hi guys we are going to fly it in the air just in a minute we're gonna take off I got my little pillow and it's a bunny rabbit I'll show you Madison Street man hey hey what are you wearing on your neck I guess we can see different partners there playing her game [Applause] very what's up guys and Mad Men like you United I haven't yet it went away alright guys we are in Idaho and of course while we are here we wanted to go sledding with everyone so we're going to spend the day sledding with our family maybe we can catch a wipeout or two letting her [Applause] [Applause] one weekend s lovey enough oh yeah what do you do yeah yeah oh the last time you made a snow angel it was with that snow in our living room huh keep going the snows a lot colder though huh and then can you guys see it looks very good girl so what'd you think of that say two thumbs down all right mom's finally gonna try some sledding here why are you laying on your kids like I'm not fun with mom peace out the kitchen no not quite sure he's doing left so my time is up my sister's getting a little sad because we're leaning in from Cal Idaho time we're going back to California guys I'm happy that we're going back to top for you but I'm gonna miss my cousins you're a princess this is our clique airplane look TV announcers are we headed home you see that guy down there he's waving it's like come this way come this way all right right we have some Froyo I got cookie dough with gummy bears young when I got some fun knowledge in the next NASA is vanilla your favorite ice cream German does Remos from a sherbert you should weigh yeah yummy like a rainbow yeah all right okay so we just pulled up in the driveway at home we're finally back in California from our trip to Idaho and it's super late the girls are ready to get home make sure enjoyed their trip all right guys it's Lee ruining it the girls in so no game night tonight but we will see you guys tomorrow bye

Flying to Winter in Idaho! Snow Sledding Family Fun!!
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