so the thing is like, we are in ISPO in
Germany I’m Portuguese living in South Africa this guys is from Marseille you both
from the Bronx New York but we all in Germany for something so why are you
guys in Germany I know that you guys had a video super special video that will
come out soon but three two one we’re good to go
olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict you know these two well
these two are youth heroes John Ortiz Ray Mendez both legends from New York they
are here in unique for the East bow but they are here with a really special
project but I’m not gonna explain the project I’m gonna leave it to these two
legends to explain to the project so the first thing you’re gonna see another
legend let’s call some other legend to see what they do
you wanna call them we’re gonna put in a call right now – Abdiel Goldberg who’s
back in New York City running one of the skate classes that we have in one of our
schools so we’re gonna get them on the line and while we do that I’m gonna make
a little Instagram video we’re just all about multimedia you know so skaters are
filmmakers and photographers and we’re all creative types right so I’m gonna do
what’s up Ricardo CDs one you need to go where do you need to go to see that one
so they can go to my Instagram or they could go to the go sports go Sports USA
Instagram so we got a BL Goldberg Kohlberg in the house we got a rep or
what yeah I think I think what he’s gonna do is he’s gonna get the classes
attention so that they know to say hello to us where are the kids at we’re the
kids we don’t want to see your ugly face yeah yeah so this is one of our skate
classes that we have with some focus there and this is actually a class
that’s in the Bronx this is a program that we do call I – I
in line to ice and it’s really trying to address the gap between the inline skate
community and the ice skating community right so thank you bill
thank you thank you take you so much’ bill keep doing that thing we all love
you for that and for everything else cheers thank you and the cool thing
about this program Ricardo is that we run this program Monday through Friday
like every day of the week in the school it’s in the middle of the school day so
it’s embedded in the actual curriculum of the school day so it’s not an
after-school program right it’s like right smack dab in the middle of the
school day we run three classes a day 15 classes a week with that one program we
reach 500 kids a week wait and you guys been this cool like the best school in
USA where you guys like it’s someone voted or anything like that all do you
guys rate it no we just we are just working at the largest you know
thankfully we have great partners and we’re working right now at the largest
capacity I mean we’re every week we average you know depending on the
programming six to seven hundred kids a week with the programs that we’re
running so we’re working at very high volume yeah I mean the main reason we
started the company is we just want to create new skaters I mean me and Ray
have been skating 25 years you’ve been skating forever and it’s like we want to
keep it going so the best way that we figure is to just teach kids from the
beginning I mean we don’t necessarily start with aggressive or anything we
teach them the basics how to how we can not skate the mitchum aggressive at
first because that’s like a barrier somehow well but there’s someone else
that needs to jump in a train right now introduce him so so yes we have the
programming going in New York but like something that we’re working on right
now that’s we’re very passionate about is a project that we’re doing from the
Bronx to Marseille and we’re working with legend from Marseille France
Kevin Quinton who is you know basically the best bull rider in the whole row the
whole world and my chick Bobby check this shirt and he’s also world champion
of roller roller soccer everyone tell him a little bit about
from the Bronx to Marseille so yeah the thing is were walking a on a project
sincere with Ray and John go sports and my association point point has I say it
in French point 13 and the thing we want to do is to make this real cultural
exchange between our kids from us and the kids from the Bronx while walking
with kids that I will share in difficulty kind of you know and our goal
is to make them to push them to get access to to activities in life and
skating is the tools were using because because we we are scatter we love
skating and this is the area were from and without scaling we we may never had
the chance to meet each other because we know each other since over 20 years and
skating made that happen so we’re on the way now to make it happen for for the
use and the kids will walk with and we know we all know that we all know our
skate can our skating can help people to stay out of the shit so yeah I mean I
kept us all out of trouble we still got in trouble here in there the one thing
that I wanted to share with you guys is that you know we’re like doing this
project we’ve gone in Marseille cam and came to New York so the other day we’re
standing in the classroom with Kevin and like I’m talking to the class and I like
stopped and it hit me and I’m like I’m like wait a minute guys like you don’t
understand like we’ve known Kevin since he was your age
like that’s how long we’ve known him around the world and we’ve had all these
great experiences and were like brothers and so that’s how you know really a
passionate we are about this project and how important we really feel that it is
so wait but we are in a spot Germany so let’s let’s put it in context so the
thing is like we are in eSport Germany I’m Portuguese living in South Africa
these guys from Marcel you both from the Bronx New York but we all in Germany for
something so why are you guys in Germany I know that you guys had a video super
special video that will come out soon but why are you guys in Germany well
really to raise awareness right like just like we’re sharing
this with you we want to share with the brand’s we’re looking for partners we
you know we need to make this thing happen right it’s a really incredible
project it has a lot of layers but we need some support right so we’re gonna
be sharing all that stuff via our channels and websites and all that kind
of stuff we’re going to have a crowdfunding platform but we’re here to
raise awareness and so hopefully get some support from the industry how can I
help you can help because you’re masterful at this and content is very
very important so thank you for doing it first of all and you’re already helping
by having us on camera people doing what I do
if they help sharing your project they are helping to what end to helped and to
show and to and to share as well because skating is a passion and when you love
something you have to share it and we’ve been doing that since so long that’s we
didn’t wait for that to share with the kids and even other people will true our
schools but now we want to make something a bit extra and more across
the sea and keep saying it’s like I had this conversation with John Ortiz
yesterday which is like most of the people they stay in that cloud which is
there’s no money in skating I’m sorry guys I need to tell you you are all
wrong like you’re wrong that’s it use your creativity and if you really truly
are passionate about something you’ll be able to live from this I don’t know if
you’re able to see all these guys around this boot but there’s like around twenty
to thirty people around this booth and they’ve been more than twenty guys here
today all these guys that I’m talking about they all live from skating so yes
it’s possible maybe if you smoke joints all day and just drink beers and don’t
do anything else other than that don’t even skate as a pro skater that’s not
gonna happen but if you do all the things like I’m not telling you not to
do it I’m not your father but no you’re a hundred percent right I mean if you
get creative you can figure it out but like the most important thing for me is
if you give you’re gonna get back and the main focus for us is to teach the
kids because we want these kids to have an opportunity to find what they love in
life well I mean whether they become skaters forever or not through skating
they’re gonna learn that there’s a passion there’s something that they can
follow and it can be whatever they want lawyers
doctors I don’t care but as long as they find that passion through skating the
way we did and now we have the life we have I want those kids to have that
operating room or tonight we spoke today we were speaking about the lesson that
skating can be for life you want to explain it like because we all fall but
what what what do we all do after falling I mean you know the beautiful
thing about skating is that it it there’s so much more to it than just the
activity yes skating is fun we love it as an activity but there’s community
there’s so much more behind it and like you know like like us right like I I
learned how to be a creative professional because I was a skater
first right and I tell people that all the time it’s like yes I’m all these
things like I do all these different things but if it wasn’t for skating I
would have never found that path right and so that’s why we’re so passionate
about this really about providing an experience an experience that can open
the kids eyes and really create like a whole new life path for them Church thank you guys so much Marseille anyway thank you guys so much
for watching if this is the first video they’re watching maybe there’s a little
button that you need to click it’s the subscribe button and then there’s like a
little bell on the side if you click on that Bell every time that I upload
something about these or anything else yeah you’ll get notifications on your
phone your email whatever anyway what I keep saying every single video is just
don’t forget what we all started skating and it is because it’s fun cheers guys
and see you soon

