hi today I'm going to show you five exercises that should help you to get ready for the snow and ski first exercises split lunge jump so you can jump as quickly as possible second variation is make your steps big and the third one is as you step you make a lunge second exercise is squat so feet are wide apart we're going to squat for ten try to go deep you don't have to go fast go deep so it's for ten and then when you complete ten you have to pulse stay low and pulse for 10 one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten third exercise put your weight down I'd like to have a reference line so make sure you have something on the floor uh something that you're going to be jumping over if the weight is too high put a line or something with a rope or because something that you have a reference and all you have to do is jump over it so technically you're going to be doing jump side to side but if you have something on the floor like me jump over it so that's for 30 seconds once you're done once you complete thirty seconds do twists twist really twist your body and do it fast that's another thirty Seconds fourth exercise power jumps grab your weights put them on your shoulder you have to have weight because when you ski you have a lot of gadgets on you it's heavy jacket and other stuff you know things in your pocket like sunscreens anyway so I highly recommend working with weight so you're in your squat position holding your weights high like that is fine and you're gonna squat very slowly we're gonna do it for kind of three and then we going to explode up so it's like that so let's go one two three hold and up again one two three and up the very dynamic exercise perfect to prepare you for skiing one two three and up one two three and up go as low as you can try to do ten of those and the last exercise we're going to do traveling lunges okay so grab your weights and lunge step forward go down and bombs four three one two three and when you stand up try to balance on one leg and then step forward for another lunch do the same thing 1 2 3 up balance for one leg it's an excellent exercise to prepare for skiing and step forward one two three and then do ten lunges on each leg when you're done do them again and again because you were supposed to do three sets of these exercises and try doing them two or three times a week it's recommended to start three to four weeks before you go on your skiing trip so enjoy your skiing thank you for watching and I hope you have a great vacation without pain in your muscles thanks for watching again and I'll see you next time

Get Your Body Ready for Skiing – 5 Preparation Exercises (for amateur skiers)
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