I love skating it’s great exercise the first time I came here I started to feel like family it’s wonderful to meet nice folks like this skate is a community-based organization that loves to invite people come out skate be young be free and then also learn new things at the same time we have this space where people can just be themselves and it has nothing to do with their backgrounds or anything where they’re coming from it has to do it in the positivity that they’re bringing into it I love it it’s like I was birthed into it that arts keep us doing something learning something new it keeps us alive it keeps us moving just excited and able to come and just jam out without even thinking about anything about side you have roller skates here we have our acrobatics we’ve had break dancers here we’ve had hip hop artists here there’s all different types of art everybody can express themselves in different ways everyone’s open arms everyone’s different right we have dentists lawyers even police officers dancers circus arts skateboarders everyone of all different kind of genres they all come together and we all just skate and this gives us an excuse to get outside of our comfort zone get outside of our neighborhoods and meet other people of like-mindedness that we can network and yeah have fun with and learn from you know who doesn’t want to learn and have fun it’s like this real brotherly community love which is what Philadelphia is supposed to be all about [Applause]

Friendship and fitness combine in this Philly roller skating class
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One thought on “Friendship and fitness combine in this Philly roller skating class

  • April 16, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    I just want to learn to skate all over again. Miss it!⛸


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