follow Thiago oh dear they you know what somebody's out of the country it's never happened in America is the same dude stop ball packs they might just you know I think he's two for two the guy's probably high as a kite you smell like weed over there well see if you're not privy to the team quest nipple flicky gay you flick somebody's nipples as they walk by it's not fun everybody loses an Emmy [Applause] all right here's your I'm very glad you won that fight Matt but I'm not impressed by your performance and I look forward to fight you in the near future man I'm living the Rocky movie yeah I tell you when that music comes all my nipples guys he's not really finishing I mean he stopped two cameras backing the first one is you know you know we start like playing his nipples our baby was he has antennas to play with [Applause] I know what I'm gonna do I will dick dick dick take the or my performance [Applause] Wow very interesting have not seen that I've not seen that Wow [Applause] and you're looking over here at me like I got something for you got kicked in the stomach now even smells good in here this looks like any giving Sunday look he wants to fight yeah he's saying let's go he's throwing some words out it means a new diet few big deal man [Applause] but thieves here 35 I rather Rashad where he got a big mouth and I don't like the fact they played with his nipples right before he gonna fight another man it's Jay so what kind of boyfriend are you interesting water does not know what he thinks the fight is still going on [Applause] the lights go out and Rumble drops a hammer man out cold wakes up and tries to grapple with Denver Glee otter like thinks the fight is still going on just on pure instant [Applause] what's up Arthur I just my god oh god is here George sleep here the rush Ozzy Ozzy run stop still showing a lot of head movement eat some nice cake is all over Cory Hill whoa whoa [Applause] we knows that one the fighters he was kind of girl you know fed pussy I like every way didn't he has some titties come on come on I grabbed his titty and then wasn't pretty we didn't like that he liked my grad was seated I think it started those 12 yeah why does it go through here then the devil is there between the between the clamps right and I'm interested in who have some sort of teach that impossible oh not me either crying laughs yes because it's different than college wrestling oh yeah a little different you okay Chuck yeah okay but you say you smell fear in him yes there's a beautiful aroma that arouses me said tell him he's Israeli my father raised me like this like a man hello I am his daddy I like to see I like that reacts [Applause] that's great looks like you want to fight any chance of bringing back trade rooms who did you say trade rules head rules pride rules fraid I drew you're killing me over there Braveheart I want to say one thing see if I got some fans out here ready here we go don't fear me come on Danny and you know don't fear me feel the consequences baby you know I've been training hard I'm not looking to call anybody out I just want to fight you know I'm not gay okay guys my question is actually for Conor McGregor assist all right so are you single and would you like to have a drink later there's only word karna system there's only work on assist though walking along I don't call it a training camp I don't know where this MMA turned firm came from you know this campus there's no campground there was no tent pad wrestlers all around me so it wasn't like I wanted to be here to arrest it I wanted to be you know I wanted to be ninja I want to tell me what you see let's go ahead and see by the fight what you saw in the ring thanks a lot Dana and thanks to USC for including me in today's announcement 2011 was a mod thanks a lot Dana for including me today in the rest of the UFC for this huge event 2011 was a monumental very excited to be a part of it and to look forward to this year with UFC intro in Canada well that one smooth because I want to fuck I want to fight with Chuck here [Applause]

Funniest Moments In Combat Sports: UFC, MMA, BOXING, KARATE, TAEKWONDO Compilation 2017
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