What caught my attention was the fact that it was different, they don’t have
very much in Brazil. Some people have prejudice… ..and sometimes they tell us
to go to school, to go to work. They don’t accept
a different sport. So I feel a bit strange
to ski here in Brazil. (FAR FROM HOME
Victor de Lima Santos, I’m 20 years old and
I’m a cross-country skier. (VICTOR SANTOS
CROSS-COUNTRY SKIER, BRAZIL) São Remo means a lot to me. It’s where I was born, best anti fog ski goggles
where I grew up. I have all my friends here, My entire family. It’s a place where I feel good,
so I really like to stay here. My father is a bricklayer… ..and my mother is a housewife. I have… Oh, my, I forgot. It’s because I have so
many siblings, I lost count. Gabi, Joao, Gabriel, Victoria,
Matheus, Paulinho and Paulo. He’s a good boy,
always has been. He never gave too much trouble. We live in a different place, but here also has
different people, and he’s one of them.
I believe he will go very far. Victor is a shy guy but he has a lot of thoughts inside that he doesn’t say. Children in São Remo don’t
have the same opportunities as kids in other
neighbourhoods of São Paulo. They get involved
with drugs, stealing. There are many kids
who get lost, go the wrong way, and the project helps them. The project Ski In The Streets
is a social project aimed to help the low income
youth of São Remo community. And it was created by Leandro, an Olympic cross-country ski
athlete. We began the programme with
only four kids in 2012, and the following year,
we already had 15, then 25, then we got to 40 kids. Now we have 95 kids
taking part in the programme. It was a very fast growth. For the kids, it’s very good
to have access to the sport to build their character. We wanted to do something
bigger and better than only providing
sports activities. The older boys, they help
us to instruct the kids. They act as a role model, trying to pass along
and to teach the values of their work
and the technique they learned to the other kids. For Victor, the possibility of
achieving Olympic qualification is changing the way
the boys see them. From the moment I started
practising the rollerski, I changed a lot. I started being disciplined, committed,
having an athlete’s posture, I started being responsible
and started passing the values of the project and
the Olympic values forward. – Good morning, guys.
– Good morning. Well, today’s training
is 1 hour and 45 minutes, so let’s do 40 minutes warm up, then 30 minutes
of 70% heart rate. Victor’s pursuit to the
Olympics happened naturally. Since the beginning,
Victor showed a very good potential in the sport,
in the technical way he was much better
than the other guys. He played soccer seriously
until he started the project. He was a fast guy. Explosive. I always wanted to represent
Brazil in the Olympics… ..in football or another sport. We are known worldwide
for football, but it was ski that appeared
for me to represent so I’m going to
try to do it in ski. It would mean so much
for the community to have a young man
in the Olympics. I’d be the first one from the
community to represent Brazil. So, on the path to qualify
for Pyeongchang Olympics, Victor is already
eligible for the spot. Brazil will probably
have one male quota and to fulfil this quota,
he has to be the best Brazilian in our national ranking. We have five athletes that have eligibility criteria
in Brazil… ..and the closest one
is Lucas Lima, that also comes from
the Ski Na Rua project. Lucas Lima lives about
300 metres from my house, so we have a lot of contact. Lucas is an
interesting character. When he started the project
he was 12. He was this big, fat kid. He lost 18 kilos
in maybe 6 months. Lucas knows what he wants
and he knows what he needs. And now he’s
a little bit less than ten points of difference
from Victor. So they are the ones that
are in the fight for the spot. My goal is to be
an Olympic athlete and to represent Brazil well. I’m always motivating him
in training and he’s motivating me too. and that’s raising the level
in Brazil. If I don’t make it then
I will be rooting for him. Read here more about skiing. My chance depends on the
upcoming competition in Europe. (STEG, LIECHTENSTEIN) Victor, because of the
importance of this competition, is a little bit
more nervous, anxious, so we’ll see how
he endures with this. Lucas has been able to improve
his average during the season, and now they are
very, very close. Just 0.6. That means less than
ten seconds in a race. This race here is
the last opportunity to get the points that
will decide who is the Brazilian athlete taking
part in Pyeongchang. I feel confident that I will
be able to achieve my goals, because I am well trained. This is the most important
contest of my career. I’m a little worried
that I won’t be the Brazilian representative
in Pyeongchang. Lucas has been presenting
himself well as a competitor. Ladies and gentlemen!
Now on the start, please welcome, with
a big hand of applause, From Brazil, Victor Santos! When I’m in the snow, I need to think more
than how to be an athlete, but how to be
a European athlete. Stay focused 100%. When I’m there I always
think I’m like one of them. A world champion. Crossing the finish line,
from Brazil as well, Victor Santos! Lucas Lima, well done, come on! Well done, Lucas Lima. I saw what they change
in their lives to be here pursuing this goal. When they come back to Brazil and show the rest of the
community how far they got, a lot of people will be amazed and will give them
self-confidence to try to achieve whatever
it is that they want. 242, 242 points. You’ll be in the Olympic Games,
dammit! This time I wasn’t able to
qualify for the Olympic Games, but I’m really happy
for Victor, because he is not
only representing Brazil, but our community too. (PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA) When I walked out in
the opening ceremony, my mind went blank. I was so amazed, looking
at all the people, the screens and
everything that’s happening. I was a little surprised at
the number of people, from TV you can’t tell that
it’s so full. Maybe I imagined this four
years ago, when I decide to quit competing and help with the development
of this sport, but it wasn’t real, it wasn’t
true that maybe the athletes who were starting at that time
and had a long way to go would be the guys
going to Pyeongchang. I started with him
since the beginning, now he’s achieved Olympic
goal, and I will be there
with him as his coach. I’m a little anxious,
but not nervous. I have a few things left
to do, like test skis, get to know the trail,
and recover from training. I’m focused on the work
I have to do, and when I get to the race
I’ll be ready. It’s a little different,
outside of Brazil. The education of people
on the street, they don’t throw garbage
everywhere, they respect pedestrians
crossing the street. It’s different here. If I had never met the ski, I wouldn’t have seen the
things I’ve seen or had the opportunities
I’ve had. This is different from the
other contests I’ve done. You see the logo for the
Olympics everywhere, so you don’t forget that
you’re at the biggest event in the world. It’s a very big achievement
to be at the Olympics. It’s the highest level of
competition in the world. It’s a big responsibility
to be the Brazilian representative
in the Olympics. You need to set an example. I always try to see the
performance not comparing with the field, but with comparing with
himself, and the skills
that we worked on. From São Remo community
to Pyeongchang, of course I’m proud of it,
and especially I’m proud of them, because
they worked hard for it. I’ve travelled a lot,
been to many places, and when I return to Brazil,
I’ll bring everything I’ve learned here
and bring it there. (VICTOR FINISHED HIS FIRST

From Skiing on Brazilian Streets to Racing the World’s Best in PyeongChang | Far From Home
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