– [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! – [Lulu] Thanks to Moose Toys
for sponsoring this video. – This is so super cool. – No kidding, it’s fluffy and so, so soft. (upbeat music) – And look what happens when
you squeeze it in a ball, Maya. – It comes alive! – I know, it’s like it’s melting. – What exactly is this, Lulu? Lulu? – Did I hear something? – Yeah, what is all this amazingness? – Oh, just the coolest thing ever. It’s called Foam Alive, and
Chef Pierre is whipping up a whole special menu of toy food using it. – No kidding, that sounds
absolutely spectacular! (bell chimes) (cheerful accordion music) – One scoop of the Blue Bliss. And voila! And now a scoop of the Fuchsia Flash. Ah, incredible. It really does melt like real ice cream. Oh, I can think of so many scrumptious toy ice cream flavors. Fuchsia Flash and Lava Lime, what an interesting
combination that would be. Now for my next cone. Which flavor this time? Start with some Lava Lime. Ah, delicioso! Hmm, I’m starting to feel a little funny. So funny. (playful music) (bell chimes) – Wow, this is really
mesmerizing to watch. – And to play with. – You’re tellin’ me, I haven’t
gotten any work done today because I just can’t stop playing with it. – So what kind of toy food
items is Chef Pierre whipping up with the Foam Alive? – You know, I’m not sure, I
should probably go check on him before we close for the evening, though. – Good idea. He might just be playing with it all too. (bell rings) – Fabulous, simply fabulous. Now melt away, ice cream. My rainbow surprise ice cream
will definitely make the menu. – Hey, Chef, how are the recipes coming? Uh, Chef? Are you okay? – Well, good morning, Molly. – Molly? Uh, Chef, what’s goin’ on? – What do you mean, what’s going on? I’m in the middle of making
the most exciting recipes! (yelps) Watch out for the pterodactyls! (Chef Pierre yelping)
– Pterodactyls? As in flying dinosaurs? Uh, Chef, I think you’re losing it. – I’m losing what? (yelps) Hey, don’t take my hat! – I mean it, I think you’re
coming down with something. You don’t look well at all. – I do feel a bit odd. – Oh, and you’re
definitely running a fever. Come on, Chef, we have to get you home. I’m no toy doctor, but I think you have a
really bad case of toy pox. – Ah! Toy pox? What’s that? (bell chimes) – This is so easy to clean up. It doesn’t stick to anything but itself. You just roll it up. – Yeah, and the package says it’s no mess and never dries out. – You clean up yours now, Addy. – Easy peasy. (upbeat music) Done! – Oh, girls, we have a
disaster on our hands! – Oh no, what’s wrong, Lulu? – I just sent Chef Pierre home with a horrible case of toy pox. – Oh no, does he have the
red spots on his face? – Sure does. – Is he running a fever? – His forehead was practically on fire! – And is he acting kinda crazy, like seeing things that aren’t there? – Oh, for sure. Unless there really are
pterodactyls in the kitchen. – That definitely seems
like a case of toy pox. He’ll need to get plenty of rest. – Exactly. But I need the Foam Alive
menu finished tomorrow. – What’s the rush? – Well, we’ve advertised
the new menu launch and everyone knows it starts in two days. – Well, we can help. We don’t have toy school tomorrow. – Yeah, we’ll report to
work in the kitchen tomorrow and whip up an incredible menu. – Oh, that would be fabulous! I’ll send you girls home
with some Foam Alive so you can start thinking
about some good ideas tonight. – Okay, Lulu, don’t sweat it. Addy and I are on it. (bell chimes) (upbeat rock music) Okay, time to study up so
I’m all ready for tomorrow. I wonder what would
happen if I put Foam Alive in one of my sand molds? Let’s try this fish. Here goes nothing. – Hmm, where should I start? Maybe I’ll see if this stuff bounces. First I’ll roll it into a ball. – Okay, out you come. Wow, that actually worked! Now, how long before it starts melting? Ooh, there it goes! So cool! – Okay, here goes nothin’. Whoa, it actually bounces! That’s insane! – I’m gonna roll you up
like cookie dough now! Flat as a pancake. – Now let’s see if I can cut this. Whoa. Fascinating. And now it’s melting! – I’m all cleaned up
and ready for tomorrow. – All done, and my recipe’s gonna be epic. Bring on tomorrow. (bell chimes) (playful music) – Who knew that I had such an extraordinary talent at ballet? Maybe I’ve been in the wrong
profession all this time. – Oh boy. Chef Pierre, what are you doing here? – I leaped all the way
over here on my tippy-toes! – Uh huh. Well, you have the toy pox, and should be at home in bed recovering. Hm? – Uh, what in the world is going on? – I’m discovering my hidden talents. – Okay, Chef, you’re coming with me. I guess I’m babysitting
you in the Toy Cafe today. – Wow. I don’t know what else to say. Just, wow. – You girls can get to work. Let me know if you need anything. Come on, my little ballerina. – Will do. – And now I’ve seen everything. (bell chimes) Okay, Addy, let’s start
