometimes because you just want them to experience normal life you want them to be able to do things without thinking about you know stuff and I know it's not that big a deal but it's frustrating and now she has to do shots today so yeah it is what it is and we're grateful for all the medical technology and we're super grateful for all the stuff we have but sometimes you're just kind of like man I just wish she could go to the zoo and have some ice cream and not think about any of this stuff so yeah anyway but you know like I always tell my kids the best way to cope with times that are difficult is to like let yourself feel sad and like allow yourself to feel sad don't just ignore it but then like start thinking of all the things you're grateful for and we have a ton to be grateful for and even in like the realm of her illness and all that like I said the technology and all the advancements and all the things and all the support and so very grateful and we're gonna enjoy the heck out of this day you guys even if we have to do something we're gonna be okay hey buddy I'm good thanks to you Anna tell us your geese experience and I just just confirms everything I believe about Jesus Thanks I'm afraid of geese and I hate them I'm gone what did these things horns it's so weird our annual contest they're flea yeah to see how far Oh Jackrabbit nice mom's really good at jumping high though so she's got that it is hot and it's very hot today you guys guys can you see the lighter so we're eating now we've got some we brought a little picnic from home and then we're gonna figure out how many carbs we need to give me units of insulin and give a shot how are you feeling about this not excited yeah she's very used to not having to do it now you're like yeah doing good didn't even feel it did you feel it good job we did it there we found the meerkats this is essence favorite what are they Aspen the loves these guys so oh my gosh they are beautiful I really are you mean your stuffed animal was the perfect impression the girls are getting a little bit of a sprinkler walking through the sprinkler because it is hot very hot like local lollipops really good Aspen has got batteries now and she can do a correction without doing a shot hood woot how are you doing anyway I know so you just have to try not to get what paint all over you it's hard um wait you're not you're not in focus that's a that's probably better for the viewers no why I mean how are you doing are you yeah your face going better yeah no medication right now so I think it's better right now at the moment hey guys today was a great day thank you so much for watching make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe and now I think there's 11:30 at night so probably gonna head to bed soon I am watching my youtube buddies Marissa and brookie right now so you should go check them out

Giving Shots at the Zoo
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