all right corner backwards forward please all right watch out for your PA [Applause] we're going well we're going ice world you excited Scarlet's here to your favorite girl oh my goodness just like Minnesota but we're in Florida yes tell us exactly what we're experiencing right now we're experiencing the cold frosty winters of Minnesota that we ran from to live in Florida and now we just paid to come to a place that's covered in ice that's right that makes no sense so Jesse was a little worried because he didn't bring proper gear but they're handing out gear to everyone around this and I'm so silly I thought that it was just one big giant family all wearing the same coat wearing the same coat but apparently it's gonna be cold enough the bear passing out winter gear for us are you excited to go in yeah nobody in Florida has winter gear so I do because I'm always prepared for the life I prefer and I just don't know if I can like do the whole balloon why are you wearing your son jackets match with it because I don't want to lose them so they're better than if they just go in my face is that okay cardboard boy yeah it's cardboard yeah it's hot with you it's so cold turn to glue and anger oh my god nine degrees nine degrees that's like right up my alley I love nine degrees really looks super legit my neck my neck feels really really warm cuz I have a scarf um but in my head you're like oh my god they're gonna turn red that is amazing different colors and everything that is like art for sure you ever been whacked with a GoPro okay so Rory and Scarlett starting to get super super cold they they did make it down the ice slide but we're gonna take a little snack break huh and we still get to go snow tubing everybody else is still going down the ice slide in there I don't know how they're surviving it was so cold and there was only nine degrees oh my goodness I wish I could have stayed longer because the exhibit this year was my favorite all-time favorite Christmas movie Rory is all of us in love today [Applause] you want to get a big one do you want to go another one with mom or do you want to go alone alone oh my gosh are you going doubles or singles go have fun with that have fun wind up and are you going double singles no I'm solo with solo artist we live in Minnesota we live there for eight years I never went sweating for my first time until like five years in and I got hurt really really bad so I'm kind of dreading this moment because I haven't been sledding ever since I don't like the snow I don't like the gold brother that's why we moved away from Minnesota and I really don't understand why we're doing this today but you know what it's for the kids the things for the kids so Rory decided she's gonna be riding with her mom and it's double we're going off single baby awesome oh yeah look at this oh my gosh it literally sounded like somebody just died oh my god that sounded terrible I'm kind of getting freaked out now people are screaming like that I'm gonna get a little freaked out myself [Applause] all right corner backwards forward please all right watch out for your PA what some moments over what's weird longer we just say it again she's getting older guys she's not shy 13 she's at that age she's at that age all right so there's no expansion challenge basically where you're having the time of your life but you can't show it yeah downhill sledding challenge she's ready to go now you ready to rock I'm gonna lay down a chill it on the GUP sounds good I'm gonna go super fast because I'm minute what it looks like eight riders at a time lift it slime the snowy mountain and then we slide our way down to the bottom yeah I guess the climate my name and a walk to mountains they'll be replaced with something you can tell me what take your time find away I searched the line five [Laughter] I'm gonna make your tongue turn blue we get some blue raspberry Italian Rory and I are done with the sledding and we decided we wanted to play a game of rock yeah throw the rock and see what number we have so I got one you got two and then I'm gonna get four you're gonna get four yep I'm not really understanding this game guys that's four so that means that's four okay all right let me see the rock all right you got number four again all right you'll be able to tell me what number I got yeah okay all right yeah I'm not sure how to play this game I'm not quite oh that I'm already doing number five oh okay I'm doing number all right here's number five over there not bad okay so that's number five what a miskeen once other persons go you have to stay away to turn oh okay so you're sitting and waiting your turn yep so Alex you get to go two times that you devote your time okay all right Rory we're gonna have to save this game for laters all right you guys so we made it back home we all needed some R&R after our crazy weekend doing disney doing the ice adventure and we are just about to film our Christmas special here's a sneak peek look at all those presents oh my goodness Rory's so excited for his it's actually Christmas Day today our and art is rest and relaxation we got to go on his bed look at him he's disgust oh my gosh diesel he's filthy where are you couldnt say having the belly ups they haven't seen you in a while good old Krusty diesel look at him no no no Penelope did so so good in her first road trip with us new guys she did amazing she was such a good little puppy thank you guys so much for watching and coming on all of the amazing adventures with us this life would not be possible without you guys and we appreciate each and every one of you and thank you to all of you who came up and said hello identity and a signature we're gonna say goodbye

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