okay poor Korean trilby we're finally on vacation huh well at least you're on vacation here all right it's nice hot summer day we're gonna do some fireworks later on right first we're gonna go take a dip in the river okay let's go for it dude well let's get into water Oh way too heavy for oh wait wait wait before we get in the water though god I have the proper safety equipment okay let's get your life preserver on got my life preserver on you ready yeah I gotta get this boat we'll go put it in the water there we go we're off all right take an oar and paddle it's not out too far okay like we're in the ocean or something yeah okay go ahead in first into the waves so we don't get step size gap guys when you flip over upside down let's paddle over here and kind of park off for a bit okay all right hey pork rinds you'll be weird you'll be oh man put to sleep writing all these waves – it's a dinosaur but read Roby hey man look over there it's a dinosaur dude wake up man wait for it hey look it's a dine it what's gone what it's going on there's a dinosaur there a second ago I'm just gonna go back to sleep dude wake up man I'm doing all the paddling all by myself here we're Ranger lb why don't we go on vacation I do all the work its back just spinosaurus we're good you'll be hey we got do man there's a Spinosaurus right over there we're great drew wait wait wait come on man yeah – something it's gone it was just there it was a Spinosaurus man must be true no I'm not dreaming I saw it Oh big wave big wave we gotta get out of here is coming to this wedding man come on battle get back to the ramp hurry quick we got to get out of here all these other boats thank you just being eaten by the Spinosaurus hurry oh the water with my watch out there we're safe from the Spinosaurus hey let's go do some fireworks okay look Brooke red ruby there's a storm coming over there we got to get out of here for the sponsors before the storm blows away wait okay Warren three oh wait we're for intro Vigo hey you in there Hey well my pants are coming down hey fourth grade you'll be come back for girl beat man you left me up here in the store come back dude you forget to run Spinosaurus we'll do the fireworks when it stops raining okay okay go get inside okay park ranger Obi so we made it out of that storm but it's still raining you ready to do some fireworks in the rain yeah okay I got to do the fireworks because I'm an adult and you're not supposed to have kids handling fireworks okay so I'll light them but you can hold the umbrella for me so the fireworks don't get wet all right let's go up and get our big stockpile over here let's go oh you wanna do the yellowjacket okay let's go wide it come on yellow jacket you're gonna sting us run all right this is a mushroom probably just gonna run away Wow Wow that was cool look at old smoke I look at is like a plow awesome like a mushroom bounce protect us from the smoke oh no this is a blaze of fire cone I think it's gonna do Sparks and everything okay you ready okay there we go Hey look at that man's like a blonde the sparks okay hey what's over here now that we've done that okay here's the tank come on take right away which way is it freezing folks face it right at the camera all right there's a tank Oh whoo okay that tank did more than I thought it would okay how about a frog yeah all right it's gonna try this wrong then huh okay Frog Prince see what it does when you light it there's a frog hey rocket the croc rock it's like an alligator in it huh yeah oh look it's got wheels whoo-hoo let's go light this baby up huh yeah cool oh come on there we go get out of here man what's it gonna do croc didn't roll whoa that was a surprise okay here's a grenade look at the green oh wow that is so close oh that's like a stink bomb man oh oh wow man it's like t-rex rants green isn't it yeah we need a whole stockpile of these things don't we yeah get away from the dinosaurs all right man look at those two parachutes in there huh Wow cool dude all right let's go over here we gonna go do another area where we can launch them up okay it should be a parachute right oh there's a parachute up there's a tree okay we have to find another launch pad for that huh yeah there we go oh oh we had a blue trailer wall oh wow Oh went in the water though you have to go out there in the boat and get it in a minute okay so we got to go out over the water here so just push it in the ground like that oh man okay now we've got a new launch space for the parachute let's try again I wonder where it went please that over there what's that over there man is that it as the little parachute is oh there's no person on it I thought there was a little parachute first on there the nub okay let's go put that in the trash that's cool we moved to a new location with no trees above us okay it's kind of dark now but these are the big boys here okay this is called tall Texan you ready yeah tall Texan yeah big this thing is gonna blow Wow look at that man that was a doozy wasn't man a flashlight to my face there that was a doozy what did you think of that one portrait girl fee huh yeah let's find another big one huh okay so each one of these is like an artillery shell are you gonna unwind the fuse and drop it down inside okay you ready to run yeah Wow this is the biggest one we've got 16 shots the Yellow Rose of Texas yeah 16 shots [Applause] okay Park Ranger B that was fun doing the fireworks wasn't it yeah all right you're gonna go make some s'mores let's go let's go for it hey fans tempte toylabtv smiley face to subscribe and find out about our newest videos you can also temp the pictures to watch more fun videos right now don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up

Giant Life Size Spinosaurus Dinosaur Jurassic Adventure & Fun Family Fireworks Outdoor Celebration

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