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  • January 31, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Cool to see the legends giving back to skating . Keep up the good work lino.

  • February 1, 2018 at 1:19 am

    They are right. Using skating as a medium to teach kids far more important lessons in life like commitment, dedication, and perseverance is so important. A lot of that is missing in today’s sports advertising. You hear/see many things like “go big or go home” or how you “have to win” but they forget to address how we get to that level. Sure many of these kids may not “win” or be “number one” in every aspect of their life but with the life skills they are teaching through skating, these kids will always be ready to work to always try and be number one and respect the work others have put in to be number one. If you ask me, it’s dedication and love in something that makes a person a winner regardless of accolades and awards. These kids will be those winners.

  • February 1, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    Lino :will you review the new next and kaze skates? 🙂

  • February 1, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    I have a lot of love for people so passionate about helping and spreading positive messages- Great interview!

  • February 1, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Ricardo I’m hoping you could answer a question for me please, I just purchased the rollerblade twister boots! Which seem a perfect length for my feet but after trying them on in the house for 10 mins they are hitting the side of my feet?? I’m not sure if they are not wide enough for my feet or weather they need to be warn in? Completely new to skating so in need of help 😂 thanks Charlie from England 🤙

  • February 4, 2018 at 5:52 am

    That is AWESOME. I love it

  • February 12, 2018 at 8:08 am

    BRONX!!! 🙌🏽 Awareness is on the rise! Thanks !! For this.

  • July 2, 2018 at 5:57 am

    Shout from NYC, Bronx
    Castle Hill ave!!


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