Yes come here i am waiting for you Hello there! this is an ISWHEELS channel! In short i agreed with Danis that we will go to Ashdod at 8 AM Now it is 12 AM and that means Denis is irresponsible mather tracker Ashod we are coming!! DEEEEENNNNIIIIISSSS Did you buy me a soda
? People!!! We have arrived to Asdod!!! Is it Ashdod? It is 63kilometrs from [email protected]#king fly! 63 kilometers from Netanya We found some photos and we saw that is a big park in Ashdod… Let’s go I take my Seba and the USD For aggressive skating and for freeskate How was a way to Ashdod? That was a long trip We are coming to… to somewhere Yes this park is not far from the sea Is this your “BIG pump track”? NO, it is only part of it Look at this! This is a pup track too It is much bigger than in Haifa and the one in Netanya Quick we found it And this is a skate park Cool it is hot but not so hot as in the center and it is good so… i will do my first lap this track is not in perfect condition the asphalt is not smooth i will try to accelerate and let’s see how much does it matter well… ok it was one full lap it is ok we can skate here but do not try to pump without accelerate couse it will be difficult to pick up speed let’s chek out the second part of the pump track it looks more like a pump court i do not know how to call it comment below if you know what is the name of this spot Denis is right because on Netanya’s and Haifa’s parks was start court and the court was above the pump track and it was easy to start skating there is no start court except this place and this place is tilted down you need to skate on the top and then you can skate the pumps i think this is not comfortable so my opinion about this pump track it is possible but hard to accelerate you need to accelerate befor the ramps and then you drop in if you start from the spot you spend a lot of energy this pump track is good for you because you are a lazy ass and have to pump here comment below if you think that Denis is a lazy ass what do you think? Denis knows how to skate? or he is lying to us? i will accelerate on the red path to pick up speed and skate into the pump track he is picking up some [email protected] from the floor what did you find there idiot we have done with the pump track… oh sorry i have done with the pump track Denis did niot even start because he has a hangover and now let’s see the skate park this bowl is [email protected]#king vertical this is the highest bowl i have ever skated not good yep… i want to try something this thing shoot him up and down yes! now do a flip Andrei my ass is burning What? my ass is burning ok one sec good ok… we were skate with a stranger that humiliated me on the ramp and grinds because he knows how to do it and i do not he did not tell me this but you saw it ok my opinion about the skate park this park is big let me explaine the size of this park is not bigger than in Haifa or Netanya but… it is the same size but there are more shapes and spots than other places everything is very compact and this is cool i got some bad example like a “Galit” park in Tel-Aviv by the way in the next episodes we will come to there i was there and i hate this park so the difference between Galit park and this park first of all Galit is very small park and it looks like somebody tryed to make there every possible shapes and ramps and there is no flat spots and space between the shapes it looks like a little chaos how i said we will come to there i so not know how much time we will be there i think it will be a short episode and i don’t sure that we even will skate there because i realy hate it the fans of Galit park just excuse me this is my opinion ok now about this skate park we was skaiting the ramps and bowls only and maybe we will skate the street later U R DA MAN so comment below if you like this skate park does not matter if you were here or not i hope this video will help you decide when you choose where you want to skate i think people from abroad will not come here for skate park but those who leave here it is for you thank you for watching it was an ISWHEELS Do not forget to subscribe the channel like this video if you realy do and thats it see you soon!!!

Freeskate and Aggressive skating in park Ashdod…
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