At Genesee, we strive to make every athlete that walks through our door a part of our family. We're committed to your success athletically academically and personally. The school is a comfortable size everyone kind of knows everyone you can get a lot of one-on-one interaction with teachers coaches. All of my classes are within the range of like twenty to thirty people. I've never really had a lecture hall full of like 300 students. They take your academics here very seriously, but they also want you to excel very highly in your sport. The facilities at Genesee Community College are unlike any other campus that I've been to. Our Fieldhouse is a large Fieldhouse that now we can use indoor and outdoor. Genesee is fully committed to these athletes. We welcome student-athletes from all over the world. Whether you're a baseball player from Bergeon or a soccer player from Ireland when you come to Genesee, you become a part of our family. Coming here to the States, it's a huge difference, everyone's friendly, everyone's helping you out and makes you feel like it's a home away from home. Having our local athletes participate with students that are from around the world, it makes them a better athlete. The rewards of that is that when they get ready to transfer, they're the best player that they can be. If they're in-state students getting an education at Genesee is very affordable, if you're out of state or international, it's even better. We have girls on our team from around the world that you do not want to go up against they're just so amazing. We're definitely a big family here at GCC The lads that won the national championship in 2017 even engraved "family" on their rings. So my plan is to transfer to four-year school with the support I have it's gonna be very easy for me to transmit whether that's being a SUNY school or like an out-of-state school. Coming here I'm a 100 percent different person. I feel like I gained more confidence I found more respect in myself as an athlete and as a student, it changed my life. As you can see Genesee has a lot to offer, come see for yourself. Genesee is the place to be!

GCC Athletics 2019

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