[THEME MUSIC] ALL: [SINGING] La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. FUNELLA: [SINGING] Your
room is ready for you. FURGUS: [SINGING] Just
needs to get the bed. PHOEBE: [SINGING] The lamp,
the desk, the rug, the sink. PILLOW: [SINGING] A
pillow for your head. PHOEBE: [SINGING] The
hotel’s run by monsters. Our staff’s beyond compare. ALL: [SINGING] We’ve
got the kind of service you won’t find anywhere. So welcome to the Furchester. La, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la. Welcome to the Furchester. La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. FURGUS: [SINGING] Dine in style. FUNELLA: [SINGING] So genteel. COOKIE MONSTER: [SINGING]
Cookie come with every meal. ALL: [SINGING] La, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la. ELMO: [SINGING] Here’s your key. PHOEBE: [SINGING]
So check right in. FUNELLA: [SINGING] Let
your furry stay begin. ALL: [SINGING] Welcome
to the Furchester Hotel. NARRATOR: Furchester on Wheels. [GIGGLES] ELMO: Well, well, well, well. Well. HARVEY P. DULL: Oh! Hey, careful. ELMO: Boy, sorry,
Mr. Harvey P. Dull. Elmo can’t skate. PHOEBE: You can’t
skate yet, Elmo? Well, if you practice,
you’ll get it. ELMO: Ah. HARVEY P. DULL: Well, the
lobby is no place for skating. PHOEBE: Right, Mr. Dull. Come with me, Elmo. We’ll practice in
the skate park. ELMO: What? The Furchester has a skate park? PHOEBE: Yeah, next
to the bowling alley. Come on. [BELL DINGS] FURGUS: [GRUNTING] MR. SHELDON: Oh. Is our room ready yet? FUNELLA: Uh, Furgus, how is
Mrs. Shelley and Mr. Sheldon’s room coming along? FURGUS: Oh, I just need to get
the bed into the room, dear. [GRUNTING] FUNELLA: This may
take some time. I hope you don’t mind waiting. MRS. SHELLEY: Mind? No, we don’t mind. FUNELLA: Good. Oh, maybe you’d like to
wait in the dining room. We’re having a lettuce special. MR. SHELDON: Mmm! FUNELLA: It’s right over there. FURGUS: [GRUNTING] FUNELLA: And please
take your time. MRS. SHELLEY: Oh, we always do. Oh, the service
here is very slow. We’ll have to wait a long
time for our room to be ready. MR. SHELDON: Yes. It’s slower than slow. MRS. SHELLEY: Slow. MR. SHELDON: Slow. MRS. SHELLEY: Slow. FUNELLA: Slow? Furgus, Furgus! FURGUS: What’s the matter, dear? FUNELLA: Our
tortoise guests said our service is slow, slow, slow! FURGUS: Slow, slow, slow? FUNELLA: Yes, just
because they have to wait a long time for
their room to be ready. FURGUS: Well, maybe our
service is slow, slow, slow. FUNELLA: But we can’t
have slow service. FURGUS: No. FUNELLA: Our guests
won’t like it. They won’t be happy. This is a huge problem! Oh, this is a catastrophe! [BELL DINGS] [MUSIC PLAYING] ALL: [SINGING] It’s more than
just a slip-up or a mess-up or a mishap. A Furchester catastrophe. We need to fix it fast-rophe. Put it in the past-rophe. This simply cannot last-trophe. A Furchester catastrophe. Our problem is so vast-rophe. We’re really flabbergast-rophe. Let’s ding the bell
full blast-rophe! Catastrophe, catatstrophe,
what a disast-rophe. Catastrophe, catastrophe,
let’s fix it fast-rophe. Catastrophe, catastrophe,
let’s put it in the past-rophe. It’s a catastro–
what a disaster. It’s a catastrophe! [HORN BLOWS] FUNELLA: This is a
really big problem. We need to be faster. We want to keep
our guests happy. FURGUS: Well, but how do
we do our jobs faster? FUNELLA: Let’s put our furry
heads together and think fast. FUNELLA: [GRUNTING] [GIGGLES] ELMO: Look, Elmo’s skating fast! PHOEBE: Well done, Elmo! You are fast! [GASPS] FUNELLA: That’s it! We can wear skates. Skates will make us faster. FURGUS: Mmm. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh! Whoa, skates! This great idea. Now me go faster, which leaves
more time for eating cookies. Whoa. There you go. Whoa. You salad and me off. Whoa. There we go. Me hope you enjoyed
it and terrific. Bye-bye. MR. SHELDON: Hey! What happened to our lettuce? FUNELLA: Oh, finished already? Well, that’s what I
call fast service. Fast, fast, fast. And who knows? Your room could be ready soon. Oh! Maybe you’d like to wait on
our special log in the lobby. Our tortoise guests
always seem to enjoy it. MRS. SHELLEY: Well,
that sounds lovely. Oh, I enjoy a nice log. MR. SHELDON: Yeah. She moves very fast. Let’s go, Shelley. MRS. SHELLEY: Yeah. [BELL DINGS] DOG: Hello? Hello? FUNELLA: Be right with you! [BELL DINGS] DOG: Excuse– PHOEBE: I can show
you to your room. This way, follow me. DOG: You’re going too fast! [BELL DINGS] FUNELLA: Oh! Whoa! Oh. PHOEBE: Oh, Mum, I
have another problem. I’m skating so fast the
guests can’t keep up with me. FUNELLA: So now the guests
are slowing us down. Oh, why don’t we give a pair of
skates to each of our guests? PHOEBE: Then, they’ll
