we're back I'm back with Kate and we're gonna go over different type of shoes to wear boots running shoes and socks that you'd recommend so Kate I'm new to the sport I just ordered a new pair of shoes my Solomons are coming in what do I need to wear what's a good boot I can wear whatever ice so if you have a more of a recreational snowshoe you can really wear whatever you want um I can't like I say as long as it's got a good heel and Deb's got a good selection of different boots here but this is sort of what you might be starting with in terms of like a recreational boot they can all you want is to make sure it's got this little bit of heel here so when I put the heel strap on it catches so it's just slide off the back now this is a pretty little boot this is a girl right right so I won't be starting off in this boot with the purple in the back and the furry inside you know but I could okay right but what we really want to recommend is something more like this this Solomon boot again it's got the heel to catch really nicely but it's gore-tex it's breathable it's meant for more a sport like this where you're really sort of getting your feet your feet are getting sweaty so you want to think about a shoe that's gonna let it breathe Wow this looks like an awesome shoe waterproof gore-tex cushiony great traction on the bottom so this would be a good shoe for me to start out with exactly now and if your that's more for like walking hiking you start running you're probably gonna want something a little bit more agile so Solomon makes a great range of shoes but the speed cross they do a gore-tex version then we're in here oh really super breathable super agile bends with your shoe with the snowshoe and it's not for me a little bit of grip on this between me and my cleat so that I stay stable and the shoe stay stable innovate does another this is more of a neutral lighter really light shoe but again gore-tex which is super important right nobody wants wet feet nobody wants what the I don't want with me and so to add a gator here is perfect as it covers that juncture of the foot the ankle where stone gets into the booth or the shoe right so if I have a gator over this let's see what a gator look let's grab a couple Gators skaters what are Gators again we went over them on the other segment but what are we doing here so Gator just covers where your ankle meets your shoe so you don't get snow down there okay and you are kicking up some snow with a snowshoe right flipping back and forth so here this Gator is a strap on the bottom that would go under the shoe and then you would lock and this sort of around your ankles so it's covering up with this elastic that we're great and it's very flexible it's very lightweight looks very comfy and that's gonna keep your feet dry yes and the other thing that's gonna keep your feet dry is I like to run a pair of sock liners so it goes underneath your sock and it's a wicking material so just like a wicking shirt right thank you from getting like really wet right this is your barrier between your sweaty foot and getting cold so I run a sock liner perfect and then I like to run a nice high sock under my Gator again just another way of cooking my foot nice and dry and that goes over the sock liner mmm you're good to go a wool socks a great way to go give you a little bit warm but also it's a wicking so these are wool socks your wool socks features are great Brandes socks really nice and guys once again all of this equipment all of these shoes these socks everything is right here at monster go sports like I said come down and see Deb and the reason I've got this camera right here look at this wall of shoes that you have to choose from I mean to speak like being a little kid you come here you got running shoes trail shoes you got the boots the Salomon brand actually I have these on order right now as soon as they come in I'm coming here to pick them up so guys take advantage of this awesome wall and look at the different brains that Deb has to offer these look great I'm waiting for these to come in right that's you su


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