and I wouldn't about good morning Oh goddess that was so nice there are mountains everywhere and they're full of snow which is absolutely gorgeous old cars of course it's quite it's icy let's see it's pretty icy that's we're gonna be going now – it's not sure walking booking place because it's ten o'clock the tour starts just like a no it's that's no shooting sound there the Sun is just about to go out so pretty all of this I think most of the stuff are closed I don't know it feels so empty Kia mystery movie sorority always like thirsty on a Saturday I guess it's a bit too early so I said a worm clothes on those of lettuce that's basically here like trousers the gangs whatever and I've got some mountain windproof level our choices they've got some base layer this one and then this had its that had its chocolate and then this best don't think I'm gonna be okay and I still have another layer on a month on my year one by I still should be okay and I got her like a scarf something I don't find a scarf it's a yeah it's bad because it's rabbits fur keeps warm no I invited I just simply and something from like foreheads and beers I am excited I'm going in the right direction I need to check on the GPS um should I feel myself I should feel at home my is the houses are oh that's right and so much you know you can realize exactly where D what you need to cross the street oh that's a that's a doodad maybe I could fill that I don't know like here for the gym though do I need to press oh I need to press this alright oh there you go now maybe our paths between so I can cross it but I was really pretty it's pretty nice come on green strike cross way is right even though they're not coming no I shouldn't I should wait right I should wait a little wait okay my voice is a bit strange I hope I'm not getting in gold I really hope I'm gonna see I'm not cold some pretty worthless sweets there you go Green okay I'm gonna look at my GPS now sister Gauri oh I'm so nice can I move there go can I move here can easily live here I'm so pretty some mornings elites proper fruits for pro breakfast and some mornings you know Sony isn't that how he works I'm gonna have a good rest you really want to see purple one's life to be the aquarium and they said the three o'clock they have a movie about sex oh we're not so bad and 3:30 they're feeding the seagulls in the aquarium which is actually brilliant but now I'm just gonna go around and see yeah I'm not gonna record is because I I feel bad because there are so many people around I don't want to record again but yeah should be exciting I just broke this camera so I was trying to get dressed now he doesn't work anymore

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