Roll7, the developer famous for last year’s
minimalist skating game hit OlliOlli, have made a new game called Not A hero. Inside
it, you’ll find a side-scroller loaded with frenetic gunfights that never overstay their
welcome. There are long joy slides on the floor to be had, a simple 2D cover system
for protection, and a variety of guns, grenades and bullets to add a bit of pop and spice
to your killings. Different character means different primary weapons and a wonderful
cast of British thugs. Epic leaps though windows and helicopter escapes are but part of the
scenery and the controls are tighter than a miser’s ass. The music is chipper, the pace
is relentless and most impressively, pink and blue have never looked so good together.
You’ll love this if you liked: The explosive side-scrolling action in Broforce
Or the ultra-violent takedowns of enemy packed rooms in Hotline Miami. Looking further, ‘Not a Hero’ is not just
a mindless kill fest. Well it is, but that’s why it’s not. To explain this sort of paradoxical
situation let’s start with the title. You’re not a hero. You’re working for a corrupt politician
during election season, killing hordes of people to do things as menial as turning on
a billboard power switch. The justification for this is that your politician boss, Bunnylord,
has travelled back in time to save the human race. Believe this if you want, but that’s
a pretty blatant lie. Essentially, this is a commentary on how games so easily cast you
as the hero when what you’re actually doing is morally dubious. In a shooter like this,
it’s pretty hard to justify the mass homicide. But what effect does this actually have when
you play? Well, not much. We constantly skipped the dialogue in our play time because it was
slow and we just wanted to get back to the action. We didn’t feel guilty for any of our
killing or worry that we were the murderous puppets of an evil Bunnylord. We had an objective
every level, and that was our only concern. Games may at times be filled with mindless
violence, but it’s only as mindless as the players.
As always thanks for watching my name’s Laurence, and my name’s Josh; we’ll see you
next time here on indieformer.

Game of the Month: Not a Hero – May 2015
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  • June 29, 2015 at 12:42 am

    @Indieformer i thought Bunnylord was just a corrupt politician as well, but it turns out he really has travelled back in time to prevent the end of the world, and killing all crime and getting elected was the only way how….. that and giving everyone free zucchinis

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    Indie former could you guys just tell us in you further videos about for which Platform are the games xbox, ps4..:etc


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