be able to keep up! FUNELLA: And we
won’t have a problem. PHOEBE: Oh, Fuzzawubba, Mom. That’s a monster idea! FUNELLA: Oh! HARVEY P. DULL: Whoa! FUNELLA: Oh! Whoo! Whoa! Is the tortoise’s room
ready yet, Furgus dear? FURGUS: Every time I push the
bed, I slip on these skates. [GRUNTING] FUNELLA: Oh, Furgus! FURGUS: Hang on, I
think I’ve got it now. [GRUNTING] FUNELLA: Furgus,
are you all right? FURGUS: Fine, fine. I just wish that this
bed was on skates. FUNELLA: Furgus,
you are a genius. FURGUS: I am? FUNELLA: Oh, yes. What furry thinking! We’ll put the bed on skates! But why stop there? Let’s put everything on skates. Then, we’ll have the fastest
service of any half-star hotel. Our guests will be so happy! MR. SHELDON: Oh, there it is. MRS. SHELLEY: Oh. [LAUGHS] FURGUS: This really works. HARVEY P. DULL: But I don’t
want my chair on skates. MR. SHELDON: Oh. MRS. SHELLEY: Oh,
what a comfy log. MR. SHELDON: Yes. Eh? Oh. Oh, we have a problem. Could anybody please
stop this log? [GONG] MONSTER 1: Ding MONSTER 2: Dong. MONSTERS: [RABBLE] [CRASH] FUNELLA: Did you enjoy our
log, Mrs. Shelley, Mr. Sheldon? MRS. SHELLEY: Enough is enough. We’re checking out of the hotel. FUNELLA: Checking out? But you can’t leave now. Your room is ready,
right, Furgus? FURGUS: Ha, it certainly is. I just rolled the bed
all the way there. MRS. SHELLEY: But
we can’t stay here. MR. SHELDON: The
service is too fast. MRS. SHELLEY: Fast. MR. SHELDON: Fast. FUNELLA: Too fast? MRS. SHELLEY: Our
lunch was too fast. The other guests
were moving too fast. MR. SHELDON: And even
our log was too fast. FUNELLA: But you said the
service here was slow. FUR GUS: Slow. FUNELLA: Slow. You had to wait so long
for your room to be ready. MR. SHELDON: And that
is how we like it. MRS. SHELLEY: We’re tortoises. MR. SHELDON: Mmm. We like things slow. MRS. SHELLEY: Slow. MR. SHELDON: Slow. FURGUS: But this is a problem. If our service is
too fast now, how are we going to make it slow? PHOEBE: Mum, can we
take off our skates? They’re making us go too fast. FUNELLA: A brilliant idea. We’ll take off our skates. FURGUS: And the guest’s skates. FUNELLA: We’ll take the
skates off everything! [LAUGHS] FURGUS: Oh. MR. SHELDON: Now,
this is more like it. MRS. SHELLEY: Slow. MR. SHELDON: Slow. MRS. SHELLEY: Slow. FUNELLA: Yes. I’m so happy there’s no problem
with our going slow after all. If only we’d asked
you to begin with. FURGUS: And we solved our
too fast problem, too. [GIGGLES] ELMO: Look, everybody. Elmo can skate! HARVEY P. DULL: Oh, no. ELMO: Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Dull. Elmo’s been practicing
and practicing. HARVEY P. DULL: Ah! ELMO: And he can stop, too. FUNELLA: Excellent
skating, Elmo! ELMO: Thank you! Now, who wants to come with
Elmo to the skate park? FUNELLA: Oh, yes! FURGUS: Let’s go. Come on. HARVEY P. DULL: No, thank you. I’ve had enough of
skating for one day. I’m just going to sit
here and read my book. Wait, you forgot to take
the skates off my chair! Won’t somebody stop my chair? [BELL DINGS] [MUSIC PLAYING] FUNELLA: [SINGING] You
really can’t be going. Oh, say it isn’t true. FUNELLA AND FURGUS: [SINGING]
The Furchester will never be as furry without you. ALL: [SINGING] So
don’t check out. ELMO AND PHOEBE:
Please, please, please, please don’t go. ELMO AND PHOEBE [SINGING]
Don’t check out. COOKIE MONSTER: [SINGING]
Don’t check out! ALL: [SINGING] No, no,
no, no, no, no, no. Please, please don’t check out! MONSTERS: [RABBLE] ALL: [SINGING] Farewell
from the Furchester Hotel!

Furchester Hotel: Elmo Roller Skates with the Furchesters
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    first except the publisher, 7th view, under 301 club. Swag.

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    The puppets for Mr. Sheldon and Mrs. Shelly are recycled from the generic turtles that are seen on "Sesame Street."

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    Who are these stupid trolls disliking the vids?

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    I loved that even Isabel was given a thing to roll on. I liked the end where Harvey's chair kept rolling.

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    I think more episodes could benefit from having the family cause a bunch of chaos like in this one.

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    I don't understand why the Furchester hotel only has half a star. It's got a bowling alley, skate park, an awesome log, a world famous cookie fiending chef, a very popular tea time, a bobsled track…….the list goes on. What an awesome place. It deserves 5 stars imo

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