You look good in HD Hi, I’m Luke And I am Jordan Today, we’re gunna play a game of skate eachother… Take 10 Skater App Right, I’m Luke And I’m Jordan Today, we’re gunna play a game of skate against eachother on Skater App on the iPhone We’ll play Macba We’ll play flat ground Normal Berrics rules apply, except you have to call your trick first. So you have to say kickflip, and it has to be a kickflip. It can’t be a backside flip, you know what I mean? If not, you either get a letter or it passes to the next person Will this be a quick game or not? Yeah man, I’m way better than you Partially blind, by the way Double tap Set the marker up better No no no, just turn to where you want to be In regular… or goofy Press this button, that sets a marker See, noob Right, I’m gunna do a kickflip Clean Gentleman’s start to the game Boom I like to play a fair game of skate, what can I say? Right, nollie kickflip Unlucky Backside bigspin Let’s see if I do that Aw mate, failed. Unlucky. Taking extra practice when I’m not meant to be look. Right, that’s S for Jeverett Right, backside flip Aw, no way Your set Alright, I’m gunna do a backside 360 I don’t know why I flipped then Nollie back heel Um, just a nollie heelflip Clean Two foot catch, I like that Nollie backside flip Nope. Nowhere near. That was terrible. That was frontside aswell Oh yeah Front shuv I think I can do this What That doesn’t really count, I’ll rebate it Alright, nollie half-cab Nollie frontside 180 You don’t like the nollie half-cab thing? Nolle half-cab is fine Nollie half-cab flip Executed like a pro Shame games aren’t real though Nollie bigger flip That was dope though That’s K for Jeverett Alright, backside 360 Smooth like butter That was sloppy It’s alright, it counts. It’s good for defence. Frontside flip Super slow, you see that? Aw, that’s A, man I’m just terrible at the game Front bigspin Frontside bigspin coming right up Oh my god, can I do that again? Yeah, yeah that’s fine That’s T I do this in real life as well Mate if only I could beat you at skate this easily in real life Yeah but I always mess up what trick I’m doing …unless I land it obviously All right, let’s try this one Tre flip Savage. Alright I’m gunna go for a hardflip you know? I’m a hardflip type of guy That was so clean That was bigspin Damn it Luke’s on his first letter Right, I’m gunna go for a backside 360 kickflip I don’t know if that was it, was it? Yeah, yeah I’ll allow it, if only we could do a replay We can! Do you think that counts? Comment below Backside 360 flip, that’s what it says. The game thinks it is. I’ll allow that, that was clean The revert throwing us off S K to Luke Right, I’m gunna do a nollie inward heel I don’t even know how you do that. Ah there we go Double, doesn’t count All right, I’m gunna do a switch backside flip 180 yeah Yeah Aw just missed it Rage quit Oh, you’ve got one more try man. This is your last letter Go on, one last try for redemption Give you a doggy It’s weird to flick your finger that way I’m shit Good game bro Cool That’s the Skater App for iPhone, it’s a couple quid to buy. I can’t remember how much it is But it’s a really great game Please like subscribe and comment. Thank you very much

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