You have seen it. Denver is evolving and growing. Our city’s unique past, lifestyle, surrounding mountains and distinctive neighborhoods are what makes Denver special. Planning can help ensure these neighborhoods remain the special places we love well into the future. To give the communities in East Denver a voice in that future, city planners are working on two plans: the East Area and East Central Area plans. They will be holding community workshops in these neighborhoods this winter and spring. Change is on the horizon in these areas. The roll out of the Colfax Bus Rapid Transit project, and ongoing re-development projects throughout both of the planning areas will
have a lasting impact on residents and businesses. The planning process will ensure residents have a voice in the future of their neighborhoods and help set the stage for more equitable
growth that also helps to preserve what makes these areas so special. “I love living in this area because of the
diversity, because of the contribution that immigrants have made to this neighborhood. I feel like Colfax was “ours” for a long time. I always joke that Ethiopians were revitalizing Colfax since 1987 (laughs), and we’ve been here and we are still here. Those that have made it I hope will continue to be a part of the fabric.” “The former editor of Streetsblog called Colfax, ‘the most democratic street in Denver.’ “It’s an accessible place. You’re comfortable here. It’s accessible in that there’s transit options to get here. It’s accessible in that anything that you want–you can find on Colfax from pizza, to a beer, to the Fillmore and the Ogden–entertainment.” These neighborhoods are some of Denver’s most diverse and historic places. City planners have been gathering input from these neighborhoods for over a year including 11,000 comments from community events, meetings, and online surveys. Through our outreach, residents have shared their concerns that housing is becoming unaffordable and residents are being displaced. We also hear that you want historic architecture
to be preserved and new development should respond to the existing character of the neighborhoods. You also want more local retail and restaurants and to help preserve existing ones. “How is it that you are able to maintain that character in an area that is defined by change.” And not close our doors to others by limiting growth, by limiting who can live here because of affordability reasons.” “I enjoy stepping out onto my front porch
and looking to the right or the left and I can see all my neighbors’ front porches, so I can wave to one who might be stepping out.” We’re also listening to you about how to
make it easier and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists to get around. There are too many crashes involving bikes and pedestrians on our busy corridors. Some areas need sidewalk improvements, and others don’t have sidewalks at all. “Well, I know I am spoiled living here. The
location is great. And I’ve enjoyed the B-Cycle. I also am spoiled with two bus lines. And then on the way home, I might step out of my office and say, ‘Oh, it’s great weather today. I’m going to ride a bike home.” “So this is one of the places that’s still
affordable in the Denver region. This is the highest concentration for refugee relocation in all of Denver. “Walkability has been an afterthought of
this area.” We’ll continue working together in all neighborhoods
to create plans that will ensure they grow according to their community vision. We’ll address area-specific issues such
as improving walkability, housing equity and affordability, providing economic opportunity, better transit access and overall quality of life. Yep, the planning process has begun, and now
is your chance to provide input! There will be many opportunities to participate
and let us know your ideas on the future of this area of Denver. During the upcoming events we will discuss
the big ideas that have been heard from the community over the last year. We need your input on these as well as to
share new ideas to help us understand the community’s vision for each neighborhood. Get Involved! “Come to these meetings even if you don’t know what to ask, ask whatever you’re thinking so that you do feel like you’re heard.” For more information go to: Or

Get involved in the East Area and East Central Area Plans!
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