off with your recipe. What did you come up with? – Foam Alive donuts. – Oh, I’m on board with that. – And I brought all these molds to make super fun shaped donuts. – Well, let’s get started, then. (upbeat music) – I’m gonna make a star donut first. – And I’m gonna do a heart. – Super fun! – Mine’s just about ready. Here it goes. – Whoa, your star looks awesome! – Yeah, it’s starting to come alive! – Let’s try out my heart now. It looks awesome! – Alright, let’s get making more! – This one’s gonna be purple! – And mine’s gonna be blue. – Time for the moment of truth, Addy. Amazing! – Yeah, and now for mine. Voila! – Let’s make one more each. – I’m doing this one. – I’ll try the star! – I’m gonna do half Fuchsia
Flash, and half Blue Bliss. – Great idea, I’m gonna
do half and half too! Now time for Lava Lime. – Mine’s looking good. Let’s do it, Maya. – [Both] So cool! – Well, I think the donuts are a success. Let’s move on to your recipe now. (bell chimes) – The pterodactyls! They’re everywhere! Shoo, shoo! – Are you really doing this again? – They’re trying to take my spatula. – For the last time,
there are no pterodactyls in the Toy Cafe. It is all in your imagination. – Don’t move a muscle. – Why not? – There’s a giant T-Rex behind you. And it’s pink. – And I think it’s time
to call the toy doctor. (bell chimes) – Foam Alive cookies
was a great idea, Maya. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. – And they had to be
cool-shaped cookies, of course. – Well, let’s see how my
sunburst cookie turned out. – Amazing! – Now do your flower one. – Here goes nothin’. – [Both] Whoa! – And two more to go. I’ve got the butterfly. – I’ve got the star. They look better than I even imagined! – Let’s split your flower
one to test ’em out. – I’m on it. – Whoa, I love how it’s melting! – Well, I think these were a success. (bell chimes) (Chef Pierre humming) – Mm hmm. Okay, thank you so much, toy
doctor, I think we can do that. – Dododododo. I mustache you a question. – Yes, what is it? – Do you happen to have a
pair of tap shoes in my size? – Oh, thank goodness, I do not. – Oh, what a shame. I have a feeling I’d make
an excellent tap dancer too. – Okay, listen, Chef, I
just got off the phone with the toy doctor — – We’re done, Lulu, we’re done! – You let the pterodactyls in again! Shoo, shoo! – Okay. You girls already finished? – We sure did! We came up with some
amazing Foam Alive cookies for the menu. – And the coolest Foam Alive donuts. – And with Chef Pierre’s
ice cream recipes, I think the menu is complete. – Oh, that’s great news, girls, because I need you to
whip up one more thing. – Sure thing, what is it, Lulu? – Leave my hat alone,
you crazy pterodactyls! Shoo, shoo. – Oh goodness. Okay, well, luckily the toy doctor has a new remedy for toy pox. – Good, because it looks
like we need it quickly. – Exactly. – So what is it, exactly? – The doctor said that a super-cool, ultra-mesmerizing Foam Alive
cake should do the trick. Get rid of the spots, break the
fever, and most importantly, stop those crazy
fever-induced hallucinations. – Hmm, a Foam Alive cake. – We can so do this. C’mon, Addy! – Thanks, girls, I really appreciate it. – Ah! Don’t let the T-Rex in again! I’d better take cover! (bell chimes) – This will be perfect, Maya. A sandcastle cake is
definitely super-cool. – And what do you think of filling it with different colors of Foam Alive? – Now, that would be ultra-mesmerizing. – Then let’s get baking. – Okay! – I’ll start off with the purple layer. – Even more, Maya. Now let’s add some blue. – Pat, pat, pat it down. – How about the green now? – Comin’ right up! – Ooh, that green color is so electrified! – Let’s top it off with the pink now. – All right. – A little bit more, Addy! Ooh. More, more! Some over here, and some over here, some all around. – Okay, I think it’s done! – Let take it down to the
Toy Cafe for the big reveal! – Okey dokey! (bell chimes) – Okay, Chef, the girls
have worked extra hard on a special creation just for you. – Yeah, we hope you love it! – Ah, it isn’t a brontosaurus, is it? – And we definitely hope
it cures your toy pox. – (giggles) No, Chef,
it isn’t a brontosaurus, or a pterodactyl, or a T-Rex. – Is the T-Rex back? – Oh, boy. – Nope, no T-Rexes are back. Take a look, Chef. (playful music) – [All] Wow! – It’s truly amazing! – I wonder how long it’ll take for it to come alive and melt. – It’s absolutely mesmerizing! – Go ahead and dig in, Chef. – Really? That’s okay to do? – It’s working, his red
spots are disappearing! – They are! – You do the honors, Chef. – Okay! This is the best cake
anyone has ever made me! – Well, good. And it’s definitely working. – We’ll have to add this
to the Foam Alive menu for sure, Addy and Maya. – And Chef Pierre is officially back. – And his temperature
is back to normal too! – Well, what are you all doing? Let’s dig into this cake and enjoy it! – [Group] Okay! (upbeat dance music) – This is amazing! – And the colors are just superb. – It’s like it’s coming alive
and melting at the same time! (group screams) – Not again! – What? What’s going on? – Um, your face. – Ah, a pterodactyl! – Uh, did I mention that toy
pox is highly contagious? – Ah, run for your life! – Run for your life? Let’s dig into the cake! (shimmering bells)

Foam Alive Helps Cure Chef P’s Toy Pox!
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