two teams in the past five games have really done a good job and they come here tonight feeling good about themselves on one side a goaltender back healthy and the other side a team that’s taking care of the details and finding their brand upon shock from the point by Matheson it scores I’ll turn over at the blue line as the Blue Jackets try to clear the zone and the Florida Panthers who talk about their top lines but here it’s what you’ve Stead’s on the third line as the Blue Jackets can’t quite get that puck down the ice you can see what happens blue jerseys on the backside of the puck the pole doesn’t happen here but the offensive zone time does so when you’re in the battle you want to get those pucks out get them down the ice all the way because your teammates are expecting that this is a result of not clearing the puck all the way down the ice the longest skiers to the corner jackets even one of the partner here winning seven of the first date face-off Jenner’s gonna go for a hook here on the back check just on the wrong side of the battle and here as he comes through he gets to stick under the arm of the barkoff coming quickly the travel he’ll drop it back for hop then he hangs up i Matheson that flat pinching it here in the near side fires in sparse power play goal to nothing Florida lead like the Blue Jackets are in pretty good shape here but now the attack on the right side simple hockey here is going to be a pass across that seam and you can see as tech blent right-handed shot right side of your screen is good take it off his skate and it’s just a little flip corpora solo got there in time chest didn’t get to that post Matheson back to make the defensive play bumped by Jenna Jeff Jones stepping up fires that cut from a sharp angle Pulido comes right around trying to wrap it home down as Luongo Anderson gets that puck beat now on the forecheck for the Blue Jackets they get involved with from the defenseman that keeps the puck in and the great job by Seth Jones to get it to the net he’s got numbers two pucks in there then there’s a rebound Luongo is so hot the only way you’re gonna score his bodies in front of them rebound plays shoot for a bounce good idea there by Seth and I pressured their my actions and jacket able to clear the zone when burn without consumption handed that could shoot shoot sparse his second short-handed ball of the season and the jackets are mango and then one it’s picked off by wind burger when Berg does a great job of fighting off the back check as you can see bearing down on his hoovered oh he gets it across to a concern was ready in that shooting position and gets enough on it to beat room Roberto Luongo who looks up the handle there going off his stick does they’re hard to play against defensively hard to play against offensively jackets able to keep it in where it’s be takes that pass throws and infects cards home to to credit the defenseman they’re keeping the puck in along the boards there’s a chop at it as it beats Roberto Luongo lost the line Atkinson will dump it down look at the player using that speed Luongo comes up empty net scores [Applause] it’s one-on-one but then the support and smart play follow the man to the net with the puck and right there to put Du Bois does just that declare initially but Du Bois finds an empty net makes her he hits it Marinette back left wing be across the line CBO goes to the net redirects it corpus a low and a big stop game in a gonna gear on these last few hours went down to ten second that girl’s got his stick on it’s reflected in a point on coke that knocks it back foot shot their scores Yandell from the point it was deflected down low and it gets behind corpus a low second power play goal and we are tied at three they go low to high and as they exchange at the top look at all the jerseys this putt comes through including barkoff right in the middle looks like that puck just drops can’t even see court masalas eyes perfect screen he goes down two guesses and it goes through me centers lubinski is there off the wall go over that is yeah able to keep it in he’ll send it towards the net goober don’t handle go check up hi gilberto let’s one fly that was blocked by Jenner who dropped to her knee and the jackets were able to clear the guy that was leading was fog leeandal but a suspension ended the street for him becomes the leader late buy some art off the wall Hubert o reaches in can’t make the play galloping across the line takes the return feet in front scars nice celebration and Sedlak they come across the zone and with authority panic on and in front of the net just whips it with everything he’s got and it beats a long go good play by Dolphy through the neutral zone to keep that puck moving forward these guys play straight ahead Hokkien well he’s not gonna act like he’s been there before because it’s been a long time by hannah kind and against Calgary last March 29th to be exact that’s not too far [Applause] barukh depending holds off the Panthers forward and here the tipped by do player do Claire’s got a breakaway walks in to play while Anthony Duclair waiting high at the blue wine he doesn’t come all the way back in the zone with speed he’s right here he times this perfectly couple pumps of the legs reads a play stays on the outside gets the speed on the backside of the defenders and then goes to work from there let’s his teammates do the work he wasn’t eager to get back and get out of position too low but he was perfectly placed and read that play and had the finish on this one East eleventh turning it over jackets now again Duclair using that speed cuts in had save the long go John Tortorella at the end of that shift for Duke Clare we saw his speed going one way but he was screaming for him to get back off the ice and get back check with that to be some help from Jenner around the – room we will try to chip it out second effort does hits it to Jenner waiting his Anderson Anderson behind the defense Anderson spoke [Applause] [Music] what a play by Anderson but how about food Jenner at the line blue jackets in their own in here it’ll be a battle that battle gets the boom Jenner smart play to wait for the two the Panthers get out of the way hit her just a perfect pass Josh Anderson and each his home pass along go six skaters out there for Florida Bobby Buettner Molina’s goaltender there’s goal numbers [Applause] modest celebration by the blue-chip says they know they get a poor goalie there’s no need to rub it in too much let the crowd enjoy it that’s for sure and that cannon getting a good workout tonight good stretch the Blue Jackets in the five game winning streak by Florida the jackets now have points and 12 straight against Florida 11 oh and one and how about Corpus Salo five oh and two seven straight games

Florida Panthers vs Columbus Blue Jackets | NHL | NOV-15-2018 | 20:00 EST
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